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MSNBC Live online Streaming brings all the latest American top Agenda news to its viewers with his expert’s panels. From 1996 MSNBC has telecasted exclusive documentary and line up news and opinion on America public problems. MSNBC has been seen biased toward liberal party in USA. Some of MSNBC exciting programs are as follow
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  • Donald L. Hill

    If doctors let a patient die because the patient had no health insurance that’s malpractice. Think about what went on before there was Obamacare. Did no one die? Were people without insurance then left to die? These decisions are made by faceless, profit-minded, uncaring insurance companies.

  • ssurferss

    She and her party are too stupid to understand the economy and the disaster the Republicans created. Maybe she was too concerned with watching her friends “wearing bread bags on their feet” to receive an education. Well, I guess people her age suffered during the great depression. Thank god she got enough plastic surgery to hold her up.

    Now they are claiming they are on the side of the poor? I guess her family is too dumb to understand the investment they made into the gov’t and think that they are the only people who get welfare because we can’t spend it on those minorities with hourly wages. God willing, that money belongs in the middle east.”. Army, Yey! Why should she want to help people in America when she is too busy spending our money building schools and hospitals in the middle east after bombing the hell out of people who have never had any influence on America?”

    We’ve wacthed that play out and Obama was elected twice because the average American now understands how Republicans are the best source of idiocy. “War on terror? – Jesus says they are the evil-doers and that we must kill them for Allah – oh, wait – did I mean jesus here? Satan doesn’t want me to kill the jesuscians when they are the only people who can fight the allahicains. Who needs Satan, when america’s god is doing a fantastic job already? Too many cooks in the kitchen and it is hurting gods ability to kill kill kill. Praise allah that we still have enough american weapons to fight the walmart suckers!”

    I can’t wait until Jeb runs. We really need a third Bush to completely hand this country over to the BinLadens. Thank allah for giving the republicans another chance to have a puppet in charge. “my family was poor. It was great that the Feds paid us to keep our fields bare so that we could sit around and suck the welfare teat instead of working and we can blame minorities for taking the welfare we want, instead of acknowledging our stupidity (Seriously, aren’t you surprised that I can read a teleprompter when I was busy with my bread bags? Alekam Allah). Praise Allah! God willing more US money gets poured into the middle east because Americans don’t deserve to keep their money.

    “God willing, the republicans will keep sending money to middle east welfare recipients! Praise Allah! Praise war! God wants us to starve our people so that we can keep killing others! It’s too bad US aren’t paying more “farmers” to sit around and do nothing so that they can get welfare that should be sent to the middle east. If it weren’t for the republicans, the farmer republicans can’t get more money while laughing at poor people who weren’t born into multi-acre farm estates. Seriously bro, Because old money deserves more welfare. Do you really think that average americans get to keep their money? Hell no. Mohammed needs more money for the dancing boys at our weddings. Only the GOP can keep our dicks in children’s asses and our dirty women covered up until their honor killing”

    “I love bread bag shoes and if you don’t, you aren’t American because the good Americans want to donate their money to other countries. Can you believe what would happen if we spent our money on our country? Those people half-way across the world won’t get educations and infrastructure unless we destroy them first. Praise Allah that Americans can’t fix their bridges or schools. God willing, the US will keep sending their money to us. Allah gave us another war in Syria – and we can take both sides because allah wants us to spend American money as long as it is bullets first and, secondly, loving allah for those who are left that the US didn’t kill. You are not American if you think that your tax money should be spent on the US because the US is lazy. Stupid Americans.”

  • Andrea Kopp

    We need to all support this President, he is the most intelligent, caring President we have ever had. How the people not support him. The republicans make me sick. They are so selfish, self centered, lazy egotistical pieces of TRASH.

  • Andrea Kopp

    This President is the most progressive president the US has ever had. His intelligence and courage is amazing. His ability to touch on every aspect of life for every American is making all of us take pride in our country again. My daughter is insured under the ACA ac well as my grandson. He is the most unselfish forward thinking President we have ever had. I wish he could run for a third term, he is amazing, I am so proud of him.

  • frogtwanger

    Lord I am so sick of the lies and hate from republicans. Even with all indicators being positive and health care costs dropping, republicans keep screaming that the hated Obamacare is destroying healthcare system. How can we ever have solutions if republicans deny facts and science. The racist based hatred will never stop unless republicans leaders have the guts to speak out against the ignorant factions controlling soo much of their party.

  • Karla w/a K!

    I can’t find the poll?

  • EmpressL

    For the most part Obama has done a good job except for Trade Agreements & Illegal Immigration. He lost the midterms because he wants to force the tax subsidy of 20,000,000 Undocumented Foreigners down the publics throats and needs Taxpayers support but Labor and Blacks are not going for it.

    “Exit polls were unequivocal. More than 3 in 4 voters cited immigration as an important factor in their vote, believed that U.S. workers should get priority for jobs, and opposed the President’s plans for executive amnesty.”

    “US Commission on Civil Rights Member: Illegal Immigration Accounts for 40% of Decline in Black Employment”

    The Bogus High-Tech Worker Shortage: How Guest Workers Lower US Wages | Making Sen$e | PBS NewsHour

  • therealamerican

    republicans are too stupid for humanity to survive

  • Jason Parsons

    Talking point much? lol

  • Jason Parsons

    Nope, no relation. Not even a conversation between us. I just know the difference between right and wrong.

    And absolutely NOT!!! Do not believe what I or anyone else says. Go find out for yourself.

    I am a realist and have no ties to any party AT ALL. I believe sides are BS and as long as we draw lines it will stay messed up. I am also open to almost any notion. I have changed my mind before and I am sure it will happen again. I do not allow my personal opinions and emotions to govern my rational thought.

    Example: I am emotionally FIRMLY against abortions but I believe with rational thought that a person should have the sole right to determine anything and everything to do with their own body. When they proved scientifically that an embryo at certain early stages does not constitute a human life with rights and choices I had no choice but to correct my thoughts and support the woman’s right to choose.

    I hope this clears it up for you Mr. Black.

  • Jason Parsons

    “Oh, but you only watch FOX.”

    Actually, if you would pay attention, He isn’t posting to the Fox News page. This means he was watching MSNBC when he posted.

    I do the same thing. I don’t rely on any one source to always get it right. People that do are idiots.

  • Jason Parsons

    Why ask if you will not give me the opportunity to answer before you jump to conclusions? Which article? I have posted several. I’m simply going to need more information if you wish for me to comply. I will gladly follow up as soon as I know what you wish me to follow up on.

  • Jason Parsons

    lol Do I look like a princess? I’d probably just be the goofy kid out catching frogs. Either that or the one gigging it for some scrumptious frog legs.

  • Brent

    The World Health organization research on health care outcomes demonstrates that the European’s universal healthcare leads to a much healthier society. Your desire to have health be a privilege causes you to ignore what health care experts actually want.

    • Jason Parsons

      I have seen socialized medicine first hand. You are reading statistics produced by people that tell you what you want to hear. Enough said.

  • Mark Duwe

    Obama is the best President since FDR. Nixon, Reagan and Bush 43 should die in prison. All of them crooks and liars that cost Americans Trillions of dollars in treasure and hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. Add, Rice, Powell & Cheney to that list. A long, slow death in a cold grey prison.

  • Jaybird248

    Robert, quit getting your “facts” from Limbaugh and Fox News and you’ll see Obamacare is working quite well these days. Millions have affordable coverage and nobody is turned down or kicked off due to a pre-existing condition. That’s a big thing to guys like me with asthma who could never get health insurance before. Start getting your information from more objective news sources and you’ll look less like a moron.

    • Jason Parsons

      How about EVERYONE use multiple sources so you aren’t thrown so far to one side that you see nothing but what the people in front of you want you to see? The truth and I, and everything in the middle, is obscured by partial truth and A SHITLOAD of… get this one… ***OPINION*** when you sit on the sidelines like a cheerleader chanting network news talking points like an evil cheer.

      Fox News, just as MSNBC, both abuse ACTUAL fact to mislead us into believing their omission style reporting to further the political goals of their networks. Consequently, Fox reports stories that please the republican leaning population where as NBC the socialist party under the guise of democracy (Please!!! don’t make me explain this one… yet again.)

      My gal has been in journalism since high school and today is our 16th anniversary. She has worked for newspapers in different places for different political sides for over 20 years (also political publications and advertising though never on a campaign). I know what I’m talking about here. I have known these people on a personal level. lol, I have even met the actor Clancy Brown when she worked for his families paper under Brown Publishing (he’s a dick by the way) in Troy, Ohio some 8 or so years back.

      If you don’t have the whole truth you operate under a lie. A lie isn’t necessarily an outright falsehood but can be a lie through omission. Pay attention, listen with an open mind BUT!!! don’t be a lemming and follow just one source because you like what they say.

      Sometimes it really sucks ass to see everyone from all sides ALMOST right but just can’t put their emotions (mainly greed and envy [depending on which side you are on]) aside to see the truth because, let’s face it, the truth isn’t always as pleasant as a person’s feel good story made to bullshit you into helping to further their one sided cause.

      “Start getting your information from more objective news sources and you’ll look less like a moron.”

      I like that you say that but can you live it?

  • Jason Parsons

    I had a really long comment here but when I reread it I realized that all it said was this:

    I’m living it, you are watching the lies on T.V.. I was really happy with what I had. I had worked hard to get it and now it is gone because the A.C.A. regulations. Now the only way I can get insured again is on the backs of the U.S. citizens… no, U.S. taxpayers (there IS a difference) through subsidies.

    I don’t care if you understand it or not though. That’s why I just rewrote this little note. I would like to help people see the truths but people have to have their eyes open to do that and yours are closed tighter than… use your imagination.

    So you can spout some bullshit about me not having a brain. I don’t care about insults from idiots. But I do hope you people wake up soon. There is NOT a right side. If you are on any “side” its a wrong one.

  • mistydhudson

    Any idea why PBS is showing up on the MSNBC feed?

  • Richard Black

    If we could get cheap labor out of Cuba ,like Viet Nam,we would be jumping up and down.This country is one big hypocracy-not democracy

  • Stoney Huff


  • Stoney Huff



    the only thing about medicare is it sucks it is not as good as a lot of people thinks it , i have had since 1995 and i think i know just how much it sucks you will not know until you get on it to find out

  • phill

    There’s only one thing to say to Bob McDonald:

    Don’t drop the soap.

  • Jason Parsons

    I do need insurance. I HAD insurance. I lost my insurance. Figure it out yet? Everything was fine and one day I get dropped because WHAT I WANTED wasn’t good enough for everyone else. It was good enough for me and WAYYY better than what I have now. WHO’s F’n INSURANCE WAS IT? MINE OR OBAMAs? Mine or yours? Mine or the countries? See the hypocrisy or is your bullshit still to thick to see through?

  • Stoney Huff

    The EVIL BITCX Maddow is gloating at the Incarceration of Republican Bob McDonald, showing NO CLASS at all.

  • Dick Cheney

    MSNBC is my propaganda channel.

  • Ed Snowed Us

    Glenn Greenwald = TRAITOR!
    Snowden could not greatly aid Terrorists without him.

  • Stewbert

    Jason, why did you leave out yourself who I am going to assume is white? Is it because you believe like most white persons, that they were never the recipients of government favors? Maybe you should read up on the earliest housing developments that allowed only whites to buy into (like Levittown) and which gave whites the jump start to start building wealth through building up equity in their home. Blacks were excluded and this was not just the doing of the developer but aided and abetted by the Federal Govt who laid down those conditions as a prerequisite for funding and providing the mortgage finance which was subsidized thus handing white people another hand out. When Corporations benefit from a loophole in the tax law that is a handout to the Corporations so don’t you believe that you white people never got anything and it is the blacks and hispanics and all these other minorities who are the moochers.

  • Sunburysam

    I’s has been established already before Sep. 11th,2001. that the new Powers that , be, Jan 2001, be confrontational despite of all the Data available to them to delay the catastrophe.
    Well the powers that be were determined to go after their goal and all Hell broke loose

    The whole situation is the Bullies partially achieved their goal and plunged the World in Economic Turmoil and they are masquerading around this Mass Land boasting that they would repeat .it ;
    They Legally should be tried before the The International Court
    If # 1 didn’t know what # 2 was doing,he should be tried to

    This leads me back to the Earlier Bullies who came and found the Real Americans- Indigenous Americans- that such Bullies masquerading the airwaves that they would do it all over again. Get to Hell out here once power is lost.
    I don’t give a damn . America should not be dictating to the world until they can solve their domestic problems morally.

    I am very worried about what we propagate to the world as a Global Manifesto but cannot our Domestic Problems because of the Elitest Ideologies..

  • Alex Brant-Zawadzki

    We have a government of flaws, not of men.

  • Ed Snowed Us

    TREASON right before our eyes – by sitting U.S. Senator Feinstein releasing the unclassified CIA report summary.

  • Richard Black

    Mght as well be watching Fox !!!!

  • Paul K.

    The FBI has an Inspection Division. They are like Internal Affairs of local Police Departments.

  • phill

    Jason, If you had half the insight that Rachel had, you’d be a better person.

    • Jason Parsons

      pfft, Anyone leaning that far to any side is a complete idiot. And her so called insight is nothing more than a bunch of paid haters hired by MSNBC to spin up trouble for anyone that doesn’t feel exactly as they do. Catch a f’n clue man. Watching MSNBC and anyone on it is the exact same thing (only opposite from) as watching FoxNews. The only reason I watch either (FoxNews/RepubliCANTs or MSNBC/DemoCORRUPTs) is to find out what the idiot masses are falling for this week but neither are even close to being a reliable NEWS outlets. From the headlines, if I see there is a story, I go find out the WHOLE truth from multiple sources. But then I’m not looking for a feel good story told by someone that always says what I want to hear either. I’m looking for the real story, the whole truth, no matter how displeasing it may be to my personal opinions.

      Phill, extremists are always wrong even though their weapons are usually the truth. What does that mean? It means when you are watching FoxNews or MSNBC you are only getting the parts of the truth that further their cause. It is the truth, on both sides (generally), just not the whole truth.

      Lastly, If she, or anyone else for that matter, had so much insight they would be here in the middle with the whole truth and I, not slinging shit from one side to the other like neglected monkeys in a zoo cage.

  • Jason Parsons

    I think Rachel Maddow is the coolest little boy on T.V.. It’s so cool MSNBC gave that spunky little guy a break on air like that. When does it end :(.

  • Stoney Huff

    Lawrence O’Donnell commits libel and slander against Officer Pantaleo, falsely stating the chokehold on Eric Garner killed him. That is just false. It caused Eric to lose consciousness, true, but then the chokehold was released.

    Lawsuit time on this liberal twit. An overweight man with high blood pressure and asthma has his chest compressed due to the savage binding of his wrists behind his back, utterly pointless for an unconscious man on the sidewalk with 8 cops surrounding him. The four cops all kneeled on him during the arrest, and the STUN GUN applied directly to his chest all contributed to a massive shock to his cardiovascular system, and then he was totally ignored until the EMT checked his pulse, taking all of 1.6 seconds to do so. All of that besides the chokehold and this MSNBC ponce dares to heap all the blame on just Officer Dan.

    • Jason Parsons

      What is going to happen is they will spin and omit facts then inject the race card and discredit any legitimate claim society has against that officer. For some reason people like to cling to this failed and fatally flawed tactic. If people would just relax and use their heads (Such as yourself has done.) we could actually do something to change things. We have that officer dead to rights with ACTUAL proof, DON’T BLOW IT!!! But if people go throwing falsehoods around (Like the one you so prominently exposed. Thank you btw.) and injecting racism into this it will just get old fast as accusers are discredited one by one until there is no cause left.

  • jimbo white

    I was the 100,000th visitor 88 times today!

  • IQ2HI

    In most US jurisdictions you can’t become a cop unless you’re stupid enough to qualify. Check it out. Ha Ha Good Ole USA!

  • chris homistek

    My hands are up. I am unarmed please don’t chock me to death.

  • phill

    Why don’t you tell the truth and put the blame on obama he is the one
    that has messed up the health care in this country with his obama care
    people are dieing because they are paying for his healthcare and come to
    find out they are not covered ,So why do you not tell the truth are you
    just like this lying president we have a compulsive thief and liar

  • Richard Black

    After reading these posts I can see where this country has managed to polarize itself like never before. Do you think this just “happened” or that maybe it was planned? Keep calling each other names and other childish behavior and suffer the consequences or try to act like a nation of one. Read about an Indian named Tecumsah. would not be here if indians had followed him and become one cohiesive nation.DIVIDED WE WILL FALL

  • Googiecat

    HMMM, you would seem to be lying. My Obamacare payment for a good silver plan with much less deuctible and a low office copay, going to my same doctor, is just about $200 ( with an adjusted gross income of $32K). Based on what you’re claiming to pay, my payment should be a lot more than yours but it’s less than half with a better plan. At 53, with a breathing condition and self employeed, I’d be hard pressed to get insurance at all if it wasn’t for Obamacare. In my opinion it’s the most beneficial piece of legislation to the most Americans in decades and I’m sure history will bear that out. If Repubs do succeed in overturning it, Americans will remember the bad old days and turn on them.

  • MaineVocals

    DON C

  • dbc105

    You need to understand that Obama didn’t write and pass ACA, Congress did, Obama just signed. Fox News named it Obama Care and only people such as yourself think that our Government works that way. It doesn’t. Congress creates and passes laws, the President either signs it or doesn’t. The Right is so fast to give Obama all the credit, credit goes to Congress. Go back to school.

    • Jason Parsons

      Oh, okay. Like anyone believes that Obama, Reid, and Pelosy aren’t three bodies sharing the same teleprompter (I mean mind. Same thing in politics.). They were all in on lying the A.C.A. into existence as per Gruber’s recipe and they had The Hill on lock down when that was passed. You cannot blame that tragedy in American history on any one governing entity, only one party.

      • Stewbert

        That’s fine Jason, the Democrats are quite willing to take the credit.

    • sharpss

      I’m applauding. It is amazing how the term “Obama Care” has caught on with the ignorant and stupid bible thumping gun toting conservative wackos who have come out of the woodwork and want to drag this country back to the stone age.

    • Stewbert

      dbc105, the President can and does influence what goes into a bill if he wants to. He can indicate what would make him veto the bill as well as he or his surrogates can indicate what he wants in the bill. When compromises are to be made, it is important for Congress to know what compromises the President would not accept. Then again the ACA was passed when the Democrats held both houses so to say that President Obama only signed the bill is ridiculous. When the Clintons tried to practically write their health care bill and send it to Congress that was rejected so Obama did not want to go that route, plus you get more support if persons are a part of the process than if they are not so all of these things are taken into consideration when a President decides how involved he will be with the passing of any bill but he does influence the process if he wants to.

  • Richard Black

    JFK was interested in getting laid-why do we not see that? I don’t like Obama but he didn’t write the A.C.A. Youshouhave been on disability with all your problems-how did you have ANY insurance? A lot of holes in your dialog. Not sure how you justify following union busting Reagan and pro-union Clinton-doesn’t equate!!!

  • Joseph Pomponio

    Don’t bet on that Joe.

  • Joseph Pomponio

    Was he reaching in or pulled in? again, you weren’t there. Use of excessive force was taught to police forces for years.

  • Joseph Pomponio

    Joe, you weren’t there. You are making unsubstantiated remarks.

