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Cnn Online live Broadcasting. Cnn News live Online. Cnn News was found by Turner in 1990 a famous cable news channel. Cnn News has the privilege to be the first channel to telecast 24 hours news channel .Cnn News live Broadcast is famous for accuracy of news and no doubt with best news team around the globe. Cnn news live was the first channel to give the news of 9/11 Attack, Cnn news live broadcast is widely seen all over the world with his other sister channels like Cnn World news and Cnn Asia.

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Online broadcast of Cnn News is accessed by public through internet .Cnn Usa live Streaming is most demanding channel of American public and its international broadcast is seen in 212 countries. Cnn News live online is widely available in Hd for its viewers

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  1. TheseNutts

    Those ” Thugs” really tore up Waco, Texas huh?

  2. jack

    Considering the number of unarmed black people that white people have raped and murdered in the last 400 years white people should be thankful that the U.S. has not devolved into a Rwanda, Serbia, or worse.

    • John D

      That comment is just ridiculous … Black people have killed just as many as their own.. and at a rate I would assume quickly surpassed any head start Whitey may have had during the slave days. There were probably 25 black on black killings in south Chicago last night. We just stopped hearing about it because racial terrorists like Rev Jackson don’t care about black people if he cant make a dollar off it.

  3. Robespierre

    Considering that liberals have been using them as slaves, they should fight for their freedom from the people who openly support policies that keep them unemployed, bar them from starting businesses, and kill over half of them to keep them “manageable” rather than letting them move out of the big cities.

    Black lives matter but liberals have been treating them worse than my ancestors ever did. At least my ancestors didn’t murder their children.

    • @robespierre

      @robespierre… great point moron… blame “liberals” for the plight of justice inequalities because you think you hold some intellectual capital that you obviously do not. There is no poitical party specifically to blame for the current issues… you speak from an origin of sheer ignorance and mindless rhetoric.

      • Dan

        Well said sir.

      • Yessir

        Can’t be said enough times. Naive people wake up everyday, it gets tiresome doing it politely, but we need everyone we can get. Your TV is STILL lying to you.

  4. Keith

    Willie Lynch would be proud of the woman who gave her son a beating on CNN. His goal was to brain wash the black woman to spurn the black man that challenged white authority. He’s turning in his grave now.

  5. gee collins

    y is it that its ok for a bunch of nigger thugs to do this shit yea i said nigger thrs a diff betwween them and a honest working black person thats thr answer to steal burn and harrarss because thr not smart enough to do anything about it aint it funny how baltimore is all black controlled but yet they still have this bullshit what did cvs do to them nothin they just wanted to steal ther booze and pills and they use this shit for a excuse to steal rob maim and burn then when its all over they wanna bitch cause they dont have no where to go and get food or medicine or the things people need for thr daily lives of course not u dumb sum bitchs u burnt it all down WTF…

    • Casper

      The media is just using this as a distraction in order to dissociate Americans from the real issue — the collapsing public and private sectors of the economy. The police in Baltimore remind me of the roman legionnaires holding the line right before the desperate barbarian hordes overran them.

    • henry Eugene jolley

      First of all: all you folks that are using the (N) word need to stop this. for God sakes get a life, and stop worries about what people are doing, where you have not concerns, or even know the true and full story. The way to handle problems, are to come together and find a way to help those that are stuggleing.

    • Racism Sucks

      I stopped reading your comment after nigger….it makes anything you have to say irrelevant. Tomorrow find a black man your age and call him a nigger to his face. you wont. PUSSY. keep hiding behind your keyboard your racist piece of shit. My dick is in your daughter, sister and mother.

      • Shlomo Shekelsteinberg

        Typical nigger behavior to respond to grounded criticisms with “m-muh dick!”

        • Racism Sucks

          why don’t you post your facebook ? so I can find someone in your town to come see what your about. you know….white people are the biggest cowards ever. you people put no fear in nobodys heart and yall cant stand it. LOL sucks to be you. I can appreciate a racist willing to get his has whopped for what he believes in but you are just a coward. #BlackLivesMatter

  6. ryan evans

    The media is in full damage control. People will only buy the race bait so long. This isn’t a black vs white problem. It’s police vs citizens. It you vs us. It’s our dishonest, state owned media and our monied interests vs the common man. I say, let’s get it crackin.

    • Stephen R Phillips

      I agree with you whole heartedly. This is citizens standing up and fighting a corrupt police state. I am disgusted to see that military vehicles and weapon sare being used on American streets and against American citizens. It is time for patriots to stand up against this oppresive government and to fight them in every city in America.

    • asdflkjas

      They’re attacking white people. It’s black vs everyone.

  7. Fakehistorymonth

    “They completely robbed the African American of language, names, religion, culture, tradition,family, history and knowledge. ”
    Language = Ebonics, make up your own language.
    Religion = Islam, murder those who don’t agree.
    Culture = murder, rape, crime
    Family = No dads
    Knowledge = Relativity? no,Quantum mechanics? no. Yea….

  8. Whitey the Perpetrator of All Things Evil

    We don’t need your forgiveness because slavery ended before any of us were born. Get over it and stop trying to make excuses.

  9. GeoT

    You are exactly right Fakehistorymonth!!!!!! Of course all you mentioned happened AFTER being introduced to White ppl. : )))) HIS-story

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