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Watch free streaming for news live. Fox news live streaming. Fox news is news oriented  channel bringing latest news from around the globe. Fox news was launched in 1990 and seen as most watched news channel in USA and Canada. Fox news is renowned for his fair and balance journalism ethics with dedicated team of journalist all over the world. Fox news is seen in 112 millions household in America on paid satellite So people Watch fox news live streaming free on the internet.
Fox News has gained popularity in limited time and has become first choice of American people. But Fox news is criticised for having soft corner for conservatives party. Fox news live telecast many programmes which includes
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  1. walter

    How obvious does it have to be that Hillary is concerned only for her profits and power?
    The witch is selling or giving uranium to the Russians for very high priced favors.
    The fraud and traitor Obama is freeing up 50 billion dollars in sanctions to Iran so they can build a nuclear weapon and destroy Israel and America.
    Obama is a terrorist sitting in the White House taking orders from the cartel of the
    Federal Reserve that wants to control the planet through the United Nations.
    Another play on words. Obama is a Liar. No play on words!
    It would be a sure bet that the fraud Obama will instigate marshal law”openly” before his fiasco of being president is over to keep his self appointed CROWN and dictatorship of America. Try Obama for treason with Hillary before millions are killed rather than losing your second amendment rights and fighting the corruption and tyranny after your weapons have or,”will” be taken from you so you can not defend yourself , your neighbor and most important, “Your Children.” from a tyrannical government. Are second amendment rights are to protect ourselves from corrupt and tyrannical governments, “Foreign and Domestic.” Wake up America”
    To delay American action to this most heinous fraud is a high speed jumbo Jet straight to hell.
    The punk Obama is delusional if he wants to compare himself to the Anti Christ and pretend he is the leader of the greatest nation in the world. What a farse like all the rest of the garbage being taught in public schools.

  2. walter

    Harry Reid is bowing out?
    He is trying to escape before he is busted for be the corrupt monster he is. Arrest him before he escapes the country with all his ill gotten gains.

  3. walter

    Honestly, How can we believe anything from the talking heads of media. They are owned by the same crooks that have our government in their back pocket and stole All of Americas freedom and hard earned money.
    The puppet masters of the Federal Reserve.
    Wake up people.

  4. walter

    Hillary is a true monster. This evil wench has already made deals with China to use wide plots of American lands as collateral for deals she had no right to make. You poor misinformed that like Hillary and would vote for. you would elect a professional thief.
    We could pick an honest farmer from Kansas or a rancher from Texas and have a better chance of dissolving the Federal Reserve,
    abolishing the illegal IRS and remove corporations from being classified as people.
    Hillary is nothing more than a matron at the Flea Market.
    Selling everything that belongs to everyone else for a profit without their permission. Elect Hillary and you will get obama on steroids that will sell what is left of America to the highest bidder. “At this Point Does It Mater” ? America is lost. We need Americans to save what is left and start over. Not an auction to sell all of America at pennies on the dollar. Americans have become nothing more than collateral to pay the interest to the federal reserve for loaning money to the government. STUPID. Not one penny of your illegally gotten income tax pays for nothing but interest on the federal reserves. And the defense budget is equal to the taxes collected from corporations that are now in control of the Corporation of the united states. We the people have no dog in this fight. WE are only a guarantee on government loans from the criminal cartel of the Federal Reserve. America is dead if Americans continue to accept the fraud of leaders that only represent “their” best interest and could care less what Americans want as provided in the Constitution.
    Liars.Thieves,Con Men, Bankers, Drug Dealers and weapons manufacturers own America and to hell with the people.
    Americans can print there own money.
    Hillary is a puppet whore that works for the Federal Reserve and is so far removed from America it would be safe to say.
    Hillary and obama are not Americans. They are parasites that feed on the blood of Americans.

    • Jon

      Walter, you’re a stupid idiot and make a nice parrot for Fox News, Nothing or nobody is going to stop the Hilary train, not you, not Fox News and their bullshit or any other lies that Republicans are spreading, Jeb Bush is the only one who stands a chance at beating her so you dickheads better prop him up quick, even that is only a slight chance, Today the Republican party is a joke as many/most have proved themselves to be nothing more but racist fools, Good Luck and seek help quick for your mental deficiencies

      • Steve

        Jon you are a liberal phallus worshiper. The Shrillary in the pantsuit doesn’t have what you worship. Wake up. Jebby is a liberal who has already been rejected.

      • walter

        Madame Hillary is a slave of the Federal Reserve.
        She stated that WE need to figure out how to get back on the right track. The only way to get back on track is to remove the greatest threat to America and all Americans,
        the private monopoly and cartel of the Federal Reserve.
        It is this cartel that decides who will be in office as the FED owns government.
        WE the People are not represented and have no voice in
        the Corporation of the United States. Unless the FED is abolished elections are a fraud.

        • JD

          There is NO money or Gold in the Federal Reserve. Hillary stole that long ago and has it in China. What do you think Billy Boys NAFTA was for?

      • walter

        It’s pathetic that you have to resort to name calling.
        The last resort of fools that have no idea what is really going on. This fraud madame Hillary has already proven that their is one law for the people and another for the so called dictators and representatives of the Federal Reserve.
        If you can not understand that you and all Americans are nothing more than livestock to the Federal Reserve you may want to ask yourself who is the real stupid idiot.
        Those that believe government owned by the cartel of the Federal reserve have your best interest at heart are the sheeple being led to slaughter.