  • Cliff

    I don’t get. What’s this all about? In order to receive MSNBC we must have: JWPlayer, HUCLK US Home of News, we need RSS, we must have certain Flash Players, need Firewall, we have to give all the above our full personal info, e-mail account, address, name, checking account number w/router number, credit card access, debit card access, and much more. It says free access, they above have all this personal and private info, than why can’t the potential subscribers find any information on or the purpose of all the aforementioned venders. We probably must supply our phone numbers too. Their phone numbers are not found. Now what’s wrong with this picture? DA! DA! DA!. Then we go to another news channel on line and the have the same thing, however they will have the requirements (4 to 6) venders with every vender different from MSNBC. Would someone tell me, WHAT’S THIS ALL ABOUT?

    • Claudia

      Cliff, I have not had that problem. It sounds like you are responding to the prompts that “pop up” and you should not. You have to have the obvious equipment like an updated flash on your computer but, you don’t need anything extra….no rss or any to those things above.

  • George

    You must have forgotten that Ronnie Ray-gun gave amnesty to 40% of undocumented immigrants in 1987 and Poppy Bush added to that in 1990. As for socialist tyrant… You have absolutely zero clue what socialism is.

    • Jason Parsons

      That wasn’t really the issue (I thought we were referencing their mannerisms, intelligence, and intent for the country but I could be wrong. ;) ) but I haven’t forgotten anything. Like the parts that you walking MSNBC talking points always like to omit when this is brought up. I’m not here to give you a history lesson on how the give and take of a bipartisan government works but; They were furthering their overall political promises by making political sacrifices (I never claimed to support these actions, just understand how and why they happened.), not pandering to a minority for future votes (5 million is a lot of votes.) and purposely timing it for spiteful reasons because they were butt hurt after a midterm election (Plus they didn’t just rewrite and/or make new law up out of thin air or essentially break the Constitution either but that’s another topic.). Besides, if it was so important, why didn’t he do it towards the beginning of his presidency when the Democrats controlled all three bodies unless it was a purely political move to further a biased agenda threatened by the results of the midterm? Please don’t answer that. I don’t really care what you think cause you’re acting dumb.

      As for whether or not I know anything about Socialism; How in the Hell would you know? Your assumption is baseless and unfounded as everyone knows you know nothing about my education. We are complete strangers and you have absolutely no clue what I know about Socialism. You really make yourself look stupid when you wildly throw accusation out like that.

      Here’s your chance to get to know me; I support what is right. I don’t care about party or color or sex or any of those other things, just results. I care about what will make this country better for everyone, not just blacks, whites, latinos, gays, or whatever. I spend my free time researching and reading A LOT of stuff and have a pretty good capacity for retaining the knowledge I acquire. I don’t take anything at face value and will not commit to anything I have not heard from at least two independent sources and completely understand it. There are a lot of things I support against my personal opinions because rational thought tells me my emotions can be wrong but facts cannot.

      So… Not so nice to meet you George. There’s the right side, the left side, and the truth. I have no interest in talking to people stuck on one of the first two.

  • George Wilson

    Since there seems to be so much misinformation and outright lies here, let me just say this….

    OBAMACARE is a heck of a lot better than the garbage we had before. I finally CAN get insurance, since Asthma – which I have had since about 6 years old – has prevented me from getting coverage. Now with OBAMACARE I can finally get covered.
    Is OBAMACARE perfect? Certainly not. That would have been universal single payer Medicare coverage like the rest of the industrialized nations. But leave it to mis-educated troglodytes who get their information from propaganda swill merchants like FOX, Breitbart, Drudge Report, Limpballs, Hanity, Beck and the rest of the AINOs. (Americans In Name Only).

    • George Durdin

      George….you are one of the 12 to 15% of the American people who didn’t have health insurance prior to the ACA that could have been assisted with reasonable legislation WITHOUT changing the health care industry and insurance for the other 85% of Americans that had health insurance. Health care in the rest of the “industrialized nations” is substandard to the quality and innovation of American medicine because there is little incentive for citizens to get involved in healthcare and medicine as a career. Those nations lack in facilities, personnel and incentive to innovate to meet the needs of their countries. Do yourself a favor and visit a country and not just a third world country but a “wealthy” welfare country with a social welfare program……you may think again about socialized healthcare.

    • Jason Parsons

      Only 1 problem (Okay, there’s a lot more than 1 thing wrong with the A.C.A. but…) I lost my insurance so you can get it. WTF is so American about that? All details aside YOU STOLE MY INSURANCE (Well, Obama stole it from me and gave it to you anyway.) and I can’t afford to get more now cause I’m not just paying for me but people like you also. I have C.O.P.D., I broke my neck in a car wreck 4 years ago, I’m an arthritic, and I suffer from P.T.S.D. But unlike you I busted my ass and bought my insurance despite my P.E.C.’s. It cost me a lot more but the insurance companies are a business and I am in the high risk category so I had no problem with them charging me more than everyone else. It’s only fair cause it cost them more to treat me than most ordinary people. Now it cost to much cause of people like you. So, now I can’t go to the doctor so you can??? You are messed up in the head you fool. In what world is it okay to take something from a hard working REAL American patriot to give it to some whiny little bitch that is to lazy and unambitious to take care of themselves instead of expecting everyone else to take care of them. I hear Canada has what you want and real Americans don’t want sponges like you sucking our system dry. Please do EVERYONE a favor and move there. Your comments indicate you would fit right in.

  • Jason Parsons

    Why? Brown didn’t. Neither did the step father when he went into his maniacal rage shouting for everyone to “burn” Ferguson.

    No, I’ll reserve my compassion for Wilson who has to move from his home, who lost his job in a really poor economy, who has been unjustly publicly humiliated and shamed for simply doing his job and upholding our laws, and who has to fear for his family and self’s safety for probably the rest of his life.

    Sometimes the truth hurts. We can only either accept the truth or lie about it but we cannot change it.

  • Jason Parsons

    Nope. Spellcheck either ;).

  • Joyouslee Love


  • Joyouslee Love

    Everyone forgets, Brown robbed a store,beat on the owner and tried to beat up a officer and you idiots make out that Brown was perfect. He ask for what he received although I fo feel sorry for the parents. And why was the stepfather out there yelling butn it down. Obama should keep his mouth shut and get to what he was elected to do. Allow the system to work. Brown apparent;y thought he was a wise ass and got what he deserved. Further, MSNBC thrives on stories like this knowing nothing, Your reporters were not there but you act like you were. You enjoy this as it is good feed. What is going to happen should this go to court and Wilson is found not guilty, Another riot. Brown was a THUG and you know it. So let the system work.

    • Speely

      Not that I expect you to be swayed, since your mind is obviously already set in stone on the matter, but you should at least consider the fact that the narrative you’re operating under is full of holes.

      • Jason Parsons

        I didn’t see any “holes”. Please explain Speely… if you can.

        • Speely

          I happily posted a link that contained the proof but the mods edited it away. Apparently someone on the staff doesn’t like the idea of proof being posted on their comment threads. Or maybe they just prefer hyperbolic lies and nonsense over fact and logic.

          Of course, I highly doubt that any explanation I could provide could ever sway you, because you don’t want to be swayed. You’ve got your narrative that allows you to feel the righteous indignation and anger you want to feel so you can get onto your preferred echo chambers and post your comments where everyone, including the moderators, agree with you and you won’t HAVE to face up to facts or realize that the person you want to be the hero in this story is really the villain.

          • Jason Parsons

            Evidently you have a misguided opinion of me. I always try to keep an open mind. That is why I asked for an explanation of your accusation rather than blindly attack you for being wrong. But, as I suspected you could not deliver. I am disappointed really because I was “rootin’ for ya'”. Those of you supporting Brown have so very little left to work with until you all just look like a bunch of desperate and racist complete idiots. You can claim that your proof was deleted but I find that rather coincidental and convenient for you and I scour government document and news sources for fun and have seen NOTHING to substantiate what you are implying. So in light of FACTS pertaining to our exact current situation you sound like a baseless talking point desperately reaching for any thread that might dangle in hopes that you can pull it and cause a runner.

  • Ed Snowed Us

    Lying trash brought in to LIE about Brown. The public videos prove they LIED, that Wilson LIED about how far away Brown was.

    • Joyouslee Love

      I have not seen any videos. Are you hallucinating. There are no videos of the incident. This is exactly how gossip starts.

  • Jason Parsons

    The prosecutor went OUT OF HIS WAY to pander to the close minded fools that refuse to see the evidence through Brown and Wilson’s skin colors and you criticize his good will gesture and attack his tragedies that are no fault of his own. They NEVER do that for anyone! But, yet again a whiney black family gets their way and a man is shamed for upholding the law and defending himself and you still aren’t happy. Just like Zimmerman. The reason there was no indictment is there was no reason to think Wilson did anything wrong. Unlike Zimmerman there were MULTIPLE witnesses to the FACTS. Brown is the F’n criminal. The world is a better place with one less bully and thief.

    Besides, the punk ass thief rushed a cop! WTF would you think is going to happen? I bet the Brown family is so proud. *PFFT! They should be ashamed and apologizing to Wilson for their degenerate son putting him in such a horrible position… AND that store owner.

    Why would we even pay a cop if we won’t let him do his job without having to worry about getting charged for lawfully and reasonably defending himself after being attacked while investigating THE CRIME THAT BROWN WAS SUSPECTED OF???. The fat degenerate had just robbed a store.

    You think Wilson should have just kept going and not stopped him? You think he should have just let Brown beat the crap out of him? You think he should have let Brown have the gun? WTF??? Nobody pointing a finger at Wilson is asking “What alternative did Wilson have?”. BROWN FORCED THIS WHOLE THING!!! IT’S ALL HIS FAULT!!!

    I ask again; Are any of you asking what else Wilson could have done? I wonder why not? *PFFT! Because you sissy ass Nancys wouldn’t have anything to whine about. You wouldn’t have an excuse to act like a complete idiot and riot and burn the very neighborhood your precious Brown is from. A classic example of how you hurt yourselves and try to blame everyone else.

    And lastly, YOU ARE A BIGOT AND A RACIST for demanding that a black led administration instruct it’s black led DoJ to handle this case in hopes that you get your way despite justice of due process and the rational notion of right and wrong. There were three black jurors and ALL of the witnesses that collaborated both the evidence and Wilsons account of the event were BLACK!!! Do they all have reasons to rig it also? Do they hate young black men? You are just butt hurt because you didn’t get your way. You wanted to see a white guy fry because a black guy is dead. You don’t care why. You only see color. You and those like you are self centered bigots that don’t give a rats ass about right and wrong, only what you want.

  • Gary Stefancik

    These libtards are hilarious!

    • AdmiralJ

      Conservatives are the black eye of this nation.

      • Jason Parsons

        True, but Liberals are the busted teeth. Socialists are the broken jaw and Libertarians are the nose bleed. All resulting from the Republicans throwing us off the cliff and the Democrats promising they would be there to catch us and letting everyone down with OBVIOUS lies as usual.

        Does anyone REALLY believe that any of this is for us? They NEED us to NEED them and as long as we celebrate our differences instead of our similarities their little wedge of a plan will continue to work for them flawlessly.

  • jo

    someones shooting at chris hayes

  • Jason Parsons

    Justice is done! The witnesses have spoken and there are no grounds to charge Wilson. Wilson was both doing his job and protecting himself (and society) from that little degenerate thief Brown. Thanks to the diligence of Wilson, Brown is no longer able to terrorize store owners and steal their stuff or attack anyone without provocation like charging and armed police officer. I’d say Wilson did his job well. Would anyone actually want police that can’t protect themselves when their job is to protect and serve us anyway? Why waste the tax money paying them if they can’t blow away some bully of a thief who is stupid enough to charge a guy pointing a gun at them (as the grand jury so accurately determined)?

  • Western Lib

    The racists are privately celebrating both the grand jury decision and the developments in the streets.

    • Jason Parsons

      What would be your alternative? Should the jury have ignored the solid evidence presented to them? Would it be better had Wilson stopped firing and let Brown continue his charge towards him in a blind aggressive way? Should Wilson have taken it a step further and not drawn his gun at all, but instead let brown beat him to death, or possibly using Wilson’s own gun to kill him with? The only racist in this thread I see is you expecting some sort of special treatment because of Brown’s age and the color of each of their skin.

      And the only people happy about what is happening with the protests are the race baiters such as yourself, Sharpton, and Jackson. Oh, and the lying parents that raised that degenerate criminal Brown with their calling for “Burn it down!”.

  • Robert Gardner

    kill that cracka letem fry

  • Ken Saenz

    A Nigga is a niga, they will go CRAZY!

    • Sandra Roberts

      It takes one to know one…Ken Saenz, Nigga!

    • AdmiralJ

      FU Ken. Attitudes like your are the problem with this country

    • Jason Parsons

      Everything you hate about the darker side of America’s black culture is spawn from complete idiots like you. You and those like you are the reason that the darker side even exists you dolt! Your kind (of any color, from KKK to the Black panthers and everything in between) are a blight on everything you care about. You are your own problem. Consequently you are also everyone else’s because we have to live with the bullshit you people stir up. Too bad they outlawed lobotomies. You would have made a good candidate for treatment.

  • Bill Dodd

    america is the most racist country i have ever been too im a indo canadain proud candain and we love our health care which is free to me here in canda you americans donot know anything about us the canadians we very giving loving passive country not like amrica who dont care about their pople mainly the blacks white america hates a black man running the country he should be our tom boy servant u say so come up to canada ans see how we treat black pople with respect and love we are not a counrty build with slavery and racism canada loving country welcoming sll immigrwnts from sll over the world we give viza for work we give vizas so students come here to go to school and work and bring their familys here we love all not like united states who hates people who are not white your country is doomed to fail

    • UpHereAlone

      You seem really upset. Did you skip your meds again?!

    • John Smith

      Stop the hate.

    • Squeaky Dolphin

      A lot of the current hatred & cheering on of innocent blacks being murdered by racist lowlifes is due to President Obama demolishing the GOP in back-to-back landslide elections. Not that they wouldn’t be celebrating the murder of innocent blacks anyway, but it made their extraordinary lack of manhood turn them ballistic against all blacks. They do not represent most Americans, just uneducated, white, rightwing chirstians (AKA morally bankrupt filth)

      • Jason Parsons

        You are a prime example of what racism actually is. Most things labeled racist are actually just warped biased views of truth and reality led by race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson. Most of the people that cling to their spewings are just uneducated and don’t hate anyone of any color, they just don’t know any better than to follow strong leaders (despite said leaders real motivation).

        Racism is an easy argument for the shallow and ignorant because it is easy to understand but hard to refute because we cannot prove what another is THINKING and FEELING. But that is simple people clinging blindly to what they think they know, not actual racism. All they need is educated and enlightened to be good people.

        You on the other hand are a racist. You and those of your mindset and heart are why the rest of us still have to live with this tragedy. People like yourself are to blame and the funny/sad part is you are probably to stupid and self absorbed to realize what you actually are. I feel sorry for you but more sorry for us that have to deal with those like you.

    • clem238

      I agree, can’t wait to get out of here. No one would insure me or my daughters because all ins co’s denied me and them. Only Obama helped me get health ins. I paid 14,000 for 3 mri’s myself. While my mom paid 400 for hers. SO FU GOP.

      • Jason Parsons

        So because you have health problems everyone else should pay your bills? How is it anyone’s problem but yours how f’d up you are? I’m one of those that lost my insurance so you could have it. I have health issues also you stupid…

        I hope that insurance your bitch whore daughters and you stole from me gets to pay for a botched chemotherapy procedure on each of you someday.

        In line with you; SO FU and the A.C.A. you rode in on.

    • joe crowe

      you do realize most people in the world would rather live in the US than Canada if they had to choose? and almost no one would rather go to Canada to get a graduate degree compared to the US.. and this ‘racist’ country has a black president. you say your so good and we are so bad. you sound exactly like white people who are racist and hate people that are different than them. only your hatred is towards the US. your no better

    • Jason Parsons

      Troll and liar. You are nothing but a walking talking point.

      I guess there is that slight possibility you are truthful but if that is the case I hope they don’t turn off your life support. Anyone that stupid would not have the brain power to make their organs function correctly.

      BTW, Please explain what a Candain is and where is Canda?

  • Bill Dodd

    america is albout death look above and look at us the canadians we are socialist lookit up in the dicrionary you are capalist worship money not humasnity its on your dollar america is cursed and doomed to survive as a country

  • Bill Dodd

    we canadains love our children so we donot carry guns to kill our children only in america kills more youth than the ho;y christan war against moslons

  • Bill Dodd

    america is a racist country who hates a having a black man running the country america loves guns more than their children and aopen season killing black youth

    • Jason Parsons

      Hey everyone, look! It’s a walking talking point stuck on stupid and won’t shut up.

  • Bill Dodd

    you american so fucked up on health care in canada ts free so fuck off u racist white poeple

  • Rodrigue Sanon

    Obama just cares about people and family values.

    • Jason Parsons

      I believe you believe that and it is both ridiculously funny and terribly, TERRIBLY sad at the same time.

  • M0B33R

    These Politicians need to be told to STFU with the talking points and ANSWER the FAWKING QUESTIONS put to them.

    • Jason Parsons

      You get an F- in grammar but an A+ for effort. I agree with you 100%. Thank you for saying it.

  • buddyboy

    I have curred anxiety,and depression. all we need to do is blow up all the racists at fox,and republicans in congress .

    • Shlomo Aushwitz

      good goy-I mean democrat.

    • Jason Parsons

      LMAO, Why? So that the other racist on MSNBC and the Socialist in the White House can completely take over?

      Cause that would be better, right?

      What a fool.

  • Angry LA Artist

    Maybe the American people should sue the congress for being self serving plutocratic morons that are not doing their jobs and hurting this country with their arrogance and constitutional ignorance!

    • Jason Parsons

      One could as accurately say the same thing about Obama.

  • Keith

    Well, lets not forget ObamaCare is the same model as RomneyCare…If Repubs prop Romney for a run in 2016, the HealthCare debate will be fun!!!

    • Jason Parsons

      Apples and oranges. Romneycare on a state level completely different than Obamacare on the national stage. I’m not going to write you a book on the differences (though anyone could), the information is already out there.

  • George Durdin

    Now MSNBC has turned in to Univision…….the illegals shouldn’t get to comfortable because Obama’s EO isn’t law or Constitutional and will eventually be overturned and will ultimately expose the illegals that come forward.

  • gail lilly

    Thank you President Obama for picking up the can the ‘can’ the Republicans have been kicking down the road for many years. May the quality of life for the millions affected improve. May they no longer have to live in fear of being ripped from their families. May the Republicans join with Democrats and write a long term immigration bill. Please do not put us through all the venomous, political game playing.

    • Jason Parsons

      Or we could recognize them as criminals for breaking the law by illegally crossing our border then jail then deport them all. If someone broke into your house what would you do? Yep, you would call the cops and press charges once they were caught. You wouldn’t give a rats ass if it was a man with a family or anything else! Hypocrite. It’s the same damned thing.


