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Watch free streaming for news live. Fox news live streaming. Fox news is news oriented  channel bringing latest news from around the globe. Fox news was launched in 1990 and seen as most watched news channel in USA and Canada. Fox news is renowned for his fair and balance journalism ethics with dedicated team of journalist all over the world. Fox news is seen in 112 millions household in America on paid satellite So people Watch fox news live streaming free on the internet.
Fox News has gained popularity in limited time and has become first choice of American people. But Fox news is criticised for having soft corner for conservatives party. Fox news live telecast many programmes which includes
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  1. D.A.R. Member says:

    spot on !! THE US VOTERS were not given the real background on obama by the corrupt left wing main stream media and in important voting precincts voter fraud and organizations like George SOROS controlled activist groups brought in bus loads of people to vote

    • Hannity Lies says:

      Hey. Liar Hannity’s logo has gone from a highway sign to a wrestling belt, ha ha, with 5 stars! What does that mean, some kinda loony Crusader number? By the next few months it’ll be more a shield just watch. How long till he adds a couple of guns to it? and a snake? don’treadonme ha ha. big ass hannity sucks.


        would you like to elaborate on that charge of yours?

        wheres your proof that Hannity, or Fox lies?

        explaination is needed, show the factual proof that

        FOX or Hannity is lying.

      • Liberal Slayer says:

        Please finishing swallowing the load George Soros deposited in your mouth…its not polite to talk with your mouth full of his semen.

  2. Jason Parsons says:

    I find myself surprised by me often. A lot has changed since I started thinking with an open mind. Once you eliminate emotion from thought you get rationality and you find yourself doing many things you would not have expected.

    I go against my emotional beliefs and I admit when I’m wrong now also. :)

  3. jnadoti says:

    Please restore streaming FOX NEWS

  4. phill says:

    Fox News covered Paris using photos and lots of commentary. Shame on them. Shame on them for speaking against muslims and not having the courage to publish the photos in question.

    • ehtisham says:

      phill i completely agrees with you.why is it so that they are not talking and praising the muslim who rescued as many people as he could. they are portraying only one side of the picture. fox news is somewhat more extremist then isis and their name FOX realy justifies their deeds they realy are cunning and deceiving axectly as their name is . they are raining hell on obama continously just beacuse he wants apeaceful relationship with iran. who is filling words in their mouth non other then zoinists because zoinost axectily wants war between iran and america. zoinist are longing to fire gun from american shoulder. which is why they are against nuclear deal

  5. Wendy S says:

    I can’t help but think that it is a mistake to create a continuous, hours-long media spectacle out of these events in France, and I wonder how much of it is motivated simply by the media wanting to assume positions of great importance. They’re the center of attention–since no other news is being broadcast for the last six hours now–as they repeat over and over the same details and take the whole thing to the furthest possible detail. Especially obnoxious are the armchair analysts being tapped for their speculation–speculation! as to what is exactly taking place in the absence of facts to report. They have taken an admittedly major news story and made it a 24/7 reality show with themselves as the stars….

  6. SA says:

    Guide lines to reduce black or other
    people being shot by the police or end up in Jail.

    The police is always right until
    you go to court.

    A sure way to die is when you pull
    a gun.

    Keep in mind you have no special
    rights because you are black or a different color and no one owes
    you anything.

    Respect is not inherent or
    automatic, you have to earn it by your actions.

    Any unjust act by the police or
    any other individual or organization does not justify violence acts,
    or a ticket to disrupt , destroy or encourage people to commit
    unlawful acts.

    Be color blind, nobody chooses where they are born or what color they want to be. We need to accept who we are and do the right thing.

  7. IamNoOne says:

    Hacking is funny only when it happens to people like Sara Palin. Will O-Bozo put gay Hollywood under tax payer funded government hacking protection while it’s open season 24/7 on conservatives? Only time will tell but don’t bet against it…

  8. Pierre says:

    Shame on you Trippi , `normalizing’ relations ? With mass murderer ? Is that what your Emperor (de facto) tries to achieve in USA as a method of making obedient all who are for free elections and free economy (without exuberant taxation for the benefit of the Emperor’s Court attendants and exuberant regulations for the purpose of satisfying the power thirst of the Emperor’s Court attendants). Turns out your secret values are that of a contemporary `democrat’, someone whom former democrats like Senator Jackson were fighting with, in short that of a communist in substance.

  9. Lackluster13 says:

    With all the depth on the Republican bench in the form of popular and successful current governors and Senators, we’re getting offered up stale old Jeb Bush, someone who hasn’t been a governor since Dude Where’s my Car was in theatres. I have some issues with all of the potential candidates but I’d take them all over Jeb… really, we’re doing this?

