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Cnn Online live Broadcasting. Cnn News live Online. Cnn News was found by Turner in 1990 a famous cable news channel. Cnn News has the privilege to be the first channel to telecast 24 hours news channel .Cnn News live Broadcast is famous for accuracy of news and no doubt with best news team around the globe. Cnn news live was the first channel to give the news of 9/11 Attack, Cnn news live broadcast is widely seen all over the world with his other sister channels like Cnn World news and Cnn Asia.

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Online broadcast of Cnn News is accessed by public through internet .Cnn Usa live Streaming is most demanding channel of American public and its international broadcast is seen in 212 countries. Cnn News live online is widely available in Hd for its viewers

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  1. Damon

    Ur asking Christians to answer if they would serve gays…ask the Muslims if they would serve PORK.

    • phill

      Let me know when a pig sues.

  2. Perry

    It would have been better if the US had picked their own cotton. No slaves then, no African Americans now (at least not this kind). Do you agree UncleBen?

  3. RD

    Black Africans sold blacks to white Europeans. Africa STILL deals in slavery… Wake the fuck up.

  4. Steve

    black people in africa sold those black men and women into slavery on the coasts of africa, don’t complain like your own people didn’t sell you to white people. the first official slave owner in america was a black man.

    • GeoT

      I love how White people throw out how Blacks sold other Blacks. It’s TRUE!!!! It’s TRUE!!!! but not how you think it is. The Pyramids are a testament to slavery. Kingdoms sold/traded off artisans, criminals, intellectuals and engineers and disabled. WHITE people took slavery to a new level. They completely robbed the African American of language, names, religion, culture, tradition,family, history and knowledge. Sure Blacks sold off waring tribes and etc however NOTHING compares to the Atlantic Slave Trade. It’s estimated that 100 Million died in middle passage and the sharks followed the ships for centuries, yet history only lets you remember the Jewish Holocaust which is only a drop in the bucket when compared. White folks have no defense. I forgive you (White people) and the past but don’t try and justify it by transferring blame on someone else. That’s like saying “BUT DAD!!!!!!!!! He did it FIRST!!!!!!!”

  5. Dindu Nuffin

    Ya nigga you tell ‘em crackas what what.

  6. walter

    I have no reason to believe that government cares for any race of people. All people have been exploited by the government that is nothing more than hired hands working for the federal reserve. The native American Indians were the first to understand that government is not to be trusted.
    What most people fail to realize is eventually all people will suffer the same fate as the American Indians.
    Unless the people unite and defeat the federal reserve and their employees, government, We will all be on reservations as tax slaves. American will have to stand up and fight or remain livestock on this farm called America.

  7. walter

    People have been selling their relatives and neighbors into slavery since history has been recorded. Long before America ever came into existence.
    Lincoln didn’t free any slaves. He paved the way for the federal reserve to make slaves out of all Americans.
    If obama has his way there will be no America. obama is paving the way for sunni law. Radical islamic terrorism practices slavery today.

    • ha

      you are a racist idiot

  8. Jon wicks

    You spelled mad wrong you typed made. Blacks should be mad at your spelling being that they created the first alphabet.

    • StopRevisingHistory

      What a load of crap. Black people never invented the alphabet. There is no ancient African written language.

      Stop revising history just to suit your agenda.

      • Jake Corey

        It’s a shame that there is not a “smart bomb” available to erase every, single one of you racist cockroaches! You are like a foul-smelling plague across the globe. Everywhere you have turned up (throughout history) there has been nothing but bloodshed, misery and death.

      • GeoT

        you sir are ignorant. Libraries of Alexandria!!!! Where do you think the Greeks got their game from? They didn’t invent that shyte!!! The STOLE it.

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