    AdmiralJ i believe you also have Obama Derangement Syndrome


    You “” the man “” just told us your I-Q for bring race into this as for my self i do not care what color he is ,I was so hoping he would be a great president but as it turns out he is a very bad dictator and he is out to destroy America and this country of ours if we do not get him out by 2016 is going to be worse off then liberia is now

    • Mroyce

      RobertBlanscet….news flash….so I will say this v e r y…. s l o w l y……this country is ran according to what the CONGRESS funds ..the president is only the chief executive ….ObamaCare should have been named PelosiCare….or DoleCare…..Obama just signed what was passed by the….CONGRESS

  • john

    It is really ashame i for one really liked this President until today all this bull over a broken imigration system it s not broken just not enforced Build the dam fence put as many border patrol agents in place as needed. As far as i concerned this is wrong because this makes all the people who are seeking imigration legally look like fools all this tells them is they are stupid for obeying the LAW and doing it the right way. As far as all this bull about children being seperated from there parents they knew they were breaking the LAW aside from being charged with entering the country illegally they should also be charged with endangering the welfare of a child. That is something elese that must changed if you are born in AMERICA by an illegal they also should be considered illegal.The reason they keep breaking the LAW is there lack of respect for this countries LAWS . They would never pull this crap in there own country and just picture what would happen to us if we went to MEXICO and tried pulling the bull they do here protest about rights in a country you you are actully a criminal in.What a great thing to teach your children right from the beginning how to break the LAW because you want something.Again they should send them all back and make them do it the right way. Like i said in the beginning they have no respect for this countries LAWS go down to florida learn spanish and just listen to them talk when they think you don t understad then you will understand that they have no use from this country . Just cause you find a couple of them that do the right thing stop making the AMERICAN people think they are such good people. The majority are not there attitude is because we are AMERICANS so we are all rich thats there justification for all the crime they commit and if you see one driving i can guarentee they have no insurance. When i lived down in that dump state of florida i would be in the grocery store watching them cash there ILLEGAL checks they all had several different idenification cards with them it was a joke to them because if they were caught doing something illegal. they would not show up to court and just become a differant person the whole thing is a joke and a game to them because if they are caught they know this country will just deport them and in less than a week they will be wright back doing it again . As far as people who hire illegals they should also be made too pay big fines if caught again they go to jail . With this said this is only going to make AMERICANS more angry . Now after all this all i want like the rest of AMERICANS is for them to follow the LAW and do this the wright way.If the PRESIDENT goes through with this i can again gureentee that there will not be another clinton in the white house any DEMOCRAT will not be elected in 2016. Who ever does get in i would hope they go back and repell this.Now that is something to repell and i would hope that they don t repell A.C.T. just tweak it this country needs to join the rest of the WORLD and provide the people proper health care no one should lose there home or Die because they got sick through fault of there own

  • EmpressL

    “We the People” have spoken through our votes:
    Exit polls were unequivocal. More than 3 in 4 voters cited immigration as an important factor in their vote, believed that U.S. workers should get priority for jobs, and opposed the President’s plans for executive amnesty.

    AND this is why his speech at 8PM is NOT being aired on any other major, NEWS station. RIOTING!

    ILLEGALS ignoring our laws are the problem not the law. No matter what you pass they will come UNAUTHORIZED! “33% of whoever is left in Mexico says that if they had the means and opportunity to go live in the U.S. they would do so, and more than half of those who would migrate say they would do so without authorization.”

  • jesse

    In a very short time from now President Obama term as President will be over he and his family will have a great Health plan for life. Good luck with your’s.

  • Dave Calnan

    A bright side to the storms, People need their roofs shoveled. No news show have brought up this issue. Soon you will hear on the news about roofs caving in on people. You news guys need to speak on this before people start to die. The going rate for a roof shoveling is $15 to $20 per hour per man

  • George Durdin

    Obama’s ass has to be thrown out of office……….he has become a joke to the world and a dictator to be run out of office. An absolute disgrace……

    • Sunburysam

      U R a Dumb, Duncie Racist Skin Head who should be in prison. We want lower college Fees, wage increases, better healthcare, and fairer tax laws so that everybody ‘ll be happy.. The GOP Bullies who are definitely the decedents of the European hooligans who invaded this mass land and run the real Americans out want to keep that status quo that existed before this country was born. Immigration built this country. God made all human beings equal. Go do your research and think for yourself and not absorb racist ideologies.

  • Sandy Bashaw

    Turing did great work, but it was Joe Desch in Dayton who finally broke the Enigma Code.

  • linda

    grow up liittle boy

  • jaazee

    Does the name Jonathon Gruber ring a bell? Anything…Hello??

  • jelun

    If you have that Dana person on again, Ed, I will stop watching your show. I don’t watch MSNBC to see Bill O’Reilly tactics.

  • phill

    Why do you let people, like Robert Blanscet, lie?

  • methuselah46

    RE: scaffold accident at WTC: Hours and hours of real time coverage of a releatively unimportant event. When will the NYC media figure out that just because it’s happening in their back yard where they have cameras that any one else in the country or world gives a crap? The whole world does not revolve around them and their parochial concerns. Leave this stuff to the local tv stations.

  • gone fishing

    My healthcare is fine, and nobody has ruined it. Get a life, or life insurance.

  • Mr. Universe


  • George “Kingfish” Stevens


  • George “Kingfish” Stevens


  • Randy Rogers

    Race card expired dude. America is tired of it… And a president with war crimes warrants.

  • lottapolitics

    Eli, I have to point out that your CAPS LOCK is on. I’m sure you didn’t mean to write such an awful comment in CAPS.
    Sorry you lost your job; so many possible reasons for that. Well, sorry, no help from the government you hate so much.

  • Real Brother

    The delusion extends to these boards as well. The Racist won’t allow me to put my avatar up and most likely won’t approve any of my posts. They think they can fool people into letting them destroy Democracy cause the Presidents Black its so stupid and silly.


  • Real Brother

    Racists are delusional. Their entire existence is based on the MYTH that Whites are superior. Its been biting them in the butt for 450 years. Whites think it won’t matter if they isolate their RACE from the rest of society but it does matter. Whites are making the mistake the Dinosaurs did. No Race is invincible especially the last Race to evolve.


  • E-Roc

    … “and the president is going to burn himself” … outrageous!!

  • gail lilly

    You print comments below talking about incest yet a pro Obama piece is deleted? Really don’t understand. Thought freedom of speech would be a right MSNBC would honor unless what is written was too offensive? Guess positive comments about Obama are too offensive for you folks. Will see if others might be interested in criteria MSNBC uses to decide what comments to delete.

  • Sniff Rox

    Jeezus. Yer not gonna go shoot up a school now, are ya?
    What a paranoid loon you are.

  • Mark

    Republicans are boring

  • TG

    Interesting how the Republicans on this thread aren’t able to articulate their thoughts beyond racist, homophobic, name calling and gross exaggeration nor are they able to spell or construct a sentence properly. That pretty much sums it up for me. Here, I’ll say it so you might understand: Y’all dumb as fuck..

  • Scott Mullins

    Would not want to be at the morning meeting at MSNBC today

    • eli posey


      • lottapolitics

        Oh Eli, does that include your Republican friend, Joe Scarborough??

  • gail lilly

    Demos who threw Obama under the bus- who did not support him and all he has accomplished now have the results. Running from Obama struck me as a lack of back bone. Now we all suffer with the Republicans in a position to let the pipe line go forward, more restrictive voting rights and heaven knows what other nefarious actions. Ugh. Really sad. The blame lies at the feet of the deserters. Republicans have nothing but obstruction to offer. Mitch M. is there because his opponent could not say she voted for Obama. She shot herself in the foot. Our actions form the ground upon which we walk. Bumpy, lumpy road ahead.

    • Scott Mullins

      Show me one demo who embraced him and won. Obama favorability is down 10% from last election. Politicians are pragmatic (D & R). History has shown it does not bide well to go down with ship. The blame is the lack of belief that the govt is working for US. This is not a mandate but rather a test on whether republicans can undo the clusterFk. If not, they too will be out in two years. Let’s stop blaming and see if we can finally get a group of people in washington (both parties) to represent our interests. Americans are disengaged from the political process because it is broken and both parties are to blame. Let’s move on.

      • Sniff Rox

        Al Franken embraced Obama and his successes, and won easily.
        As did Mary Landreau in Louisiana.
        Your statement holds no water, just like any argument from a GOPer.
        Just shootin’ off at the mouth without knowing the facts.

      • gail lilly

        How many fled from him and won??

    • OldSoldier

      And Harry Ried hasn’t stopped EVERY significant bill to come out of the House?? Willful blindness.

      • gail lilly

        I am no supporter of Harry Reid.

  • SweetLibTears

    May i drink your delicious tears. So salty. So…creamy.

  • El Marko

    I guess the tingle is gone, Huh Chris.

  • eli posey

    what a joke! learn history! demoncrap are the kkk party! dope!

    • Jason Parsons

      Actually this is true. If you read history it has always been the Republicans who liberated slaves and went to bat for civil rights. Most KKK members are in actuality democrats. It wasn’t until the Democratic party realized the votes they could accumulate by lying and shmoozing the uneducated minorities of our country, and pandering to their needs through tax funded programs. The underprivileged started to fall for and believe the lies that it is for them. NO dummies, it is all for votes. They know free stuff wins votes from stupid people. And what better way to slide in your Socialist ideals than under the guise of compassionate tax funded handouts and charity laced with regulation and other things that kill freedom.



  • Just One Moment

    Maddow looks like a deer in the headlights. Getting run over by the Obama, “Progressive” backlash.

    • Sniff Rox

      Intelligent women scare you, don’t they? That’s ok…mommy will keep you safe and warm.

  • Just One Moment

    Rachel Madcow looks and sounds desperate, petty, ignorant and small. Carpet.

  • Pat

    Where’s a moderate voice on msnbc ? Quit your crying and rationalizing Rachael! Ernst all ready called a winner in IA and they don’t want to admit it



  • cinmon

    Just vote and stop the bickering

  • Joann Griswold

    Today, Ronan Farrow called Kaci Hickox “combative..” If the RN had been a male, would you have called him combative? She was not being combative. She was standing up for herself and other health care workers.

  • PM

    lets romp the GOP next week like we did during the general election. They rely on lies and intimidation. The President has done a great job…..” WALL STREET IS RICHER, INSURANCE COMPANIES ARE MAKING RECORD PROFITS SINCE OBAMA CARE BECAUSE LAW, LETS VOTE

  • gail lilly

    so comments have to be approved? Criteria used?

  • gail lilly

    Mitt has just told a half a dozen lies re: Obama’s actions and the course of history re: economic fallout from Bush. His lies are easily refuted by referring to actions taken after Obama took office. Without Obama’s leadership we would have been in a full blown depression. Romney is polite and friendly but he is still just as dishonest as ever. Obama has been one of the clearest thinking, most intelligent presidents we have ever had- this will be born out, I believe, when the facts can be examined through objective eyes.
    The negative descriptors used by Joe and other entertainers who use the real news as a backdrop to their edited fictional script have contributed to the negative assessment of Obama’s presidency. This negativity hurts our country as we face challenges that are not being addressed; hamstrung by the Republicans in Congress who vowed from the onset of Obama’s first term to fight any action undertaken by Obama- regardless of its merit. This is on video for those of you who do not believe that our ‘lawmakers’ could agree to such a destructive contract- leader: Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. So Republicans vow to oppose all actions taken by Obama then they scream about Obama ‘s not being able to get things done… Hmmmmm. This game is so very pathetic and worse, it has a negative impact on individuals, on our country and on those in the world who need the U.S. to be a functional democracy.

  • gail lilly

    MSNBC how in the owrld can you let this person host a news(?) program?!*?
    He starts the show calling groups of people stupid? Then he goes into one of his rants at such a high pitch that it is painful to listen to. Really don’t understand- he may be a very nice person one on one but as a host he behaves in a rude, self-important, obnoxious manner. “Blah, blah, blah “noises while someone else is talking???????

  • phill

    Robert Blanscet:

    You’re an unbelievable moron.

  • M0B33R

    Stop it for krist’s sake. There is NO DAMN EBOLA CRISIS. More people are going to die in the next 30 seconds from REAL CRISIS’s like a bullet, a beating, a knife, car accident, drowning, murder, etc. Wake people.

  • M0B33R

    ROBERTBLANSCET (and all like him). You have a better chance of being killed in a car/bus/train/plane/boat, choking to death on a chicken/fish bone or a cup of coffee, you’ll get hit with an old Soviet Satellite before you die from EBOLA!!!! CHILL OUT Main Media on all the BS scare tactics. You’re really scaring the crap out of people like ROBERTBLANSCET.

    • goaway

      Agreed. But people need to be scared about the ongoing nuclear radiation contamination going on from Fukushima, Japan. THAT will kill more people and cause more cancer and death than any tiny ebola case or two or 200. Millions will die from Fukushima.

  • M0B33R

    ROBERTBLANSCET, Why don’t you stop watching FOX and LEARN THE TRUTH you IDIOT. And take that white hood off. It makes you look gay.

  • Bea McManis

    Why would this country want a repeat of the do nothing congress?

  • Randy Rogers

    WTF!!!!!! This is the first time I watched this channel. Im shocked people are so stupid. The 2nd amendment is the reason for Ebola? And someone who
    dont agree with the weather gurus is Racist?!? WTF? Yes this came from this channel. Fox is bad. But
    this is full blown children calling names and making things up….Watch
    RT news. They report the news. Thats where I found out Obama has lower
    ratings than Bush ever did. And They BOTH HAVE WARRANTS FOR WAR CRIMES..
    Sheeple dont know this…They do what they are told..

  • Rich

    While Im not exactly Nielsan Family 0, I gotta say Rachel, Im right there with you. Why exactly is CSPAN NOT, done entirely with dogs in robes and puppeteer paws. I would put that on and break the knob off the tube. I wonder if I could make a viable company that could produce K9 reenactments to order, hmmm… Time to call an ent moot.

  • DW

    Just 1 day, thats all I want. Just 1 day without hearing a story about some god damn trogladyte with a badge, a gun, and sans two brain cells to rub together, doing something so blatantly stupid that not just the whole of the human species but PRIMATES EVERYWHERE are embarrased and face palm like picard with one hand, while doing the “I dont know him ” point with the other. Just one god damn day, thats all I want…

  • sharondika

    Rick Scott shakes hands like an Undertaker. Cold. Lifeless.Creepy.

  • brad

    I feel sorry for all of you. If you as adults don’t know the simple truth, I feel sorry for your children, because they are going to be the “losers” after you are dead….

  • IR5

    Under “Obamacare” my premiums increased 3% last year, and only 2% this year. My out of pocket went up slightly, but, overall my year to year costs had been going up 15% since the 80’s. System isn’t perfect- we should go to a single payer- if not have the Government get out of the military business and give everyone Health care for a nominal fee, and, rebuild our infrastructure- but, the Grumpy Old People (GOP) wouldn’t stand for such common sense.

  • BJR

    Cute Story Pal, almost as Cute as our past Leaders…:(


    Racist White Conservatives own 98% of MSM. Its a shame that you can’t win fairly you have to lie and mislead. At the end of the day all your lying will get you is a place next to the Nazi Regime in history as losers.


    • Jonathan

      And a place in hell. You see, these people truly believe that GOD made them better than EVERYONE else. This is why they’re so arrogant. But if they would take a little time out to study the HOLY BIBLE (for themselves instead of letting someone interpret it to them) they would realize that not only are they in REAL trouble but this ENTIRE country is on the brink of collapse and or destruction. FOX News have brainwashed their all white viewers to hate the BLACK president and EVERYTHING he does. Even the ACA or what the white conservatives like to call Obama care ( which is far better than the plan I had before it was implemented). Obama Care is a republican idea, in fact it is their policy (written by them) and they only hate it because it was made law by not just a democrat but a black democrat. These simple minded people hate thIs BLACK president (& everybody that look like him) so much that they will believe everything their white racist leaders tell them. They think how their dictators tell them to think. They don’t have enough since to follow politics for themselves. Turn to CSPAN and watch your ungodly leaders go against almost everything GOD represent..You need to REALLY pay attenion to what’s going on and stop being mislead by your Fox News gods. I know you think you are but you are not privileged and no better than the least of mankind. If you knew ANYTHING about the Holy Bible you would understand that the president is not in control. He’s just a puppet! It does’nt matter who the president is because if the Lord says things will happen then they’re gonna happen, PERIOD! Do you think ANY man can come along and change what GOD said would take place? Think about it. No man has any power over GOD’s word. You can bring back Ronald Reagan, Thomas Jefferson and any other republican you want from the dead & put them all in office, Guess what, it will make no difference.. I’m neither a conservative or liberal (I don’t like either one), but if you pay attention you’ll see the conservatives are trying to sell us all out to the corporations.Let go of fox & russ limbaugh and use your OWN brain!

    • politicalthorn

      Typically, blaming others for the sins of the people you support.
      Its not the Democrats passing Voter ID legislation that’s targeting minorities and young voters, and they’re the ones who cannot win without attempting to limit the ability of others to vote. They can’t win on their ideas, so they have to try to keep others from voting because they’d vote against them.
      it’s not the Democrats who have to continually apologize for their “inarticulate” bigoted utterances.

      No other News Agency could be the colon of the TeaPublican Party like FUX News is; passing their lies, fabrications, misrepresentations and talking points which are the waste product of the right and the Republican Party.

      Maybe some day some one will do a colonoscopy on the Republican Party and remove the polyps that are Hannity, O’Riley and the others. Although I’d doubt it, as no amounts of self examination or introspect seems to be able to change the Republican Party and I savor the day I stopped voting Republican and against myself.

      I’ll just credit your comments to that you must be in some parallel but opposite universe.

      • Randy Rogers

        You havent a clue. This is the first time I watched this channel. Im shocked people are so stupid. The 2nd amendment is the reason for Ebola? And someone who dont agree with the weather gurus is Racist?!? WTF? Fox is bad. But this is full blown children calling names and making things up….Watch RT news. They report the news. Thats where I found out Obama has lower ratings than Bush ever did. And They BOTH HAVE WARRANTS FOR WAR CRIMES.. Sheeple dont know this…The do what they are told..

  • Targeted Individual

    Thanks to Obama care, my insurance rates have dropped dramatically and the cost of prescriptions have dropped too, so obviously this Robert guy is trolling.

  • Shlomo von Glickstein

    fabulous ness… okay — so ofcourse needsto publize its ‘drop date’…. but THIS is RIDICULOUS!!!! especially for those COUNTY worker who willl have to migrate themselves alongthe along in the aftermath…. heck, my heart bleeds….

  • CoolCMo

    He is the eugenics poster child.

  • Smarter than you

    Joe , for the love of god, shut up. You bring people on who are supposed to have some kind of expertise, and then you talk over the top of them constantly. This is what losers do who know that they are wrong. If your argument can win on merit alone, then prove it

    • Brian F

      Joe surrounds himself with so-called “co-hosts” and guests so he can bully them and play the “Big Man.” This is exactly the childishness we saw from him when he was a congressman. For a short time I had hoped he had evolved, but now I can’t watch another second of Mika wimpering while Joe puts up his feet and smirks.

  • RB Radio Network™

    Do Racists really believe that Fox News is Fair & Balanced? I’m serious.


    • Ford Truck

      People who are racist tend to be much lower in intelligence than the average person. People of lower intelligence can more easily be deluded into believing clearly untrue claims. Therefore, yes, racists can be convinced that Fox News is “fair and balanced” when anyone with average intelligence knows Fox News is neither!!

  • Rick

    Did you hear what he said ? If i think this way will work BUT if it doesn’t I will ask the president for ground troops…you are sensationalizing his comments! STOP IT

  • Justin Protest

    much better player no more buffering

  • James Girona

    she hit him and spit in him, how did she not make herself a victim? if Your man enought to hit Ray Rice, then your man enough to get hit back.

  • salty

    no good unless Democrats win. Repubs will change it back get the big backers and continue to throw up road blocks to the rest of us voting.