  10. Pierre says:

    I guess Emperor Obama will next `normalize’ relations with the dictator of North Korea. After all one must make peace with like minded people. What a scumbag …

  11. Pierre says:

    To you the guy who pored fuel into that girls mouth and lighted it up is a criminal, to me he is an animal (sorry animals, you just go after food) and therefore is not a subject to laws for humans. And what do you call a “dissension”, I guess not his actions (otherwise discussion with you is useless), probably just the `views’ of Senator Weinstein judging them on the read by her this one sided report (no participation of republicans on this NON PARTISAN issue, no interviews with relevant people who were asked to do the job). Just like it was in the Soviet Union from which I escaped 41 years ago. Fortunately these Weinstein like scumbags (who indeed do not allow and can not stand any dissent) did not win yet. But they are fairly close in their achievements. And the `homegrown’ events like in Ferguson and more recent in New York, as well as videos of honest Gruber’s description of bringing `Obamacare’ or more recent immigration `executive order’ by Emperor (de facto) Obama. You do not worry, but I do. AND NO ONE THAT IS WILLING TO DEFEND THE INNOCENT MAY CALL HIMSELF/HERSELF “A GOOD GUY” – HE/SHE IS RATHER IS EVIL !!!

  12. rob says:

    Rubio And Obama Are Clowns !

  13. ikihi says:

    “the enemy of my enemy is my frend” – the democrats

  14. Sentry says:

    I was being intensely sarcastic. I was over there for round one of Al-Queda’s, excuse me, ISIS’s, atrocitycapades. If we had demonstrated a commitment to stay until the job is done, we wouldn’t be dealing with this now. Unfortunately we didn’t, and funnily enough the same Democrats who thought an exit strategy was the most important thing on the face of the earth aren’t agitating for one now. It’s almost as if their objection was political rather than an honest concern.

  15. Pierre says:

    “We do not compromise our Values” Allan, bizarre. Watching your remarks over the years it should be absolutely clear that your views are that of a devoted communist (of the Soviet Union prior to 1973 – that is when I left this `blessed’ country). People like you have no values at all, for them anything that promotes communist ideas (whatever the methods are) goes, e.g. recently `Obamacare’ or, just now, immigration “executive order” of Obama, etc. .

  16. Johnnyg says:

    OK If bill cosby done all this bad to all these women over 25 now wheres the trail wheres the proof surely theres a drug dealer or a pharmacist who sold him the drugs after 25 women someone would have to know something somewhere how does a trail just disappear ?

  17. ikihi says:

    democrats just hate america

  18. Johnnyg says:

    Shut it down and kick out threat of you democrat garbage

  19. donaldb48 says:

    Sounds like ‘ol Al “Race Hustler” Sharpton!

  20. Pierre says:

    And you say Senator Weinstein that the guy that burned this girl should not be subjected
    (if caught) to a true torture (never mind intelligence) – just so that another monster would
    be afraid to follow ? The guys at Guantanamo are surely worth, we all saw the action of
    their comrades from ISIS (or ISIL) . And ANYONE who equates those defending us against these monsters with criminals IS A CRIMINAL HIMSELF/HERSELF !!!

  21. SA says:

    We got rid of royalty over two hundred years ago and they keep coming back like cockroaches

  22. Mike De says:

    I’m not prejudice, I hate everyone equally

  23. Sentry says:

    When is our commitment to fighting ISIS going to be over? I haven’t heard Obama’s exit strategy on that conflict. We need a date that guarantees we’ll be out of there, not this open-ended, unauthorized conflict. It doesn’t matter what the facts are on the ground, Kerry and Obama spent years telling us that we had to have an timetable, must have an exit strategy, must have a withdrawal date. Let’s have it, geniuses.

  24. Pierre says:

    You wanted legacy Senator Weistein before departing from the Chair of this Committee
    and journalist Kenedy likes it, good. Have a glass of wine about it. BUT DO NOT TELL ME THAT WHATER BOARDING OF THESE GUYS IS A TORTURE, LISTENING TO YOU on the other hand is a torture. You have no right to tell that to me, a fellow who left USSR with a 7 year old daughter (with whole 180 US$ that he was allowed to take with him) and only 3 years later succeeded to get his wife and another (by that time 2.5 year old) daughter from that country, which defacto you are trying so hard to replicate by various means (like the scumbag `Professor’ Gruber etc.). I certainly hope that you’ll fail and the USA of democrats like former senator Jackson will prevail. USA democrats of today is more appropriate to call communists to reflect properly what they believe in.