      • JoJo

        Why such anger Jon, facts and truth always wins. If Hilary is on truly on the up and up there’s nothing to fear and all he supporters should rest in confidence; but if not then……

  5. walter

    How do you know Hannity is lying. It’s easy.
    Ask yourself who does he work for? The same people that own government and the media. The criminal cartel of the Federal Reserve.
    If Hannity , O’Reily or any other journalist actually told the truth on national news “propaganda” it would be their last program. Hannity asks everyday why doesn’t the fraud obama do this or that to defend America? Because the fraud obama is a hired hand for the criminals of the Federal Reserve and is ordered to destroy America and use the American people to pay for the Feds agenda of a one world government controlled by them. Wake up. The same monsters that own the federal reserve also own the media to manipulate the thoughts and actions of Americans that are constantly being lied to from every angle. Hitler used the same tactics and was funded by the Rockefellers and Prescott Bush. The grandfather of George Bush. The real enemy and terrorist’s are the Federal Reserve that make huge profits from endless wars and the bought and paid for government that whips US into a frenzy over fabricated events that inspire our children to fight in endless wars. created for profit. The news is a farce just like the politicians that accept bribes to steal America and sell it for their own personal gain.
    The two party system of socialism in America is a lie to deceive the American public while stealing their freedom and liberty. Giving all American endless debt and slavery. When you hear Hannity arguing that the federal reserve must be abolished
    or a politician making Americans aware of the fact that America is ruled by the Fed then they may be making an attempt to be actual journalist’s.

  6. samsaroyan

    This is what happened if you elect a junior senator from Chicago as the president of United States of America. This man had no experience in foreign policy, no experience of diplomacy, only reason he was elected was his skin color. that is the sad reality of US politics today…..

  7. eric

    I don’t see Al Sharpton in Ferguson after those 2 cops got shot .

  8. walter

    Bait and switch. What a con game. Every time the fraud in the white house breaks another law, ignores the Constitution and robs Americans of their rights a patsy is brought in.
    Que madame Hillary and another scandal to steal the media spotlight and distract attention away from the fact that
    Americans are ruled by the wealthy elite.
    Corporate and private money dictates who is office.
    Not American voters. What a charade.
    The two party system of democracy is just wolves fighting
    over the carcass of Americans.
    Grubber maybe right. Either Americans are to stupid or to over worked and tired to stand up and fight for America and
    the Republic for which it stands.

  9. walter

    I did not have sex with that woman.
    Hillary lies just like her husband.
    All “WE” need is another crook in the white house
    working for the federal reserve and not Americans.
    Keep electing thieves and Americans will continue to be
    “The way our system works”?
    Criminals are now in control of our government.
    People like Hillary and obama have changed the meaning of our
    language. Freedom equals slavery to wealthy.
    Americans have become livestock.

    • Phil

      Why are you people so worried about Hillary shes not running for anything and all the news is about her. Put her in the closet till she says shes going to run. Talk more about the 911 fraud and set up. Bush is the real criminal here Why do you hide the Truth show the building exploding. Now we opened up a can of worms that we can not control. Isis Taliban Bok haram. Its getting out of control to hide bush war.

  10. christine

    typical left wing reply. can’t provide backup to your claims, so take the conversation down to vulgar.
    good job! great way to increase respect for your party.

  11. Johnny

    shut up you left wing dingbat,hannity is truthful,your propaganda isn’t going to work here.

    • Michael

      Hannity should go away. I’m a GOP supporter and this dork does more damage than good for the party.

  12. walter

    Clowns are funny sometimes. There is nothing funny about obama. The fraud in the white house wants to give the leaders of terrorism nuclear weapons.
    There is no humor in an incompetent liar and a traitor that negotiates with terrorists to destroy America.
    Americans will get the last laugh when WE unite to see traitors and con men eliminated from government and our lives.
    The constitution allows for traitors to be executed.
    We the People can wipe the grin right off obamas face and give cause for many other criminals in government to think twice about siding with greed and personal gains over the welfare of Americans.

  13. Garrick

    are you serious? just go to youtube and search “sean hannity lying” and you can watch video after video showing you what he said (in context) and then showing how it’s untrue. It’s blatant and it’s virtually daily.

    tiny example from years ago to make a point… at a state of the union address Obama said word for word, “Insurance executives don’t this because they are bad people, they do it because it’s profitable” Later that night Hannity said this exactly “He (Obama) said tonight: Insurance executives are BAD PEOPLE! Uhh It took me back, because it was so harsh and I think unfair but it’s part of their polling.”

    Now I suppose any child under the age of 10 might MAYBE get confused by what Obama was clearly inferring in his words, but a grown man? a supposed journalist? He looked for an opening in the slightest ambiguity of phasing (or rather someone else most likely found this loophole in phrasing and told Hannity what to say) because Hannity either not smart enough know better or knowingly misrepresented Obama’s words.

    I report, you decide. (But I know you will decide to keep your blinders on and your glass full of fox news Kool-Aid.)

    • Lisa

      While I agree with you that Hannity should have reviewed this tape a bit closer before making that comment, it’s understandable how he might make a mistake once in a while in his haste to find a “gotcha” moment, not unlike ALL of the media on BOTH sides!

      That being said, you fail to state also that if you read the transcript of the President, he is lying by omission about the insurance not affecting those with insurance and it being a choice. He doesn’t mention the penalty of not choosing this insurance. He does not mention that it will cost many people more than they are already paying. The lying is rampant on both sides! The party system DOES NOT WORK! People should be free to state what they believe apart from a party affiliation that holds them hostage to the supposed belief system of the group. I for one am tired of the government system in it’s entirety. A far cry from what our country was founded on and very similar to what the founding fathers fought against. And I am tired of the right and left wing media. It’s like watching a group of children in primary school playground! Get out of the sandbox!

  14. Shari

    Why are you on here? Go listen to your ilk’s crap but stay off of our channels.

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