  • cj

    Why try to rationalize with fools like ROBERTBLANSCET. One can help educate an ignorant person, but a fool who has all the facts wrong-save your breath. Now get out and vote in November.

  • Walking John

    There have been a-many-a- times that I have said that first and fore most that this nation(America)needs cyber defense more now than ever because if the hackers hit our power systems and our banks none of these social issues will mean anything! Will someone please view the algorithm that is on u-tube under Jon odoms/cybersecurity and tell us us(the readers)what you think! These times are short and extremely dangerous! May God help us before it’s extremely too late!

  • Histree69

    When are you gonna go after after all the guys on wall street making millions who raped girls in college

  • Histree69

    Your all full of it!! After you destroy Rice then you sip your beer and cheer for Big Ben a rapist. I don’t condone hitting women but women are crazy if they think they can jump up in a mans face like they are a man and when they get what they initiated all of a sudden “they are women”. I’m a guy, If I jumped up in the face of a guy and he kicked my butt what would you say then.

    • salty

      He shud hav taken her over his knee

    • Steve Violette

      I would laugh at you before I called the cops on both of you.

      • anthonyl


  • James Girona

    Ebola Virus? Joan Rivers?… Nothing about the Vote being taken tomorrow to repeal the Citizen United Decision. Shame on you NBC. Thanks for dumbing it down. Democracy? What’s the point?

  • James Girona

    those prisoners or poor people could have been you or your loved ones. What a hateful judgement. Your probably call yourself a Christian too. Pride comes before the fall. You better be nice to all the people you meet on the way up, cause your gonna meet those same people on the way down. Hard times are coming my friend. I’d like to read what you say when they catch up to you.

  • RB Radio Network™

    Racists wonder out loud if Obama really has a plan for ISIS. I said he’s sending the plan to them as we speak by Drones and F-15 Fighter Jets. The details of his plan are at the tip of the missiles and bombs that will be greeting the vicious animals.


  • RB Radio Network™

    I like the fact you went with Discuss I would only hope that you would stop thinking you can shape the NEWS with lies, misinformation and censorship. Its better to encourage your RWNJ’s to evolve past 1950 and catch up to the Obama supporters.


    • stingmad

      its up & running

  • Don Gubelman

    never in our history has a single person done so much to divide and destroy everything a nation stands for. .. . if ever a president can blame everything on the previous administration it will be our next one.

    • johnblack45john

      Spoken like a low information tea party Fox News viewer.

  • M0B33R

    Republicans are pissed off because a blackman is in the Whities House and he ain’t serving them coffee…..

  • Sandra

    I rather thought someone at the NATO meeting would have asked Obama “Why have you left your borders wide open, if you are afraid of ISIS?

    • RB Radio Network™

      Obama’s added 1500 new Border Patrol Agents, Two Drones, Reinforced the fence. Made e-verify the standard for all U. S. employees. Obama’s ramped up deportations 50% more than Bush. Obama has reduced border crossings to levels not seen since the 60’s. Yet the 98% Conservative Owned media still wants to lie about open boarders. Its so lame and wrong.


  • Keenan

    hulkusaa uses deceptive advertising practices that should be illegal. Why do you intercept a click on the video controls when I want to pause the video, or change the volume, and you instead open a new advertising window? Shameful behavior. Also shameful is the dishonest advertisement that mimics an Adobe Flash error message over the top of the video window saying that you need to update Adobe Flash on your computer, tricking the user into thinking that they have to click on it and update their Flash software, and then get redirected to another website. You guys suck. Totally unethical and immoral.

    • stingmad

      Thank you for your feedback

      I am afraid to tell you that streaming server you use does not belong to us and the deceptive advertisement belong to streaming server not from our website. There is nothing much we can do to stop that keeping in mind its a free service and we are trying to acquire our own servers hopes things will get better soon Hopes you understand .

  • Histree69

    so obvious you are talking about yourself. Pitiful…

  • jaazee

    All the vicious critics of police, and there are some bad police, never put themselves in the position of a man who is facing a gun, real or “looking” very real, and think about what is going through his mind, AT THE TIME. It’s easy to be an armchair analyst whose life is not in danger.

    • James Girona

      We are in danger from the Snake Flag people. All scopes on them.

  • Rlo

    Since yesterday the feed on MSNBC, CNN, and FOX constantly stops and starts. I’ve tried clearing browser, clearing flash storage and flushing DNS with no success. Using Chrome. Thanks.

    • stingmad

      Thanks for raising the issue. Our team will have a look thanks for your patience

      • anthonyl

        Hey Rlo, I have the same issue (especially in the morning) but I’ve noticed that if I let it do the stop/start thing for about 20 minutes and then refresh the page- it flows ok. Hope this works for you.

  • SeanP

    Joe, does anyone else has an opinion on your show, why is Mika even there? Does the idea of a black powerful man golfing bug you?, should he be back stage cleaning or cooking?. Which president captured Bin Laden?, save the auto industry?, put in place policy to provide affordable health care like the rest of the world?
    Most presidents drink while under stress, Obama chooses to play sports, what’s your problem with that?
    Joe you are a prefect fit for FOX News.

  • colin ross,canada.

    Obama is a good Christian man. Anybody would have him as a friend. His color seems to bother some people. Too bad for them.

  • gail lilly

    OMG it’s 6 in the AM and Joe is screaming, screaming, screaming and my alternative station has STREAMING ERROR…. MAYBE he is finished screaming??? No, he is still screaming. This is viewer abuse.

  • BJR

    With further regards to Ferguson, MO, check out this video from 2012, 80% African American, and no fights that I saw…

  • BJR

    I Love MSNBC for what I think is being open minded, thank you, God Bless..xoxo

  • Ray Johnson

    more to the point, if, someone pays a ransom, who conducts the trans action?, where do the funds end up?

  • Ray Johnson

    who are the bankers?

  • Ray Johnson

    thank youLawrence

  • ted5896

    Turned to MSNBC just to get an idea of what the far left is thinking, and it’s scary. They talk about how the prosecution of Darren Wilson, as they complain that no information is being released. In their twisted minds this police officer that appears to have done his job and put his life on the line to do it, has already been convicted. If a white man had been charging the president and was shot to death by secret service, that man would be touted as a hero by the left. By convicting this individual in the press before the facts are known, if is found that he did nothing wrong, the damage has been done. The press needs to held accountable for the problems they cause.

    • Jon Krauser

      yet you have “the facts” that he charged the police officer….time for your dumba** to point that finger at yourself. Yours is the twisted, lying mind.

    • Sirmuzz

      Wow, how ignorant. Keep watching CNN, you don’t need a mind or your own opinion to be able to comprehend them. Let the big kids watch the big boy shows and go back to CNNickelodean.

  • Sallysuelee

    take the damn toy guns out of the stores then if they lead to actual real life deaths

  • religion sucks


    • Jon Krauser

      what is the statement that “black people kill each other” supposed to mean anyway? This is how you respond to when anyone makes that silly statement…..just say “but they don’t kill each other because of the color of their skin”. That’s how you shut down that asinine narrative.

  • Bob Z

    Just watched the rapper Poe along with Sharpton declare there was another white officer shooting, he claimed the victim was unarmed, but he came at the officers with a knife, Both these nitwits are pushing out inflammatory information and MSNBC goes right along with it

  • Youhavetocarepeople

    The idoit Robert is a misinformed fool. Watch something besides Fox. It would help.

  • Jake J

    Folks! Folks Folks, folks, FOLKS!

  • Jake J

    The amount of Ferguson coverage is getting silly. There is so much news right now…

    • Jon Krauser

      I’m willing to bet when the topic was Cliven “the deadbeat” Bundy, you channel surfed like a mo fo looking for stories.

  • Newton Newton

    why does al sharpton show up wherever he can fan the flames?

    • Jon Krauser

      Same reason, Graham and McCain run to fox, warmongering…

  • BJR

    All the Law Enforcement in Ferguson should have done Initally was to say that there was a questionable killing and we will get to the bottom of it asap..


      It could have helped a little, but think about it in a larger context: how many stories in the last month or so have we seen about excessive force by police against American citizens who happen to be black? Then extend that to the last year, decade, etc. This has been building for a long, long time. Ferguson is just the place where the pent-up anger boiled over this time.

  • BJR

    Nothing against Capt. Johnson but I believe I could do a better job as a Veteran who served for years BEHIND the IRON CURTAIN during the La Belle Disco bombing from Khaddafi, for which Pres. Reagan sent 2 F-111b’s from England. Our supposed Allies, France and Spain were so scared of him that they refused our request to fly over their Countries. So instead of a 4 hour mission, it turned into an 11 hour flight mission with re-fueling,..that’s how much we can count on the very Countries that we not only saved from Hitler, but spent Un-told monies re-building…

  • BJR

    The question just posed by MSNBC was, what is the next police tactic to be used…how about going back to normal police patrols, say Hello to citizens on the street? No show of force. All that does is increase the anger against Law Enforcement..

  • Jstme

    Six shots in front….was he running towards the officer?

    • Jon Krauser

      nope he stopped and turned towards the cop with his hands up. cop hates black kid after kid got his licks in. cop is angry makes sure black kid pays for popping him in the face.

  • gail lilly

    How does condescending sarcasm help any situation? What is Joe’s intention here?
    Just don’t get it.

  • §§

    good god
    basketball americans are infuriating

    • Basil Malik

      no more infuriating than meth head mass murdering pedophiles.

  • salty

    Boy Rev is fired up today!

  • KirbyM

    I have removed F words please be reminded Dont swear Hopes you take care next time !


    “Stay on point…” “The Democrats do it too…” These
    are just some of the responses I’m getting to the two cents I add to the
    conversation about my life and how these Republicans are continually trying to
    make it worse in this America. You’ve already got me at the bottom because I’m
    already poor, already with bad credit… I already don’t have anything of
    value… never had savings… already lost
    my house… already lost my jobs… already getting too old… I’ve already just
    about everything’d… so I’m way passed
    caring about what I don’t have, going to get or what you going to take from me…
    and I just don’t give a $hit about being scared of you Super Wealthy
    Republicans… to you I’m already I’m already dead, not here, irrelevant… and
    already passed the high point in my life… already have done all that I’m going
    to do… And I’m pissed, cause I still have a long list of hopes and dreams.
    Hopes and dreams that are, and have been, under constant attack by your kind
    since the beginning of this country… hopes and dreams stifled by a process
    designed by the wealthy white class trash to quash the hopes and dreams of
    people of color in this America… and yeah, I’m pissed… and since I have no
    power and weld no influence on anything and the only thing that I can do is
    stand and speak my truth about my pains and what I see, feel, want and need…
    wanting only to know that I at least said my two-cents whether or not it
    affects anyone or anything to care or give a $hit about what I say… I’m putting
    it in the goddamn mix anyway. Because as
    I look around me there is all manner of BS being aired by these Super Wealthy
    Republicans about people that look like me, and it purposely derails my efforts
    to make any progress. This is a real purpose-driven burden and I’m about tired
    of the conversation of these Republicans being so one-sided and so untrue. This
    BS talk compels people that don’t look like me (and are not crazy) to believe a
    lot of it. The next thing you know white people have frightened them selves and
    set out to harm people that look like me. I’m too scared and frightened to let
    you get away with this for another day. So I decided to let these white people
    know who is really the criminal… who is really stealing from them… who is
    really screwing up their lives and mines… and who has been doing it since the
    very start of this country… I made a choice to shine a very bright light on
    these Super Wealthy Republican cockroaches and watch them scurry into the
    darkness to hide… at least the ones that have not gotten so fat and full on the
    spoils of America’s that they can’t or don’t think they need to move… It is
    those Super Wealthy Republican criminals that I want to expose… those fatties,
    plump with themselves and all their ill-gotten gains taken from you and I… Those
    are the ones that the light will allow the boot of change to find and crush…
    It’s those Super Wealthy Republican bed bugs that have me up all night pulling
    a dragnet on my box spring, mattress, floor, walls, ceiling and closets because
    I’m tired of being their buffet. I’m tired of being bit on and left wondering
    what the hell is going on and who is hurting me? I am listening to my friends
    tell me what these symptoms mean and I am determined to rid my place, my
    country of these infiltrators that do nothing but harm us in these times. I’m
    closing down this buffet… You corrupt Super Wealthy Republicans will not be
    eating on my ass any more or at least not without me shining a light on your
    greed and giving you a serious dose of bug spray- and I’ve stocked up just for
    you because I know you can’t stop what’s in your nature (you freeking bugs), so
    come on out and try and steal some more of me… take another bite out of the
    citizenry, I’ve got something for you… Hopefully more people will take this
    stand and not let you feed on us anymore. Hopefully together we will expose all
    of you Super Wealthy criminal Republicans and the boot of change will find and
    crush you… BUGS!

  • Arenagal

    Is Brown’s friend in the video? That can point to if the suspect in the convenient store is Brown.

  • AShahid

    Bob McCullough is known in this city to be prejudicial against Blacks and very bias in favor of law enforcement and crimes with white victims. He has the experience of a family member being a victim of a violent crime resulting in death perpetrated by a non-white criminal.

  • phill


    “Why don’t you tell the truth and put the blame on obama he is the one
    that has messed up the health care in this country with his obama care
    people are dieing because they are paying for his healthcare and come to
    find out they are not covered ,”

    Please tell us what he has ” messed up”. Who is not covered? Please be specific. Thanks.

  • gail lilly

    Joe, by his remarks justifying the harsh, over the top behavior of the Missouri police vis-a-vis the two reporters, just confirmed my impression that right wingers are far too comfortable with unjustified use of force whether in a McDonalds or in Iraq. If we humans do not learn to treat each other with more respect we will all be vulnerable to violence at the hands of others. and Joe, what did these two gentlemen do to deserve to be ushered out of McDonalds?? MSNBC- are ratings more important than how J.S.’s life view may adversely affect ( my opinion ) how people treat one another? Time and time again this blow hard condones actions and decisions that produce human suffering. May he find happiness and peace.

  • Matt Tanner Snow

    It doesn’t matter if your white, black, blue or an innocent dog cops are killing everyone.

    • JimmyTomorrow

      Yeah, but they always to prefer killing blacks and hispanics.

      • salty

        and poor or homeless whites

  • Jeff Blythe

    News Flash! The Civil War is over. And the right side LOST! The “Day of the Bigot” is over. There will not be a Republican president for many years. The conservatives wrote the script of their own demise. Stupidity is NOT a virtue. So sorry…

  • square

    Mr dice is correct when he stated the outcomes would be different in a black white arrest. The opening trailer of cops shows a white offer continually telling a white that’s resisting;;; sir your going to be tased;;sire your going to be tased as he fights them all.

  • phill


    “Why don’t you tell the truth and put the blame on obama he is the one
    that has messed up the health care in this country with his obama care
    people are dieing because they are paying for his healthcare and come to
    find out they are not covered.”

    If they didn’t sign up, they’re not covered. They would have an insurance policy already.
    What’s this hooey about people dying?

  • Randall Diller

    Yep he is dead. Please kindly for the love of God, Move on to the world news.

    • MiaSara

      why te privilege allows you to do just that. How lucky for you.

  • Randall Diller

    Yep he is dead. Move the fuck on to the world news.

    • Matt Tanner Snow

      Police brutality is world wide epidemic, how can you move on if your dead or in jail.

      • MiaSara

        White privilege allows Randall to give zero fu cx.
        No matter what happens to us and our babies, “Randall the wasp” knows he’s good.

    • Linda Jay

      Dont watch a–w—e. You got your privalaleged ass behind a computer and dont have to worry about being stopped for jaywalking etc. so stuhu you goof ball.

  • Mr.H.

    getting rid of jews is an ongoing task for human society

    • PoliticalThorn

      Your concern about 14% of the WORLD population shows how inept and lacking you are in your ability to handle your own life that you feel you need to attach the blame for your own personal failures on them.

  • BJR

    I can see this isn’t a free speech discussion, so don’t waste your time….

  • BJR

    I would suggest taking a couple hundred thousand convicted killers from our prisons, fly them to Iraq, give them M-16’s, 45’s, and chainsaws for be headings! See how ISIS likes that !!! And post it on they’re TV….
    They want Bad Ass, I think America has that covered…

    • Steve

      Stoopid post.

  • bcdiehl

    President Obama should call the House of Reps back into session and follow the advice of this bunch of fools. Let them take some responsibility for a change.

  • RB Radio Network™

    Racists will forever lie about the Affordable Care Act because they hate Obama cause he’s Black. The law covers 95% of working American families at a savings of 50-70% and a total savings of $1 Trillion off our debt. A few Racist Red State Governors won’t accept the Medicaid expansion money which is 133% of costs. Doesn’t matter you lose, America wins.

    • Angela Okey

      Yes, RB Radio Network, you are absolutely correct. the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is certainly monumental legislation that not only will improve the quality of life for “working” folks without access to affordable, quality insurance coverage. Many with the audacity to continue to blatantly spread lies about such a critical issue, are going straight to Hell. They undoubtedly have the blood on their hands, of those low-information people who refuse to read for themselves before deciding what is in their own best interest. Shame on you! This you will be held accountable for.

      The millions of working Americans without employment-related insurance options who have adhered to the law and helped improved their own longevity and quality of life, appreciate you President Obama. We understand the importance of being able to PAY affordable rates for quality health coverage.

      Thank you, Mr. President for fighting so steadfastly against special interest groups driven largely by greed and outright racism for the better good of us all.

  • K Meyerson

    I take offense at the comment from the UN Ambassador that most Americans recognize the legitimacy of Israel as a democratic state. Palestine was given to the Jewish people by the UN following WWII. This was not acceptable, why not give them Germany or Italy? Follow the Hebrew tribes throughout history. They have lost their lands over and over due to their own actions. Yes the holocaust was a tragedy, but it was NOT Palestine who did this. When Israel was formed they treated Palestine as they had been treated by the Nazis. What makes this right? Why should the US give them money? I venture to guess it is so US politicians get the Jewish vote.
    What Israel is doing now is sadistic and wrong. They cage Palestinians like animals

    and throw bombs at them day and night. No where is safe, because they will always claim Hamas was hiding there. Are they this inept at controlling the bombs the US is supplying them?

    • Dawn Michel

      Read history! Palestine belonged to the British before it was granted as a homeland to the dispossessed Jewish people after WW 2. Prior to the British ownership of of Palestine, The Ottoman Empire possessed not only Palestine area, but also most of the land surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Before that time Christians controlled the area, around the 1000-1100 A.D., and prior to that it was under muslim control. the Byzantine arm of the Roman Empire, and the Persian Empire under Alexander the Great controlled the area, and the Assyrians, the Hebrew people, and so on, and so on. At the time that the State of Israel was formed, the land was under the control of the British, who had every right to give control over to the Jews after the United Nations decision (November 29, 1947) establishing a homeland for Jews. So, under which dominion do we establish the onwership or “right” to possess Israel? The nation of Lebanon also owes its existence to the British, who established that nation and its borders in the early part of the 21st century. How far do we travel back in time to establish claims? Should the German people give up control of their country to the descendants of the Huns? Should the people living in Croatia and the Czech Republic (to name a few) return the dominion of their countries to Austria-Hungary? I am amazed that the control of this small spit of land along the Mediterranean Sea has created so much controveresy over thousands of years.

      • Angela Okey

        The bottom line is that we are talking about so much bloodshed, pain and suffering over what amounts to about a one-single-mile area. Why is it so critical to impart such brutality on the Palestinian people who have lived there for many, many generations; and had nothing to do with the UN decision. In the name of God, get a grip!