  25. Pierre says:

    Senator Weistein what a shame – you said some of these 119 individuals even
    were subjected to a torture. What was the torture madam ? I think to hear you is
    a torture !!! You suggest that ISIS type criminals should have the same rights
    before the law as their victims (thus defacto becoming an accessory to these monsters).

    SHAME ON YOU !!!

  26. Michael Baker says:

    The government shuts down all the time , ooh! let’s not shut down the government, why not ?

  27. Michael Baker says:

    We are also riding the American wave .

  28. Michael Baker says:

    Obama is not a centrist .

  29. Michael Baker says:

    Jeb Bush is not the only Candidate who can defeat Hillary , I am pretty sure Rick Perry could give her a run for her money.

  30. Taryn Miller says:

    Nero fiddled…Obama (ahem) dances.

  31. Ghetto Leroy says:

    black on black crime? I wants black on white hoe. I needs me a big ole titted white hoe

  32. Johnnyg says:

    Its a shame this comment section is censored from any real thought provoking comments

  33. SEA says:

    Eric Holder is an O b a m a disciple a
    dishonest and racist person by targeting white policemen. The
    thought we have a profile issue with black people has nothing to do
    with trying to get a gun from a policemen, stealing, burning other
    people property or a number of criminal activity our police force has
    to deal with on a daily basis. We need to condemn this type of racist
    action by this corrupted government.

    • Jason Parsons says:

      Its not always racism! It actually rarely is these days. The problem is, whether it is racism or not, it’s an old worn out item and everyone is tired of hearing about it because of all the frivolous claims that didn’t amount to anything (There have been many cases of alleged racism that turned out to be BS). Nobody important is listening to the race card anymore, even when it is valid because it is used, and overused, way to much. Now when anyone cries racism it simply sets everyone else on guard with a deaf intolerant ear and discredits the accuser even when they are right. Ever hear the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”?

      If you race baiters, race traders, and cry baby types would just chill out and treat these like human issues, instead of a Black, White, or Latino issues (In other words; Instead of always falling back on an offensive race card every time you don’t like something or don’t get your way.) , you would not have so many doors shut in your face when you have a legitimate claim of racism. You would see the cultural divide start to narrow and people would once again unite to solve our societies problems as a whole instead of all the special interest groups unsuccessfully going it alone ( As in no support from anyone outside their group.).

      Lastly, when it is racism, don’t treat it as a racial problem. It hurts us all, not just the discriminated against. When you display something as racial you exclude large majorities from supporting your claims and movements. Treat it as a societal problem. Get everyone involved by leaving race out of it and you will get much more bipartisan and multicultural support which greatly improves the chances of making a positive change.

  34. Ron Paolella says:

    I live in a small town in Ct and the police dept is too large and overpowering the town. The representative town commissioners are to chicken to stand up to the police dept. Our police dept. budget is the largest line item in our budget. 5.5 million in a town of 28,000. Do the math. shrink the money. Give it to the emergency EMT’s . We have more elderly that need services. Not KGB officers.

    • c lopez says:

      Divide and conquer. Our government has been arming the Police and many Federal employees for the last 4 years. Now they are taking the side of the protesters and slicking it to the police departments!

  35. Ron Paolella says:

    The pack of cigs was purchased leally .Look at the vido . The mans face was pushed into the sidewalk.

  36. Johnnyg says:

    “The people, being the only safe depository of power, should
    exercise in person every function which their qualifications
    enable them to exercise consistently with the order and security
    of society. We now find them equal to the election of those who
    shall be invested with their executive and legislative powers,
    and to act themselves in the judiciary as judges in questions of
    fact. The range of their powers ought to be enlarged.” –Thomas
    Jefferson to Walter Jones, 1814.

  37. c lopez says:

    US Teacher Ibolya Ryan Fatally Stabbed in Abu Dhabi Shopping Mall by a male or female devil is the best reason why these muslim garbs should be prohibited. Who the hells knows who’s next to you and what their intentions are?????

  38. Pierre says:

    By definition Justice is a process set according to the Law stated. No, you (the guest of Fox at about 9:40p.m.) do not want justice, you want a mob justice and to dictate the result. Allow this and democracy can not and will not survive. As is, enormous powers are usurped by the executive branch represented by ONE man. As is, he is much closer to an Emperor the way he practices these powers. Fight these gangsters, this scum – do not let it to develop till it will be uncontrollable and hence too late to change without a sea of blood.

  39. knute11 says:

    Why is Fox News inviting a convicted criminal named Bernard Kerik to offer commentary on any issue except for what his life was like behind prison bars?

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