  • A.G. Lindo

    Israel’s or zionist action in Gaza is very barbaric and evil, while the developed world endorses these actions of sheer evil. The world will have to step up and discredit the lies of the jews being god’s chosen people which is a lie. The jews have no rights to the land of Palestine, anymore than the Arabs living there today, Africans are the true people of this land. It’s through the guise of religion which this notion came from, not from historical fact, but through biblical fictions. The jews of Israel shows clearly that they’re not a people of any moral whatsoever, it wasn’t the Arabs that alleged to kill six million jews in Europe. Then why should the people of Palestine, pay with their lives for the wrong that were done to so-called jews in Europe. We have to rise above the concept of all religions, they all have run a muck exposing their fraudulences. The Natural Mystics is the alternative path from all religions

    • Angela Okey

      Yep, there is no excuse for what they are doing.

  • Ifan

    It is hard to imagine how quiet some of these humanitarian
    organizations have been since Israel started its killing spree in Gaza. Israel
    didn’t even have to start this war but they wanted to send a message to Hamas,
    and it doesn’t matter how much children and innocent people they kill in
    sending that message. Again one just has to take a look at what happened in
    Gaza today to understand what Israel is doing. Two Israelis get killed and one
    went missing and that was enough for Israel to level an entire neighborhood of
    innocent people.

  • Joe Shoemaker

    After watching Chris Hayes interview with Representative Keith Ellison I felt that there is some hope for the Palestinians in Gaza after all. Representative Ellison’s reality of opening up Gaza would work well and could be in monitored for weapons by the Israelis.The U.N. should be invited to send a peace keeping force to 1) have Hamas and the Gaza Palestinians destroy the tunnels (they will no longer be needed). Power is terrible weapon when a citizenry is occupied. Freedom for the Palestinians in Gaza may even change beliefs.

  • Clark Bowman

    The numbers are pretty clear on this. Between 1947 and 2012, the US economy grew at an average real annual rate of 4.35 percent during Democratic administrations and just 2.54 percent during Republican ones.

    • Dawn Michel

      That growth may be the result of a Republican congress in session during the time of a Democratic president. Think of Bill Clinton’s two terms, during which the Republicans had control over the House and Senate.

  • Geoff Whyte

    The republicans are saying they’re not gonna impeach! with the hope of democrats staying home in the mid terms, so they can sneak into the Senate, & then guess what.. IMPEACH!

  • Bill Dodd


  • Bill Dodd


    • Dawn Michel

      I could care less about the color of a person’s skin. I DO care about voting records (or the lack of them) , and what a person does versus what he says. Voting FOR someone purely because they are white OR black is racist.

      • Angela Okey

        And if you were speaking about President Obama’s track-record, you would be espousing his Glory! People read for yourself. Maybe you can even try google?

  • Bill Dodd


  • Bill Dodd

    the republicans are going bring divided states of America down on its knee watchout before its to late

  • Bill Dodd

    you Americans are so messed up hate everybody that’s no white a racised country hate children hate the black predident we canadains have the best health care I pay nothing. my britsh Columbia socialist communist country pays for it so f off we canadains are not commies we just love are people and we take care off our own we canadains are afraid of coming to America we may get shot and get killed on vacation come to America and you may come home in a body bag no chance we do not kill black teenagers in canada we are peace loving. you all love your guns more than your children you say your christens were is the love oh yah if your white jesus loving gun toking racist America stay away from Canada your not welcome with your guns and your hatetred Canada is not like you we take care of our own. you hate children that’s the lowest of the lows. I used love America I hate what America has become . America is doomed its going to fail as a country of decline. it says god bless America you all sure neede it but god not going to save America its up to you all to save America or divided states of America is going to exploded so stay away from canada

    • Linda Wade

      As a sane, educated american…I cannot disagree with your assessment. America has a horribly violent history from its inception. We are a country in which 80 percent of our population suffers from some level of untreated trauma….hence the violence and rigid ideologies. Canada unlike America did not engage in the slaughter of 50 million native americans nor institute the brutal form of slavery we used here. Canadians dont live in a constant state of fear…we do at one level or another.

      But be advised…te puppet masters have deep pockets and an agenda..and they have turned their evil eye upon Canada. Miind the right wing that is growing in your country. They are coming for you too.

  • phill


    “Our country is spiraling down in every imaginable ways and our
    President is once again on the campaign trail and blaming everybody..”

    In what way is our country spiraling down?


  • phill


    ” Our country is spiraling down in every imaginable ways and our
    President is once again on the campaign trail and blaming everybody..”

    How is our country spiraling down? Please be specific.


  • Joe Grimaldi

    You must not be listening b/c it’s all proven facts-

  • stevchipmunk

    The nagging thing about Senator Warren is that… she sounds like she would be just as much of a war monger as Obama and Hillary. If that’s the case, then we don’t need her. I would rather have a problematic Rand Paul, who, clearly, is against spending #Trillions, going around the world, Shock and Aweing, Predator Droning, Collateral Damaging, invading and occupying. We’ve had more than enough of that.

    • Joe Grimaldi

      If sharing the truth is war mongering What the hell is John McCain and the rest of the Republican circus doing-

  • George Durdin

    Obama is still on the campaign trail even though he was re-elected in 2012… of the sorriest decisions the American people have ever made. Our country is spiraling down in every imaginable ways and our President is once again on the campaign trail and blaming everybody else but in inept policies that are bankrupting our country. November can’t come soon enough to put Republicans in to power in the Congress and negate the damage that Obama has done to our country. Hopefully the new Congress will show the courage to impeach him in his final two years.

    • Ifan

      keep on dreaming George

    • Albert

      Hi George,
      Help me understand how President Obama, House Speaker Beohner and Senator Mitch McConnel ruined the United States… because these three have accomplished the following:
      1. We are now gaining 200k JOBs a Month – and Not Losing 250k a month.
      2. The Dow, S&P and Nasdaq are going gang busters – Where were we in 2008?
      3. If you lose your medical insurance today, you can now get it with the ACA… even if you have current medical issues. In 2008, you were out of luck!!!
      4. We are almost out of Iraq and Afghanistan. (I like Rand Paul to keep us out of future wars. In 2008, Americans were dying and getting badly wounded everyday!!!
      Again… how have Obama, Beohner and McConnel ruined things?

      • George Durdin

        Where have you been for the last 51/2 years? You need to take your head out of the sand.
        1. Most of the 200K jobs you claim are part time, unskilled labor jobs; we have the highest number of under and unemployed and the lowest overall employment participation rate since Jimmy Carter because of Obamacare mandates and Obama’s financial policies that have killed job growth and our economic recovery.
        2.The Dow, S&P and Nasdaq are growing through the roof because of Obama’s Fed money policies that are devaluing the dollar in the international market place. An investors dollars today aren’t worth the paper they are written on. One Euro is currently selling for $1.38…….our dollar is worth 62 cents in the EU.
        3 The ACA has been a disaster since day one and isn’t going to survive the Supreme Court and is now crumbling under its own weight of taxes and over regulation. The VA is a fine example of what we can expect from the ACA IF it ever survives….big government and bureaucracy run incompetently and fraud. Those that currently have bought in to the ACA exchanges are going to have a rude awakening when Obamacare fails and they lose their coverage.
        4. Ten years of blood and treasury are being lost to the ISIS terrorists in Iraq because Obama failed to leave a military presence to keep the country stable and the country is falling back in to the hands of Iran. The entire middle east is exploding because of Obama’s failing foreign policies and Afganistan is going to go the same way because Obama has NO backbone. We’ve lost fewer than 8,000 troops combined in the over ten years of conflicts in Iraq and Afganistan compared to 58,000 lost in Viet Nam and many more casualties………the cost of freedom and our values are not FREE. Our country no longer has the backbone to stand up for freedom.
        5.This is not to mention Obama’s MANY scandals from Fast & Furious, Bengazi, The IRS, DOJ and Eric Holder, NSA, the VA hospitals and now the border crisis that Obama intentionally has encouraged and the list of lawlessness goes on. Obama and his administration is the MOST corrupt in American history.
        Al……..get your head out of the sand. Obama is destroying our country in unimaginable ways!

        • Albert

          How many American factories packed up and left for Asia… and how many of those millions, (yes 7+ million), of Americans with $20+ an hour work were forced to now work at Wal-Mart and Mickey Ds? Lets go after these same companies who moved their factories overseas… and who are now using Inversion to avoid paying US Taxes? Lets go after those companies who only hire part-time workers to avoid paying benefits and overtime. So many $20 an hour plus jobs have disappeared; many of them union jobs “Our” parents and grandparents worked in the 40s, 50s… 60s and 70s.
          I wish the President and Congress would sign the $40 – $80 Billion Infrastructure reBuilding program for our crumbling roads, highway and bridges. Where is President Eisenhower when we need him? So many American construction, iron, electrical… longshoremen, teamsters… are wanting to work NOW!!! We have always spent money on infrastructure.

          Finally, I hope you never lose your employer paid healthcare insurance… or your privately held insurance. George, it was tough when both my son or daughter, who were both sick when younger… were refused insurance. Now they have healthcare… and I don’t have to face bankruptcy.
          Thanks that the FCC is controlling the costs/prices of Internet Carriers so as to allow us to communicate and debate today and tomorrow.
          Have a good day George…

          • Angela Okey

            George, the Tea Party and many Republicans are living in a bubble. There is no hope for them to see past their own inbred racism, fear and shame to see the truth right in front of their faces. Fox News feeds them the rhetoric they continue to bravely repeat. The joke is on them!

  • Play Fair Kids

    Low information commenter again…(code for “ignorant”)
    When independent 3rd-party Fact Checkers find a multitude of LIES coming from the RepubliCAN’T side, you have to be careful who you are calling the lier. Listen to both sides and view the actual video footage they are referring to in their claim, and you will see that MSNBC is factual. It’s obvious that you are brainwashed by the crap Fox news feeds you, and that you aren’t even intelligent enough to seek the truth among the political spins out there. Enlighten youself by watching different networks to get a balanced perspective.

    • Banbury

      TOTALLY F’KN AGREE. It seams that if you are a Republican you listen and DO. But if you are a Democrat you question people in your own party to make sure they are right. If you’re not questioning anything you’re a tool.

    • Angela Okey

      Can I get an AMEN!

  • jaazee

    Yael Even Or is a traitor to her country, a country at war. You don’t make political statements from the safety of NYC as your people are hit with 1000’s of rockets.#inners

  • jaazee

    In the 1960’s, millions of minorities got to the polls and voted. They walked, drove, were driven by church buses, and probably horseback too, but they got there.Black leaders today don’t help their people, but demean them.
    Other than bringing millions of potential democrat voters, how do millions of illegals getting Amnesty help minority citizens get a job, get their kids a better education in crowded classes, or get medical care in already over-taxed system? How? Most Americans of every color are not dumb idiots.

    And some are waking up.

  • L.K.L. Stockotn CA

    Re Senator :Elizabeth Warren/ : “/MANY democrats turning from Obama to Warren” Obama is not running for 2016, Warren says she is not running…BUT( that great word of hope and change) SHE IS THE ONE Democrats MUST nominate, SHE WOULD WIN! SHE is the one who cares about the working class and the lower middle class…SHE is NOT one of the !%….SHE is not Wall Street’s darling nor has she
    ever referred to average Americans as “The Little People”


      We do not need another democrat as president have you not had enough of being screwed by them

  • FredLaMotte

    Why does the media keep carrying statements by John McCain? His dementia is embarrassing all Americans and his constant lobby for war should be ignored.

    • Jerome Taylor

      War with Russia, okay!! That should be interesting!!! I’m sure they’re looking forward to it!!

    • Just One Moment

      Democrats were rejected today in a Teachable Moment.

  • @minorcan

    Basketball has the Worst fans. wish they would take it off tv altogether or make it entirely pay per view.

  • http://Exploer Ella

    Ground Hog Day

    I do not understand how some people can tell their Congressmen not to pass Laws in Congress and then these same people are complaining because they do not have any Jobs, mine you these people votes for the Congress that they are refuring to over and over again and complain about how they can not feed their families because their jobs are going overseas.

    And not to mention that in communities peoples drinking water are catching on firer if you put a match to it, so all of you are saying know matter what happens in these communities hour Congressman will never communize and the same people who are doing all these things in all these communities for the sake of money and they are destroying communities all over the Country. You people who complain but keep sending the same republicans back to Washington to do the very things that you complain about really it’s like, the movie ground hog day

    Because as long as they can keep you Hating someone or something in order to keep you distracted so you will never see the truth and the truth is, when you vote for a Republican you are voting against jobs you are voting against higher wages and when you vote for Republicans you are voting against women rights.

    Now this is another thing that I do not understand completely and that is, why do a lot of the people worry about how other people live their lives and why do they think that all people should live and think as they do, I believe if that was the way that GOD wanted it to be it would have been so.

    Do we not know that is the reason why all the same people prefer to vote to tare us apart as a Country but will not vote for what will hold us together as a Country? I challenge people to vote for what is best for your families and not vote only on hate, now can all of you vote for what will help your communities or will you vote on just what you hate, this is the challenge

    Wake up people and look around you in community’s people can not drink the water, houses are being sallow up in the ground and hospitals are closing down, people has lost their homes and guest what here we go again, the republicans are distract their voters again by telling them to hate the people who do not have the means or the money to harm, hurt or bring hardship to anyone, ground hog day.

    The republicans wants you to look the other way yet again and vote against your own interest and what is really best for the Country as a hole and not just part of the country because just voting for a part will ultimate destroy the whole. I say just stop and see who is the people who sent the jobs overseas or the people who refuse to raise the minimum wage or the ones who are against women’s rights and it is not the fought of your Congressman it is your fort.

    Don’t call your Congressman to complain about what is going wrong in your life because of a bill congress pass or did not pass if you want to complain to the person who is at fought for the recession in this country all you have to do is walk over to a mirror and the person who is stirring back at you is the one you should be upset with and complaining to, you think that you are fighting against your enemies , you are fighting against yourselves and has been going on for a long time now but you refuse to see it or acknowledge that fact. So when you tell your congressman not to pass bills just remember you are hurting all of us not just some of us you can not hurt others without hurting yourselves.

    So when you want to complain, complain to the person who put you where you are today and that would be the one you see in the Mirror.

    When you put republicans in those seats they drain all communities not just some.

    • Banbury

      Excellent word, thank you!

    • Michael Trappe

      If only I could a dollar every time your post had the word ‘republican’ in it.

  • Michael Watterud

    Actually it is open to debate and interpretation by the Supreme Court. The reason the NRA does not want it to get to the Supreme Court is because even Scalia, one of the bulwarks of conservatism had said (on Fox News no less):

    “There are some limitations that can be imposed,” Scalia said. “What they are will depend on what the society understood were reasonable limitations at the time.”

    If even he is open to putting limitations on the 2nd Amendment, the gun industry is very afraid of what might come out.

    But, the fact remains, the Supreme Court's job is to interpret the constitution in OUR CURRENT TIME.

  • Mary

    Lets think about this for a min shall we…the right to bear arms was written when???? In no way did our founding fathers have any inkling that automatic weapons semi automatic weapons in their wildest imaginations would egoist… So before you go too far on the whole it's a constitutional law thing maybe you should read it first and make sure you thoroughly understand it… you may also want to take a look at what a well regimented militia is before you call yourselves one…

  • Charles C.

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation….

    of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance…

    do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do….

    I do believe the document these statements came from actually trump the Constitution and authorize the paranoid among us to be able to be prepared to organize an armed resistance to unfair government.

  • CommonSense

    The 16-year-old boy charged Wednesday [April 9, 2014) after he allegedly stabbed 21 students during a five-minute rampage at a high school near Pittsburgh had a "blank look" on his face during the attack, a witness said.

    No deaths have yet been reported but several students are listed in critical condition.

    Hmmm! It seems the second amendment gun lovers don't mention the latest high school incident. What would have happened if this guy had guns?

    I expect that the right wing-nut, gun loving. NRA organization crazies are unhappy that he only used knives instead of their wonderful semi-automatic handguns and/or assault rifle like an AR-15 with large capacity 30-60 round banana clips. He then could have probably killed many many students in his 5 minute killing spree.

    They say the more guns … the better. We can kill easier from a distance. Plus, it's harder for the students to outrun a bullet.

    • Nicole90006

      "No deaths have yet been reported but several students are listed in critical condition" Key sentence, if a gun was involved, there'd be certain fatalities. One can't control every person, but we should make it easy for people to have the power to end someone's life with just a pull of a trigger. Knives require close proximity (unless the person is a professional knife thrower, Sick most people are not) & a certain amount of fearlessness ness in order to get directly up on someone & push a weapon in the body. Bullets kill from afar, & very quickly, & allows cowards to be able to kill without thinking. There's the difference. We don't want to make it easy for people to kill. Simple.

  • http://Exploer Ella

    The Calling

    The republicans who are refusing to expand Medicaid to the citizens of there states are being mean spirited people ; and if any citizen of these republicans states should die because of lack of access to medical care or access to medication that they can not afford are on the hands of the republicans and the people who are with them.

    This is a same a same what the republicans are doing to their on citizens this goes ay beyond politics this is a matter of life and death.

    People all over this country should ask themselves is this the kind of country that they won’t to live in.

    And someone should ask all those millions of people who won’t the republicans to repeal the affordable health care act, ask them what GOD do they pray too because they most realize that if the citizens in those republicans states die from not having access to health care is also on the hands of all those millions of people who are calling their republican representative and telling them not to expand Medicaid.

    Death is also on your hands as well as your representatives.

    So how many of hour citizens have die.

    When we are at the mercy seat of GOD and He, ask you why did you not act on behalf of the people who needed medical access to a doctor or needed medication or why did you, fight against the people who needed medical help. Tell me what reason or excuse do you think that GOD would believe.

    I won’t to thank all the people in Atlanta who are fighting for the expansion of Medicaid.

    And I thank for fighting for Medicaid expansion.

    Starting now let all of the millions of people all over these United States fight with one voice for all Governors to expand Medicaid in their states.

    GOD is for People in need and we all are for GOD aren’t we so lets get this done now.

    Ella L.

    • Nicole90006

      Those Republican's who would deny people medication & health care don't care sweetly, because they've already expressed that anyone who can't afford to pay for their own shouldn't live. There just are some people in the world who line in fear of scarcity & until they get over their fears we'll have to be tolerant &


        Why don’t you tell the truth and put the blame on obama he is the one that has messed up the health care in this country with his obama care people are dieing because they are paying for his healthcare and come to find out they are not covered ,So why do you not tell the truth are you just like this lying president we have a compulsive thief and liar

        • Don’t be a RepubliCAN’T

          Low information commenter. Disregard his unqualified opinion.

          • Geoff Whyte

            Nice (user name) you could have gone further.. I thought I saw something else at first >_<

          • Sandra

            Yes, Be a Dim “O” crat! :) jk! Be an american and lets get past this..

        • Joe Grimaldi

          B/C the truth is Republicans are trying to destroy our Federal Govt so they can allow Greed to control the American ppl-

        • Tommy Beard

          He doesn’t have healthcare for people to buy. The ACA (Affordable Care Act) is a set of laws that stops insurance companies from dropping you when you get sick, charging women more than men, refusing to insure people including children with pre-existing conditions and funneling more money to shareholders rather than provide healthcare among other improvements. You still buy insurance from a regular company as always, but if you are low income you can get tax credits to help pay for it. Republicans love tax credits, but notice the conservative media never calls this that.

          Do you have children Robert? If so, kick them off your insurance the day they turn 18 and don’t let them benefit from the ACA while in college lest you be a hypocrite.

          You should really stop getting your news and information from the handful of billionaires that have assimilated all of the corporate media.

        • Geoff Whyte

          & liar!!

        • Richard Black

          Your rant proves that ignorance is bliss.Blah blah blah !!!

        • Mark Doyle

          Quick piece of advice – do us all a favor and learn how to spell before you start spewing forth all of your misinformed and factually untrue opinions. Oh, and you might try sticking to the subject, as well. Newsflash: your caustic, ignorant positions about Obamacare are “dying” out in this country – or haven’t you heard?

        • salty

          if u r not covered and cannot afford it, look to ur governor and state legislature. they have been given the money from tax payers.

        • salty

          look to ur gov or state legislature. they hav the money from us tax payers. its up to them to use it

        • Linda Jay

          dumb fool you are the liar with your hating –s. The only thief we have are the republican party which you are a part of so sthu.

        • ray

          Robert you’re an idiot

        • Sallysuelee

          Huh? not a thing makes sense

        • AdmiralJ

          Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Your beliefs are pure bulls hit.

        • Jon Krauser

          you are such the hack. I’ts a pity you can’t see just how ignorant you are.

        • URanIDIOT!

          Actually, the ACA (or Obamacare) was actually created by the Heritage Foundation for Romney to implement in Mass. So the Affordable Care Act is a REPUBLICAN idea, but the DEMS will take the credit if you want! IDIOT!!!

        • skynet error

          blaa blaa blaa… now go play with your own poop….

        • Peter Godbold

          How old were you when you first realized that you weren’t as smart as the other kids?

        • Stanley Bury

          He is none of that … it is impressive when you see a republican metaphorically crap on the poor and then blame Obama… why? no reason … you know except he is black … and how dare he be the first black president and not be a republican!… better make sure he is a failure…. that is the republican line… you guys spend more per capita in taxes than any other country in the world including all 36 nations that have better overall healthcare than you guys do…

        • TY

          I AGREE

          • RB Radio Network™

            Racists who simply hate Obama cause he’s Black want to “put the blame” on him for 95% of working families covered and over a Trillion dollars saved. You will never tarnish the greatest President in U.S. History and you have only yourselves to blame for not evolving since 1950.



          • Histree69

            I agree these racist have destroyed this country. They want to blame everyone for the downfall of our economy when all the things that I used to buy “Made in America” was produced by lazy no goods like them who work for companies that my father couldn’t get a job as a janitor. They want everything but the blame.

          • donaldb48

            Strange stats — kinda like outliers Haven’t seen those before in the research. What are your sources?

          • RB RADIO NETWORK™

            Racists kill me they don’t have the FACTS but demand to know where we get outs. The OMB scored the ACA and has confirmed the numbers 95% working families covered over $1 Trillion saved from debt. Gee wonder why Fox News didn’t report that? Too busy lying about Benghazi .


          • anthonyl

            Ha!! Keep up the good work RB – you’re spanking these morons!

          • ELI POSEY


          • lottapolitics

            Eli, you are still using all CAPS. Makes you seem angry and not too well informed. There have been a number of changes in party membership (we are talking about the south, yes?) since Nixon’s Southern Strategy moved the racist Democrats into the current Republican party. Check it out!

          • jesse

            thanks for helping Eli get up to speed.

          • Starr Lee


          • jesse

            you have put it all in a nut shell.

        • johnblack45john

          Why don’t you go over to Fox News where you belong.

        • Bikworm

          Or you brainwashed or just old fashion stupid ?

        • Rick

          My ObamaCare has lowered my prescription cost by $50 per month…one person i know got his rehab covered and is now a productive citizen with a good job paying taxes into the system! So tell me how bad that is? You only have taking points form fox Robert.. Give us personal experiences with names?

        • Ben Williams

          Stunning moron!

        • Bradley Forward

          What rock do you live under?

        • johnblack45john

          What is truthful about it? The only LIAR here is YOU! Go back to Baggerville where you belong.

          • Randy Rogers

            Sheeple need to do there homework. Or resort to kid name calling. When the name calling starts tells everyone what you are working with. This suppose to be a debate kid. not 3rd grade. Yes They both have warrants….

        • drdem

          The truth IS that More and More RATpubliKKKan Gov. are signing their stsates up for ACA ! Lots and lots of FOX´s core group older RATpubliKKKans are signing up for it and LOVING IT ! That´s the TRUTH ! If they´re not covered they messed up signing up for it ! I hear the LIES all the time , they´ve even documented LIARS that made commercials for the GOP (Grand Old Problem) about how they were happy with their insurance and their insurance companies cancel it because it wasn´t worth the paper it was written on ! They get ACA and they´re better
          off ! Tell the truth and quit spreading B.S. right -wing LIES ! You have to be a REAL GOOFBALL to make under a million Dollars
          a year and still vote RATpubliKKKan !

          • Jason Parsons

            I lost my coverage and if I want to get more it will cost me $480 a month with a $3800 deductible per year. I only make $23000 a year. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m convinced Gruber was telling the truth. They scammed it through because they knew it wouldn’t pass unless rolled in lies. Maybe you are one of the one’s I’ve never seen proof of that likes or has been helped by the A.C.A. but I’ll have to see this one to believe it because I’m living it.

        • cpatricia

          rethugs don’t recognize truths or did you forget that?

        • Steve_B

          the fact that you choose to ignore actual facts is very telling, recent studies tell us that gop policies in the house have cut Americas medical preparedness by over 50% in recent years.

          people like you are always telling us ,no government, smaller government, stop funding things.

          guess what you got your wish, the gop drastically cut funding for medical preparedness. you guys put us where we are today in regards to ebola

          • OldSoldier

            Steve B is wrong on som many ways. Actually, the house funded the NHS and the CDC at a rate greater than the President asked for in the last two budgets. Cutting funding for NHS and the CDC is liberal propoganda.

          • Jason Parsons

            If the government would have done its job and stayed out of the free market private sector medical realm in the first place we wouldn’t have ANY of these problems. No Ebola problem and no stealing money through forcing healthy people to buy insurance they don’t want or need so you can give it to illegal aliens and dead beats. And I would have been able to keep my doctor, the one that I lost because I lost my health insurance and can’t afford it now without becoming a dead beat piece of crap with my hand out for subsidies (a.k.a. other peoples hard earned money that only they deserve [because they EARNED IT]) like the rest of the mooching class.

        • Banbury

          Nobody it dying bec of ObamaCare. That sounds like a repub. talking point- Wait….please tell me one person that died from ObamaCare?

          • Randy Rogers

            No one As we know of has died of obamacare. But…Others have. Obama has warrants for war crimes. So does Bush…Woops…The truth came out. That isnt a talking point. Thats a political atheist fact.


            obama needs to be in gitmos for 50 years

          • concon

            u r a white man and I am a white woman, but u hate black I don’t.

          • phill

            Translation: He’s black.

          • AdmiralJ

            They can’t because no one has died from Obamacare.

        • trueblues

          It was the incompetence of the hospital that caused the spread of ebola. Duncan was at home vomiting and having diarrheas and yet none of the people who were around him and who had no protective clothings contracted the ebola. The ambulance men who picked up Mr Duncan also have not come down with ebola, the only conclusion you can come to is that the Texas hospital is one of the most incompetent healthcare system in America.

          • AJ

            Yes, I completely agreed your analsis on this.

          • Jason Parsons

            It was the incompetence of this administration and the C.D.C. for even letting him in the country until he was clean. If we quit pandering to the Mexican criminals for democrat/liberal votes that cross our borders illegally and close them except to the existing immigration system we wouldn’t have to worry about it.

        • qaz

          What a complete idiot. Try to spell simple words and write coherently.

          People “come to find out they are not covered” ?? Bullshit. That occurred BEFORE Obamacare, and is less likely now, moron.

          • Agamemnon7

            Oh what a nice little smug shirt lifter you are. Pickle puffing warm seat sniffer with the IQ of a sack of hammers. Eyes still bugged out? Slow down on the fisting you feckless fool. And yes mommy didn’t love you. Piss off and stick to the facts smug little kent


            qaz you to are among the ones with Obama Derangement Syndrome

          • Jason Parsons

            Check your facts. It’s easy, just do a search. Millions LOST their coverage so a bunch of dead beats and illegal aliens could have coverage on the backs of our children (and lets not forget so lesbians in their 50’s can be forced to buy coverage for birth control). We are guaranteed equal OPPORTUNITY in this country, NOT EQUAL RESULTS!!! If someone couldn’t get insurance how or why should that be my problem? I lost mine and I’m not getting any more, and I’m not crying about it acting like society owes me something either. I’ve never been a sellout or one to take something that I neither earned nor deserve so I’ll just go without and die with a clean, theft free, conscience. If I can’t afford it I don’t need it. If more people lived by that we wouldn’t have 90% of the economic problems we have in this country.

        • TXblitz

          You are crazy!

          • Juliana letren

            Who is a nut speaking????

        • Felix Sky

          Seek mental help and get edumacated and stop having sex with family members

          • eli posey

            I think your picture shows who needs mental help and stop
            having sex with family members or animals or blow dolls of
            Obama and Chrissy Matthews!

        • You’re Welcome

          You cannot cure stupid.
          I can help the ignorant – ACA is the same law ROMNEY passed. Liberals want single payer.

        • AdmiralJ

          LYING? Lets see who is lying. Please provide the proof that Americans are dying as a result of “Obamacare”, ACA, or what ever you want to call the health care law.

          You can’t, because those statistic’s do not exist.
          No one has died because of any changes to the health care laws.
          It just a talking point to “rally” the conservative base.

        • UpHereAlone

          I bet you thought Bush was a truth-teller didn’t you?

        • storkdance

          Robert Robert Robert,you really should stop believing the tv talking heads because they lack legitimacy especially Fox Entertainment…They profit from the stupidity and complacency of people who are just too willing to let Bill O’Reilly do the thinking for them. He makes millions misrepresenting everything and anything.

          • Randy Rogers

            Stork Stork Stork. MSNBC is listed as entrainment as well as fox. Fact check. Why will this state supported enertainment will not report Bush has Warrants? Because Obama has warrants for war crimes to.

          • storkdance

            Fox takes it to a whole other level,but I agree with you : No President can not be a War Criminal after the actions and rules changed and applied post September of 2001. Wait,they ( future Presidents and Legislatures ) will probably not be so anxious to “look forward” when it comes to Obama judging from how helpful the gOP has proven themselves to be,so Obama could be the first one handed over to the Hague,but first : Impeach. The gOP is still trying to even the score for Nixon…


            Randy i believe your I-Q is like mine where storkdances is only about 48

          • M0B33R

            O’Reilly and all like him need to STFU or expect to take a bullet someday from a frustrated Patriot for all the lies and hate they spread just so they can fill their bank accounts with the blood money they earn.


            Well storkdance i do think i am doing ok you see i am smarter then you ,you more then likely only have about a 48 I-Q Where mine is about 165

          • HOREHEY


          • Sick of it all

            Al Sharpo is just a Saint I guess!! Fox is not any worse than MSNBC! They both got agendas and the sheeple are letting them think for them!!!!! I do know I was lined up for knee surgery and when Obamacare kicked in it all changed because the Dr.’s have to follow it’s guidelines… Now I cant work and probably won’t anymore… So should I go onto the govt. services and drain more out of the system? When I could of been still working!!! NOT HAPPY WITH OBUMA!!

          • Joyouslee Love

            Where was this creep last night. Wanterd all this to happen so he would be able to condemn today. Pay your taxes Sharpo…. You caused this problem with your inciting.

          • Jason Parsons

            One example of ANYTHING he has misrepresented please?

        • Dave Calnan

          Robert. As a doctor, I can say, I ‘m sure you suffer from Obama Derangement Syndrome. There is hope for you but not much. This syndrome is caused by not thinking for yourself, but listening to others and not using, what we doctors call a brain, to reason out what are known as FACTS. I have no doubt that you earn a little more then minimum wage for the simple Fact that you are so misinformed. Anyone that demonstrates such stupidity,would be of little if any value to any successful business. Your lack of what most consider to be common sense and the ability to reason fact from fiction is truly troubling. I would suggest that you seek help for this affliction. You will live a much happier life if you do . No Charge for the diagnosis.


            Well Dave Calnan as a doctor with obamacare the premiums you pay and the deductibles you have i believe that you need a Brain transplant ,Now with my insurance and a doctor that does not honor obamacare i only pay a five dollar copay and am only out two thousand deductibles a year and my meds. only cost me 1.50 a prescription on my drugs,,,Yea i believe it is you that is in dire need of a brain transplant and as for as what i get paid well doc, my self are more then likely not far behind you each year and i can sleep at night because i do not lose sleep knowing i am charging people more then i are worth so you can stick obamacare in your back pocket and know that there is at least one person out there that is smarter then you are you see i save thousands by not having your obamacare can you say the same about your self,Oh and by the way we will see if you still feel the same this next year after our republican senate gets though with your obamacare,, You see the fact is you are the one with Obama Derangement Syndrome,,Have a very Beautiful day and may God Bless you

          • George Durdin

            Apparently one of the 15% that have been put on Medicaid and the government dole…… should be proud that others have to take care of you. You obviously don’t have any intelligence and skills to anyone and one of the many that expect a Minimum wage to survive on. Look i the mirror……you are your own worst enemy.

        • Sunburysam

          You are racist and dumb. It’s a pity the likes of you can’t think for yourselves. The GOP racist Bullies can’t accept a Brilliant Black President who wants an equal playing field for everyone. The Bullies want to control the world while keeping worst practices here.. You all GOP yardfowls are racists and dumb see the polls which reveal in summary you want a better way of life but voted for the Racist Bullies. How much more mind boggling is that. ?

          • George Durdin

            Brilliant black dictator is more like it……and he has slaves like you to thank. He sure has you fooled….which didn’t take much effort. Get off of the dole and start thinking and doing for yourself.

          • Sunburysam

            I am sorry for a poor soul like you. You had more Dictators and Bullies in the Last GOP Administration . A bunch of strangers to truth.that has the Country in this hateful and polarized situation The skin heads like you are the ones on dole working for medieval wages . You all are so dumb that you want better wages but voted for the Bullies who don’t want to give you a decent wage. Come to New York and get some sense because you have mauby pockets but want to show off whiskey ones which you can’t afford..

          • George Durdin

            Get off of your lazy ass and make something of yourself rather than relying on others for a hand out. NO one should be happy with a minimum wage job, meant to give a high school kid job experience and not meant for an unmotivated adult to raise a family on. You are a a slave to your own dictator…..yourself. Perhaps you should get out of New York city. Your saviour, Obama has run our country in to the ground with his socialist mantra

          • Sunburysam

            Hahaha. The more you write, the dumber you appear. There’s an old adage, which you never heard of. It is the more the monkey climbs the more it shows its ass. It’s a pity the likes of you have America so divisive and polarized. Stop and think for yourself. If you can’t, keep a watchful eye, a listening ear and a silent tongue. That’ll be a good way to start comprehension and analysis. Merry Xmas because the Economy under the first Black Man is thriving. Check the Stock Market, Unemployment Rate, Unemployment Claims. These are things you should look at for the last 8 years while the Country try to control the Terrorists from attacking our soil again. Remember the WTC should never have happened if your Greedy, Warmongering Bullies had adhered to the info given by the outgoing President plus other International Allies and Haters. Your Bullies, who like the gun as a Saviour caused the Global recession and the escalation of the Hatemongers of this great land.. Check your info carefully before vomiting your filth because of racism.

          • Jason Parsons

            I don’t want better wages, I want a better economy. If we force companies to pay more for labor they will hire less and charge more for their products and services. That negates what a mandatory raise would give you.

            The reason everyone thinks they need more money is because it buys less than it used to and the libtard government programs, excessive corporate taxes, and a constant rain of regulations on business are the reason it is like this.

            It’s called inflation and what you preach just makes it worse.

          • Angry LA Artist

            I agree! Obama is the most intelligent well spoken president in my life time and that’s what scares those blatantly stupid southern white boys! And just for the record, I’m a white boy too!

          • George Durdin

            Stupid white boy…….you really show your ignorance with the reasoning. Obama will go down as the most divisive and anti American President in history. He has no love for our country and is doing his best to dismantle it. Hopefully he will at least be neutralized over the next two years and will be shown for the socialist pig that he is. I can think of cartoon characters more intelligent than Obama……do you remember Bullwinkle?

          • dbc105

            George, he has done nothing to dismantle the Country. Have you forgotten that Terrorist attacked the last Republican President, the economy crashed under the last Republican President with the DOW down to 6000, job lose was 700,000 a month under the last Republican President, 2 wars started under the last Republican President, gasoline at record high in 2008 at $4.10 national average under the last Republican President. If you can’t see that all these things are better something is bad wrong with you or either you want the
            Country to crash along with the Fox News idiots that want Putin in charge. Also, if you knew anything about Socialism you would know that the ACA is a market place for Insurance Companies and 26 mre companies have applied and been approved to be added to the exchanges across the Country. The hospital industry has saved 4.5 billion dollars this past year. All the Health Insurance companies that participate in the ACA have had a 30-40% stock price increase over the last year. All this info is found in Forbes and Stephen Forbes is no Democrat but they do report facts. Keeping minimum wage low so that people have to get Gov. assistance to survive is the Republicans forcing Socialism by keeping the employees under a livable wage so the rest of us are making up the difference in what it takes for them to get by. Stop Socialism, put the cost of their living where it belongs, on their pay check. I remember Bullwinkle and his real name was George W Bush.

          • Sunburysam

            Who is dividing the America more than you Racist, Bad minded, Bullies in the GOP. Only the rich is catered to by a GOP administration. Go check yourself illiterate GOP supporter

          • Stewbert

            George, the only things that Obama did that was divisive is being born black and becoming President because that is what caused all of you racist pigs to come out of your sty because you could not stomach the idea of a black President. The records are there to show that ever since the abolition of slavery, whenever blacks have been able to make progress in this country, they have been burnt out and forced to flee leaving their homes that they built up and the land that they owned. The race riots of Rosewood in Florida, Atlanta, Chicago, Tulsa and even New York are just some of the examples of jealous whites who could not bring themselves to accept the progress being made by blacks. So now comes the biggest sign of all of the progress being made by blacks and out of the woodwork comes the racists as usual. So if you want to call Obama divisive, then go ahead but he could not prevent himself from being born black and it is not his fault that he was so impressive that he was elected twice as President of the United States.

        • Angry LA Artist

          That is pure FOX NOISE CRAP and I challenge you to come up with any facts backing your right wing verbal vomit bullshit! YOU BRAIN DEAD MORON!

          • Joyouslee Love

            I am a Registered Nurse. When patients come to the ER, we ask for the insurance company to verify they are insured. Sixty five percent of patients receiving care is not insured. So you do not know what your talking about. Get your facts strait.

          • George Durdin

            Where have you been over the past six years? Facts are facts and not Fox noise, which is the only news source that will give the public both sides of the story and not just what our presidents wants us to know. The lies and facts are coming out everyday regarding the ACA and the crap forced upon the American people. Obama is the most corrupt president to ever hold office and has been supported by BRAIN DEAD MORONS.

        • Joyouslee Love


        • dbc105

          The hospital industry saved 4.5 billion this past year, health insurance stocks are up 30-40% over the past year. 26 health insurance companies have applied and been approved to be added to the exchanges. The Health Care industry will not let the law be repealed. Something else that you are not told about the ratings from the public, over half of the people that don’t like the law don’t like it because it doesn’t go far enough. Fox only gives you the overall number, they fell to tell you which side the people are on. Why you would watch a channel owned by foreigners with pundits that think Putin needs to come run the USA is beyond me.

          • Jason Parsons

            Cite your sources because you sound like a lop sided statistic taking things out of context.

            Explain the effect the economy had on all of these savings and profits. Are you sure what you are seeing isn’t actually the value of our dollar plummeting (partly because of the A.C.A,)? This would explain the seemingly good financial tidings, just like the stock market. Everyone is happy that the stock prices are up. They shouldn’t be. That only means it cost more of our dollars to buy the same thing less dollars would have bought before (inflation), not that the stocks are magically worth more today than they were yesterday. This includes health care stocks.

            And more insurance companies is easily explained; If Americans are forced to buy insurance it becomes lucrative to offer insurance for sale. If Obama made us start buying… well anything, you would see more companies start to offer the very thing it is mandated that we buy. Did you not learn about supply and demand marketing in school?

            Without evidence I will assume you are misled by the numbers that one side wants you to see (just like your accusation about those watching FoxNews). I think what you are seeing is a poor economy, not a recovery in the medical system. People like to pick out the numbers that make them look good and disregard the rest.

            You can pick apart the numbers any way you want to show whatever you need to but I think you are one of the only one’s buying your BS. NOBODY except people it helped (Even though it had to hurt everyone else to do it.), which was a very small percentage of the U.S. population (7 or so million out of over 300 million are all that signed up!), likes it. Its mandates are the only thing keeping it alive. Well, that and gullible people like you.

        • Dallas Cajun

          You, sir, need to get your facts straight. No one is dying because of “his” healthcare. And it’s not HIS healthcare…it’s called the Affordable Healthcare Act, and with it’s implementation, many “junk” healthcare policies were forced to be withdrawn from purchase. Look, you just make yourself look stupid. I hope you don’t get to vote, because people with your mindset, and inaccurate information are a burden to those of us who do our due diligence before posting inane blurbs.

          • Jason Parsons

            “… and with it’s implementation, many “junk” healthcare policies were forced to be withdrawn from purchase.”

            We were told… NO, we were GUARANTEED we could keep it if we wanted. Maybe we didn’t think they were “junk”. We should be allowed to determine what we want for ourselves. Most people like the right to choose their own stuff and get upset when someone starts infringing upon our rights, even when whomever think they are doing it for the right reasons (Even though nobody is buying that “for the right reason” crap since Gruber videos were exposed.). You would get pissed if I came and took your car because it didn’t meet my standards. Even more so if I were to promise you could keep it. Then to find out I sold it so I could buy everyone else a bicycle… You get the point.

            Do you not have any desire for free will?

          • Dallas Cajun

            I “get the point”. Apparently, you don’t. Your comparisons when trying to defend your opinions, are inaccurate. If you want to go find private insurance, do it. If you find something more cost-effective and has more coverage, both at the same time, then by all means, do it. If you were happy with a ‘junk policy” offered by your insurance company, and were happy with it, perhaps someone making a decision for you wasn’t such a bad idea, after all.

          • Jason Parsons

            In short I used to be sort of rowdy and went to the doctor a lot. I never had any problems with that “junk policy”. None at all and it was used like a cheap hooker. I paid a lot but I got what I paid for. Now I don’t have crap and the dumb shit I did when I was young is catching up with me. I could sell out and steal from people like me to get insured again but that would be wrong. They worked for their stuff, I didn’t. Just like I worked for my stuff, you didn’t.

            You people just wanted to insure bad investments cause you felt sorry for them. So you bitched and whined and complained until the cards fell down just right and you finally snuck what you wanted past everyone. Insurance companies are a business for making money, not giving handouts to lazy asses or cover people that they will never get their money back from. So now you look at these numbers but not those and listen to these lies but not the other… As long as it reads the way you want it to you don’t give a F!@# about right or wrong.

            I lost everything medical. And I worked for what I had. I had what I wanted and was happy. Now I don’t so that people who didn’t earn it could have it like I DID. Those are the REAL facts!!! So go ahead and spew some more crap. It won’t changed how I and 11,000,000 other people got screwed so 7,000,000 could have something of ours they didn’t earn.

          • sharpss

            Right on. The post you replied to is evidently 4 months old, so the idiot probably will not see the replies. Having said this, it seems to me that the real solution to health care is the single payer approach or at least the public option. Unfortunately, the populace is so ignorant and stupid that this cannot happen. We live in an ocean of aholes.

          • Dallas Cajun



            You are so right there are an ocean aholes out there and they all think this obamacare is the best thing ,the only thing is they are under obamas thumb and that makes them as ignorant as obama is ,obama and his obamacare is the worst thing that has ever happened to America just another way for obama to destroy America and he is doing an real good job ,just like is treaty with the un so they can take our guns away from the people ,the best thing that could happen to this country is for obama to fall and break his neck

          • SRVES339

            @ sharpss

            Right you are (sir or madame), but the real issue is the corporate takeover of America (and much of the western world for that matter)!

            The takeover is the reason non critical thinking Americans (hey Robert) are so vehemently against anything that isn’t 100% Laissez-faire capitalism. The corporate elite and their minions in Journalism, TV, and Film, have spent billions “conditioning” the public to reject even the thought of any financial transaction that interupts the corporation’s income stream (SOCIALISM, be very afraid), labelling whatever it may be as woefully inefficient.

            Which of course is a lie, and in our example we have those that will seemingly “fight to the death” to defend the profits of a corporate healthcare monopoly (Wall Street)providing an inferior product for twice the cost as the typical single pay system… and bankrupting most who have the misfortune of having a loved one suffer catastrophic illness.
            In our country, not a single family will suffer bankruptcy because of illness this year… and, as insane as it seems, Mr Robert would surely defend a US model with > 500,000 bankruptcies a year as collateral damage.

        • PhilHarford

          RobertBlanscet – The only reason I have healthcare is because of ObamaCare as I am self-employed. Health care is less expensive and better because of Obamacare so stop accusing others of lying when your attacks are based on lies.

        • john Oluoch

          racially biased?


            It take a very big ass hole to believe this is racially based i would not care if he was pink when something sucks it sucks i do not care what color they are ,when you come up against me you will not win i have learned just how to come back at everybody when i think they are wrong in my 71 years and i have a lot of ass holes comeing back at me right now because they are in love with obama next thing you will be in his bed

          • Angry LA Artist

            I wouldn’t be bragging about your age, old man, considering your blatant ignorance and how little you seemed to have learned in your lifetime. How republican can you get?

        • Shlomo von Glickstein

          The ACA saved MY company $95,000 this past year — or enough to hire two additional staff… The only liar here is YOU, honey… well, or perhaps you’re just dumb… typical of right wing bigots…

        • Angry LA Artist

          ANOTHER FOX NEWS MORON REPEATING NONE SEQUITUR BS! Nobody is dying from ACA, you gullible idiot! In fact, 12 million more people now have insurance! Try watching actual new stations and looking up the facts for yourself you lazy, uninformed douche bag! Fox noise is nothing more then a right wing propaganda channel for brain dead republican morons like you!

        • Xine13

          I have Obamacare and it’s the BEST insurance I’ve ever had in my life and I can afford it! CLEARLY, Robert, you can’t spell or even put a coherent sentence together…so whatever crap you spew means nothing…You have no idea what you’re talking about.

        • Johnny Deathrasher

          I don’t watch news. Obamamama is killing us. He is the worse nazi in history. Check that Nazi spell checkers. Are you a teacher? Now go help the thugs like the left does best. They create jobs for you that way.

        • frogtwanger

          Lord Bob, please do just a little fact checking. You are spreading lies and should be ashamed.

    • Nicole90006

      Those Republican's who would deny people medication & health care don't care sweetly, because they've already expressed that anyone who can't afford to pay for their own shouldn't live. There just are some people in the world who line in fear of scarcity & until they get over their fears we'll have to be tolerant & continue to fight for a human beyond basic right to survive, while remembering that we're social animals that need each other to live & survive. Without the love & assistance of one another non of us would be alive today. "No man is an island"

  • Turthhurts

    You can debate the meaning of the second amendment all day long. You can argue whether the words mean the same today as they did when written, you can argue whether the authors could have ever envisioned a world with such advanced weapons. But while your arguing about meaningless things like whether or not you have the right to kill each other, the government is passing laws that make it legal for them to strip you of those rights. Thanks to The National Defense Authorization Act, and the Authorization for Use of Military Force, you have no rights. You do not have the right to bear arms. You do not have the right to free speech. You have the right to act in a way that your government deems appropriate, for if you do not; your government has the right to authorize the indefinite military detention of persons the government suspects of involvement in terrorism, including U.S. citizens arrested on American soil and even Armed Forces. So continue to ignore the real issues and argue whether the grammar of a text written hundreds of years ago pertains to your life today, because while your pointing your guns to the sky your government is writing a new Constitution that is taking out the bullets.

  • Leslie

    jo stone, you seem rude and obnoxious and rather stupid. A very good reason for you not to have a gun.

  • Greg Pavell

    Nuff – said Paul C… your date of statement, May 4th rings true to the "…well regulated militia…" who fired on Kent State and Jackson State students voicing opposition to federal gov't. unjust, scapegoating wars

    which [we the people] never seem to absolve being tricked into.

  • Smiley

    I have yet to see anybody post the framer's real reason for the 2nd amendment before it was romanticized and twisted by the historical rewrite. The reason the 2nd Amendment was ratified was to preserve the slave patrol militias in the southern states, which was necessary to get Virginia's vote. Founders Patrick Henry, George Mason, and James Madison were clear about that. Again, it refers to militias being armed to preserve slavery. If not part of a militia, what are you protecting yourself from? Oh yes…the boogyman! That Socialist – Muslim – illegitimate President. Someone should shut down FOX news for dumbing down the American populace. The crap they pass off as fact is truly astounding.

  • Robert M. Campbell

    I don't leave comments often, I just read and laugh, sometimes in amazement, couple of things about we the people… all Presidents when they take the oath of office must say one main thing, that they swear to protect this country from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, my point is this, there has been a movement in this country for a while led by the rich, people like the koke Brothers for instance and others like Fox news, and right wing nut cases like Ted Cruz etc, you get my point, these are the deranged and twisted treasonous of this country that the President is trying to protect us from… it's folks like them, believe it or not, that plunged this country back in the day into CIVIL WAR! the only hope VOTE their asses out of office, the power of the vote baby, we the people of the UNITED STATES, wake up AMERICA…!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bo Zaborniak

    The Republicans aren't against Obama Care They are against OBAMA When he retires from his term For the rest of time it will still be called Obama Care. That's what the reps are against

  • Jimmy Doors

    Some people, it seems, always prize guns over people. These people are the sort that walk up behind a congresswoman and shoot her in the back. To them I say, "I'll respect your right to carry a gun when you carry only a musket like the Founders envisioned. Until then, you're a menace to society."

  • Chantale

    a well-regulated and disciplined militia, sufficiently armed and accoutered, and shall provide and constantly have ready for use, in public stores, a due number of filed pieces and tents, and a proper quantity of arms, ammunition and camp equipage.”

    This quote (Melehi) suggests that the arms be held, not in homes, but in a public storge (armory)… You cut yourself cruelly!

    An amendment is by definition a act of re-shaping a prior constitutional idea or intent, and why an amendment would be treated as cast in stone is beyond me. People like to cling on to written words. A wise well-considered thought is a trump to any past out of context anachronistic idea. It's why we have a current legislature in the first place – to make our laws current and relevant to the present day.

  • FoundingFather

    Actually, Dumb-ie, you might want to bother actually reading the amendment:

    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    As an actual historian, I like primary sources. What the amendment means is pretty clear. The early United States had a very small army. The security of the state (i.e., federal government) depended on the ability of the population to support it with force, if necessary. It was not intended as a safeguard AGAINST the government, but rather FOR it, in the context of a WELL-REGULATED MILITIA.

  • Richard Lokie

    Redneck right-wing bulletheads are protecting the right of an escaped mass murdering psychopath to have the constitutional right to arm himself without limitation, including military weapons. The two sentence second amendment, written in the days of muskets, provides no limitations on who owns weapons, the type, or the amount of weapons they own.

  • melehi

    Mark Blackwell, of course Karl Andersen is correct. A militia was an army of ordinary citizens rather than professional soldiers. "Regulation" of the militia meant ensuring these men were prepared and ready when needed. To understand what the founders thought a “well regulated Militia” would look like, you would need to study the historical documents they wrote at the time. For example, in paragraph 4, article 6 of the Articles of Confederation, is written, "but every State shall always keep up a well-regulated and disciplined militia, sufficiently armed and accoutered, and shall provide and constantly have ready for use, in public stores, a due number of filed pieces and tents, and a proper quantity of arms, ammunition and camp equipage." In other words, exactly as Karl Andersen wrote, "practiced, prepared, ready to act.

    Ready to assemble, equipped, trained."


    WRONG. You Racists are so misinformed and stupid. The 2nd Amendment was formed to protect States from foreign takeover from another Country not to overthrow an American President because he's Black. We have elections for that.


  • Ella

    There will be know healing

    How can anyone call themselves christens and be apart of refusing to gave medicine to the people who need it, and how can they refuse to treat cancer patients, kidney patients and preventive test and medicine that could save lives these are the things that the Republicans are doing by not excepting the Medicaid expansions in states all over this country.

    Let us call it like it is the republicans have kept certain people poor because they did not want to see them make a decent living for themselves or their families and so they could work three people for the wage of one; first they refuse to give them a education for decades and then a bad education for decades they made sure that an African Americans did not receive no more then a six grade education in twelve years. they worked them for wages as low as they could keep them and that happen for decades while they the (Republicans) told people all over the country that poor people are dumb and lazy, and people all over the country started to believe the lie and then came the 1990s and they started on the poor again like they did ever two to four years this time Welfare by cutting off checks and cutting food stamps saying if they don’t work, they don’t eat what they did was starve women and children so they could keep the tax cuts for the rich and they forgot to tell us is why the poor did not work because ever year or two companies cut jobs or and wages so the poor could not make enough money to pay bills , feed their families or enough to get heath insurance for themselves or their families. The bottom line is that the Republicans need African Americans to stay poor and to do that they most keep good education out of reach and they most keep wages low because that is how they stay in power on the backs of African Americans by hatred and it has become big business.

    What the republicans do is keep the poor, poor that is why there is know Jobs bill in congress they have to keep people mad; so tell me how the Media can think that we the people do not know what is really going on in Congress.

    Know Medicaid for the poor because there is no christens or people with hearts as governors in this country; so do not keep telling me about a website day in and day out because all of you are just thinking about your own pocketbooks and not how wrong the poor is being treated and this goes to the heart of this Country.

    So the Media what Media really don’t make me laugh you know all of you are Republicans at the end of the day accept a few of you really.

    All of you are Republicans deep down don’t you know that including most of the Media.


  • Jo Stone is Dumb

    Shut up lady. You are part of the plague in American society. Just FYI, our founding fathers didn't create the second amendment for hunting or even to use them! They signed the 2nd amendment to avoid the federal government being overthrown and dictating our lives. I'll break it down a little bit more for you… you see, there were no assault rifles back when the amendment was signed. The types of guns they had/used would hold a single bullet and you would put the gunpowder down the barrel of the gun itself. Go take a history class… You'll learn more from a history class than FOX News you dummy.

  • Karl B. Anderson

    I've looked at that ridiculous comment for months now.

    Yes – I think he understands the constitution, embee.

    Do you?

    Sure, it can be amended.

    Do you know what that would take?

    Until then – it's the law.

    Both Houses of Congress must propose the amendment with a two-thirds vote. This is how all current amendments have been offered.

    Two-thirds of the State legislatures must call on Congress to hold a Constitutional Convention.

    Three-fourths of the State legislatures must approve of the amendment proposed by Congress.

  • Kimberly Benne

    Please don't portray all Texans as represented by Ted Cruz. He has a messianic complex and thanks to your program I just learned that his religious nut of a father has indoctrinated him to think this. I used to compare Cruz to Mengele because like Mengele he's supposedly brilliant, but uses that brilliance for his own ill will, and I hesitate to use this kind of analogy because Cruz' side of things portrays Obama as Hitler, but Cruz is truly starting to remind me more and more of Hitler. He's charismatic like Hitler and he's malevolent like Hitler and he's using the same tactics of disruption and scapegoating like Hitler. I truly think this guy is dangerous and I'm incredibly worried about how this is all going to play out because there are many of us down here in Texas this will do any thing possible to stop the train wreck that is Ted Cruz.


    Sometimes Truth is biased, Michael. A lot of times, actually. You're right that no cable news network is unbiased anymore… but we're talking about *politics* here. The entire point of the exercise is to have an opinion about the direction of policy and country, then politick to make it happen. Bias *is* politics – it's the intentional isolation of information and the money involved in that process that's disrupted the political system.

    I agree, no one should watch MSNBC all day at work, nor Fox news, and definitely not talk radio. We need to be listening to ALL of them. Then make up our own minds, rather than what happens now where most people pick a single political news source and believe it's the entire picture… that's what North Korea does. That concept is also why people who watch nothing but Fox News, and thusly spend their evenings ranting on blog posts about how all other media outlets are über liberal and don't represent "Real Americans" scare me. Media isolation makes the Business of Republicanism a ton of money, but the unfortunate result is what we see now: self-imposed ideological isolation from the rest of the country – the rest of the world – when what we need is to be accepting our differences and solving very difficult problems.

  • Michael

    Thing that bugs me most about watching this channel (not that any other major news network is any better) is the blatantly obvious Democratic partisan aspect of the reporting. Would be lovely to have a network news station that actually stands on being non-biased. I'm not saying Republicans are right in this argument or that Democrats are. I'm just pointing out that if you want to know and understand the Republican stance on why they're not giving in to the Democrats, this isn't the place to find the answers as I have yet to see any in watching this network all day while here at work.

  • bdana

    Why don't all of your com mentors seem to get it, other than Rachel, these enemies of the gov do not care if they destroy our country. That is their plan. They r traitors to our country

    and you still give them half your air time for free in the guise of news

  • Liberal Majority

    The majority of the people do want this program, some of us who are against it are taking that position because it is not single payer. We will get there, this is a stepping stone and as such, we support it.

  • NotEvenMad

    No one cares that a majority of people do not want Obamacare so it shouldn't matter than a minority of the house are able to shut down the government.

  • Rick Rosio

    The Tea Party and Ted Cruz are the "Manchurian Candidates" of fiction under the direction the the Koch Brothers whose fortune is based upon work with Joseph Stalin at the times of the great purges in the Soviet Union…. Lenin said our destruction would come from within…. and the Koch Brothers have been waiting for the right time… and now they have their "unruly mob"….

  • Rick Rosio

    Thank you Rev for telling the truth..Cannabis prohibition is a crime against the sick and dying

  • Rick Rosio

    This is nothing short of criminal conduct by people in Congress who "use insider trading tactics" to enrich themselves..they receive money from the corporate-citizens, the lobbyist jobs available if they vote in support of those industries over the citizens..and a total lack of accountability from the "financial industries and Wall Street" who now just pay fines for criminal conduct and none of those that caused this " contrived austerity" issues face justice.

    Let us be honest … we have slid into fascism…just look at the budget priorities….look at the fortunes made by the legislative members while in office..and the lack of compassion for the citizens who made this nation great…. Shame upon them!

  • Fred Wilkins

    This is such baloney. Talk about making up history to suit the way the current people want it to be.

  • Donald Barnebey

    Pump it out! Pump it out! More violence/fearporn (the DC shooting). To distract us from the important issues of the day. I thought you were a national Cable network, not just a local DC coverage one. Your Cabal handlers doubtlessly prefer that you focus on the minutiae of this minor story, but I and hundreds of thousands of others are turning you off while you overhype this.

  • Rick

    The second amendment was made for us to be protected against tyranny no matter who it was from. Life has been pretty comfortable for those on US domestic soil the past forty-sixty years and to say that it will continue to be like that would be neglecting history's lesssons. For an annual gun crime death rate of 11,000 per year, and NRA registrants which number the millions; I don't see how firearms automatically changes a persons mindset from rationally thinking and recognizing the tool in his hand to "Oh God oh God I don't know what to do with this much power! Let's shoot up a public place!". Firearm regulation does not work, this is demonstrated by cities like Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago which make up the largest dominating majority of the fraction pie-slice on gun crime rates…they also have the strictest gun laws in the country.

    If you think taking guns away from law abiding citizens will curb crime rate you also will be implying that criminals will follow these laws as well when they show disregard for the law against homicide in the first place. If you HONESTLY THINK it would be hard to acquire a firearm in the (Formerly, assuming)most ARMED CIVILIZED NATION to ever exist you are delusional.

    Stop calling people who want to keep their firearms as their right "nuts", not every law abiding citizen that owns a firearm is one of these. Frankly, I think it's a bit insane for people who come from different socio-economic circumstances, regions, and family backgrounds to dictate the decisions other people make that -aren't- them.

  • http://msnbclivestreaming einctown

    I find myself more and more confused about the seeming rush to make a decision about Syria. Taking one's time in making a decision of this magnitude would seem to be a requirement when leading a nation. My discomfort with the never ending talking head criticisms, mostly by those who have never lived through a war, (and make no mistake, this could well be the beginning tendrils growing toward WW 3)lies in the belief that we gotta do something now – either go in in some kind of military action or back off the situation and let those truly responsible struggle with the horror. Don't forget this is not the first time chemical warfare has been practiced by the Arab nations against their people. Time they left those centuries of genocidal warring behind and join the present day…

  • Gary A Latshaw

    Rachel Maddow show tonight! College kids trying to get voting rights at southern colleges. Which is a narrow perspetive of voting rights across the country.

    Please excuse my generalizations but these people have a huge financial clout. If they don't get the recogition and acceptace in their college or state, what does that organization do if the people go to a more open and enlightned school.

    If a some percentage of the students decide to go to

    another school, doesn't the college and the state lose a lot of money from their tuition fees. This is America, if they block out what you are saying, hit them in their pocket.

    We talk about equality, then use our real equality, the almighty dollar. If the state, college, society or whatever dosen't want to recognize the needs, wants or dreams of the people then the people will spend thier money elsewhere and the people in power can suck eggs.

  • ellymay878

    Some of these liberals (black and white) should reveal where they live and send their kids to school and then tell us why they don't live in the high crime neighborhoods of color. I know for a fact that one of the NYC civil right leaders sent both daughters to 98% white schools in a white neighborhood. Practice what you preach.

  • http://MSNBC BJRiedel

    Why don't the new responses come to the top? Really, everybody else does it. I don't wnat to have to scroll through 100 msgs' to get to the new ones!! DUH

  • http://MSNBC BJRiedel

    Great convo with Spitzer. He admitted that Wall Street is pretty much only for the rich, that's why they're rich, and you're not! A poor veteran….

  • Carolinadancer

    If your 17 year old daughter is walking through her father's neighborhood and she's stalked by a 30 year old man, she runs and he follows her, then, when cornered she perceives that she's in danger so she pepper sprays the guy, or kicks him in the balls, and he shoots and kills her, I guess it's her fault she's dead too. If not, then why was it OK for Zimmerman to kill Treyvon Martin?

  • mark

    juror b29 must be an idiot. how can you say someone is guilty if, as she says, the state did not prove it? she says "in my heart" i knew he was guilty. being in the medical profession she should know the heart is nothing more than a biological pump made of muscle. it does not think, feel, have a conscience, etc. etc. thinking is a brain function and something she should do more of. she says "if you have no proof that he killed him intentionally, you can’t say he’s guilty" dah! of course he killed the man intentionally. is she nuts? he meant to kill trevon because he thought his life was in danger. did she mean to say if you don't have proof that zimmerman's life was not in danger, you can't say he's guilty? hard to say. interview was so nonsensical and out there. it made no sense at all. b29 it seems wanted to convict based on emotions, "heart", feelings, and sympathy. these things do not belong in a court room. and then at the end b29 says she does not think the case should have been brought to trial. of course it should have been brought to trial. there were questions that needed to be answered. b29 just trying to assuage her guilt at convicting this wanna be cop.

  • Don Carl

    How is 2nd Amendment coming into this decision? 1 or 2 guys kicked the door open and freed these three terrorized women. This was done without any guns.

    And why are people speaking about Zimmerman? This is about Castro.

  • Karl Andersen

    "The unhinged “wing-nuts” who desire totally unregulated access to military weapons systems…"

    And who is that?

    No – I don't want a tank or a rocket launcher or rpg's, or full-auto .50s, etc.

  • Karl Andersen

    And we should. We are delinquent in not following the BOR.

  • Charles

    U did not write the constitution…if u are so concerned about protecting it.Why don't u graduate from some school like maybe K thru 12 and learn something about America…Sounds like u want to shoot your way thru life…ur a problem..fix ur self.

  • logia

    What people (who side with Zimmerman's defense) don't understand, is that the Trayvon killing isn't a racial issue; it could happen to anyone and it shouldn't. When you remove race, it's clear to see who was in the wrong here. There was no justice in this case.

  • John

    I just want to say that MSNBC has the single most number of racist on Tv. Totally disgusting the hate on this channel. I will boycott it and hope others who see the hate this channel dishes out will too.

  • Dan Walker

    What if the 5'11 160 pound Trayvon Martin would have stopped and with his hand out said, "Hi, I'am your neighbor Trayvon. What,s your name? Or is that just trying to be white which everybody knows is un-cool.

    • Lisa

      Maybe because he was walking and talking on his cell phone with his friend minding his own business and had his mind focused on their conversation until Zimmerman had stalked him to the point Trayvon sensed his presense and then realized this man, whom he did not know, was stalking him… and if you weren't so narrow minded, you could put yourself in his shoes and maybe come up with…Trayvon was 17, SEVENTEEN!! He did not live in Sanford. He and his Father came up from Miami to visit his Father's Fiancee'… Has it crossed your mind that maybe Trayvon thought this man was after him to do him harm or kill him… Why didn't Zimmerman, a grown man, tell him why he was stalking him? Or, is it that he was packing and didn't have to explain himself… A REAL MAN would have stood up in Court and told the world how it happened if he had nothing to hide!!! No, 5th amendment says he didn't have to….but it doesn't control the minds of the millions who see him as just a big ol p***y for not doing it.

    • BILLY


    • http://yeah uncanick

      Dan you dumb bigot I hope you dont reproduce the point you missed is 16 year old he was a child you jackass

  • Elaine

    It's not only gun laws that need to be changed. Its the jury system. Defendants should be forced to testify. Only then can a jury get a better understanding of the truth and can make a more fairer verdict.

  • JVW

    If Zimmerman who was a neighborhood watch official did not have the duty/responsibility/minimal decency to disclose to the person he was watching/trailing/confronting that he was acting in his "official" capacity, and if "the right to stand your ground" gives every citizen in certain States the right to carry a gun for "self-defense", then this country is going to revert to the lawless wild west of recent memory and the streets will become shooting galleries. This is INSANE. Zimmerman was told to stay in his car. He disobeyed instructions. When asked why he was following Treyvan Martin by Treyvan Martin, he did not reveal that he was acting in the capacity of a neighborhood watch official. What was his victim to think but that he was being harassed and threatened by a strange man in and out of a car? If Treyvan MARTIN had a gun, would be not be justified in protecting himself by pulling out a gun under the "Stand Your Ground" stupid law?? The jury verdict was a travesty of justice. Zimmerman is a coward and a bully and the verdict should have minimally been Manslaughter.

  • Karl Andersen

    Vincent – nice try. The Second Amendment was not about survival. It was about defense from abusive governments.

    And police departments are not militias.

    There were law enforcement dept's when the constitution was written.

    The Militias were meant to be a force of civilians.


  • Karl Andersen

    May, that is NOT what well regulated means.

    "Well Regulated" means practiced, prepared, ready to act.

    Ready to assemble, equipped, trained.

    Inform yourself.

    • Karl Andersen

      So, “well regulated” really meant “properly functioning.” It didn’t have anything to do with setting rules and laws for the militia.

      • Mark Blackwell

        No. If that's what we meant to say in the amendment, we would have said "Properly Functioning."

        But nice dictionary re-writing though.

  • CP

    I was wrong, None of them had any honor.

  • CP

    If this case is not about race; why is the jury overwhelmingly white!, with one hispanic who, if history is any juge, will sympathize with another hispanic.. All white women!…..give me a break.

    It is not surprising to me that all the pundits and pundit lawyers some with outstanding creds. know this is a case of WWB, being pursued by a fascist zealot and pretend cop with a loaded gun..

    Most are predicting an acquittal because they know Florida's history.

    The state is not pressing home the real nitty gritty of this case. They just mention these incredibly incrimination circumstances in passing.

    Giving the states it's due Guy is outstanding. Not much can be said about the "bald headed dude" other than is he really working for the prosecution..

    Be that as it may;

    I predict that at leaset one juror will have enough common moral honesty and common sense to hang the jury.

  • Jim Moses

    I am so tired of you people interrupting the George Zimmenr trail it makes me sick.While people are testifying your telling us what the previous person said.If your going to cover the trail cover it and keep your comments to your self.You just lost a good viewer.

  • radha

    hello TRMS please use your show to help us immigrants

    get the bill PASSED IN THE HOUSE. COME ON GOP……

  • radha

    Hardball use your forum to assist immigrants and the House of Rep to pass the bill

  • Billie Godfrey

    The State is not really trying to WIN this case, don't forget it took them 45 days and a whole lot of public pressure before they arrested George Zimmerman.

  • doccraig67

    there are already many laws that restrict "the right to bear arms." You can't own an anti-ballistic missile.(which you'll need to shoot down the drones.) You can't have fully automatic weapons, .50 caliber machine guns etc., etc., etc. Your argument doesn't hold water.

  • donni

    Personal choice for abortion is also a constitutional law. What don't you understand about that???

  • radha

    please let immigration reform pass……

  • joe

    what don't you understand about the words "well regulated" read the 2nd amendment if you are able.

  • jo stone

    So amend it. Otherwise, shut your face.

    • Kim Dominguez

      "Shut your face" really? Well Free Speech is the 1st Amendment so it trumps your 2nd!!!!! Hateful, Hateful wonder if people feel safe around you with a gun in your hand?

  • Eric James

    I appreciate those who can express, not just an opinion, but fact..This is the problem with most of us so called "fair and "patriotic" supporters of the hidden messages behind the Constitution today. We run from the truth and fight for a lie.

  • Pat Champion

    Stop watching her, it's that simple.

  • CP

    Lets hear it for the new and improved John Crow supreme court.

    Hopefully "we the people" will know when we are being screwed.

  • CP

    Big Ed….are you really this naive? What do you think Ken Kuchinelly would do with this snooping architecture. Or a graduate of any of the born "agin" "universities, Pats or Jerry's "universities" leap to the fore; where biblical Law takes precedent, Or any of the tea party governors around the country now limiting the vote of Democrats and ddesimating women's rights,

    What do suppose these folks would do with this snooping apparatus? At lease Bush had the checks and balances of congress and the armies of the democrats.

    Snowdon is a whistle blower and a heroe and needs to stay out of the clutches of the spy apparatus in this country, Just look how the last whistle blower Bradley Manning was treated and may face life in prison or even death…….can you really be this naive and short sighted with out the ability to extrapolate or take a chess move to its ultimate effect on your game or in this case our ultimate betterment..

    He who gives up liberty in quest of security, deserves neither. This from a wiser man of a wiser time.

  • Paul


    You have a very annoying habit. You ask a question of you guests and interrupt them before they can answer. You butt in with some other qualifier while interrupting the answer from your guest. Ask the question and have the courtesy to let them answer.

    Paul Willis

    • Pat Champion

      Love it that Chris is too cleaver for anyone to get the best of him. He's a walking political encyclopedia. Most of the responses are bs.

  • Philippe

    Just to be clear. A constitutional amendment (any of them) is ALWAYS up for a vote. And a vote is preceeded by a debate. Soooo…if Congress decided that the 2nd amendment needed to be struck down, and that it passed Congress and then the States decided the same (by vote), then said 2nd amendment would be abolised. Simple as that! There is nothing that prevents future Congresses and future State legislation to repeal ANY of the Consitutions amendments, including the one that abolished slavery…so before anybody says that the 2nd amendment is NOT up for debate, may be they should learn and UNDERSTAND HOW THE US CONSTITUTION WORKS!

  • Andrew

    The second amendment is just words on a piece of paper to make you think you have power in your country when you actually have none. You are going to stop the US Marines with your peashooter? Good luck.

    The democratic process is one of behavioral conditioning and the manufacture of consent. The last thing this country allows is real progressive change.

  • CP

    Am fast losing respect for Karen Finny. Gross naiveté bordering a close proximation of Pollyanna, has no place on an intelligent analysis., A quick remind….folks giving up liberty in the quest of security deserves neither. But the real fact is they will receive nothing but ever more authoritarianism.

  • Davey hager

    Breaking News My Daughter is in Jail in Belfast and she is a American Please Help me.

    Thanks Davey Hager

  • Milton Oliver

    Heads up MSNBC. Your television signal has been down and/or erractic all morning.

    • Admin

      Fixed Mate, was going through some site clean up CHeers

  • Paul Rivera

    Remarkable how redundant the news outlet has become. In Walford England world changing news is happening and you want to talk about someone having a baby.

  • CarolO

    Geez, put the evidence out there and let the jury decide. This picking through what they want to come out and what they do not is dumb. No wonder jurors can't make educated decisions.

  • Leroy Skalstad

    By disagreeing with enhanced background checks and allowing convicted felons to buy firearms at gun shows the way to protect the second ammendment?

  • Donny Stubbs

    People have to do a background check; or something similar before you can go on the plane. Why can't the same thing be done for those who want to own guns?

    Background checks shouldn't bother you; unless you got something to hide. And don't talk about privacy please!

  • Audrey White

    I am very puzzled that when the IRS investigate the Tea Party it is a crime, however when they investigated the NAACP I did not hear this type of outrage. MSNBC I lost my belief in you, why you are not bringing the NAACP story to the news. Please let the people know that the IRS investigates everyone.

    • http://none C. Olmsted

      Why is the Tea Party asking for 501 C status instead of 527? Are they not a politico party. What is the real subtrafuge to our democratic system? If you lie to the IRS you get investigated like always.

  • gary slade

    Regarding Chris Matthews contention that dumping 100 emails on us just before filing time doesn't give us time to respond;what? Talk about artificial timelines, you take as long as it takes to read and analyze the documents and then you report on them when you are ready. Gut reaction reporting and speculation is the reason I switched(this week)from CNN to MSNBC. I really like your show Chris (aside from wishing you would calm down a bit so that you don't bust a blood vessel) but please remember that reporting first is not the same as getting to the heart of the story.

    Also as an aside, does anyone in press realize how hilarious it is is to see the press getting outraged about the AP issue? Surely the republicans must be smirking at the piling on Obama about this issue making you brothers in Arms with the gop!

  • charles parker

    So, if this congress, in the quest of self service, shouts wolf for the hundred and umpteenth time while continuing to legislate for the 1% under cover of such loud protestations; will anyone but Fox viewers, really take notice?

    As for me I just change channels when the pundits begin a drunken binge on this useless pile of crap, waisting my time while losing its credibility..

    I get the sick feeling that I need to change my subscription from behind the times to day old news.

  • http://na Debra

    They need to regulate backgrounds checks to check guns from the mentally ill, children, people who are constantly stoned (Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon), people with illnesses that keep them from obtaining a Driving License (epillepsy), but do not hinder them from obtaining a firearm.

    • Liz

      If you're going to include the stoners, you must also include alcoholics and prescription drug abusers. There isn't any difference in diminished capacity.

      • SanMarcosTexMan

        It was reported that Dick Cheney had been drinking before shooting his friend in the face. Not only do guns cause irreparable harm, they appear to go well with a beer or two.

  • Rootrytooty

    I should have said AR-15. AR-25 was a typo.

  • Rootrytooty

    I am a retired military person and have used many military weapons. I know what an AR-25 is and contrary to some, it is a military style assault weapon. I think background checks and a limit on how many bullets a magazine can hold is critical for the safety of our people and especially our children. If these gundamentalists want unfettered access then they need to look in the mirror if, God forbid, another mass shooting happensand chldren are killed, to see what they could posssibley prevented.

    • Brad Riedel

      I agree Sir, I'm an 8 yr. Vet..PEACE

  • CommonSense

    There are already restrictions on the 2nd Amendment. You cannot, for example, own a lot of military hardware (e.g. fighters, helicopters, missiles, bombs, etc), convicted felons cannot own firearms, etc.

    We already do background checks on people who buy firearms through licensed dealers, and it hasn't led to "guns being taken away". Expanding the background checks to any gun sale helps keep guns out of the hands of felons, the mentally ill, people on the terrorist watch list, etc. Unless you're on one of those lists, it won't bother you.

  • Leavemy 2nd amendmen

    The second amend is not up for debate. it is not up for polls.

    It is constitutional LAW. What part of this do you not understand?

    • embee

      its an amendment, it can also be amended. do u even understand the constitution?

    • reply

      "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed"

      OK but a "well regulated militia" would also mean background checks, gun registration and licensing similar to cars, how'd you like that?

      • Paul Carlsen

        One thing that most people seem unaware of is the historical evidence that the second amendment was written to keep the southern states on board with the United States Constitution and with very idea of a "Bill of Rights".

        This was done to placate the powerful slave owning southern mega-farmers, who held the reins of political power in the southern states, by giving them the legal right to form "well regulated militias" to hunt down "their" runaway slaves.

        These "slaver-barons" and their "genteel" southern "culture" were the decedents of the decadent and barbaric "slaver culture" of Barbados, Jamaica and the other "West Indies" islands.

        These vile and decadent "Salvers" were in turn the decedents of the disgraced offspring of British and French nobility, sent to the West-Indies" to keep them away from public scrutiny and the inevitable stains to the honor of their "noble" family names.

        Many of these horrid "slaver-barons" migrated to the American south and created the slave-labor based "plantation culture" and here we are 300 years later.

        So there is your "Genteel" Southern "Plantation-Culture" and there is your "Sacred" Second Amendment right to bear arms.

        I speak here as an American DAV/VFW who holds expert marksman badges on the AR14, AR15, and the service 45.

        The unhinged "wing-nuts" who desire totally unregulated access to military weapons systems are not at all the "well regulated militias" that the founders had in mind when they created the second amendment to the Bill of Rights, and the Second Amendment is not in the least what the ARA and Wayne La Pierre purport it to be in their unpatriotic, lie-filled and seditious "War on Common sense".

        • Brad Riedel

          I agree Paul, I'm an 8 yr. Veteran with 4 expert Marksman badges on the M-16…and I don't even own 1 Weapon to this day…I've been there, done that..It has nothing to do with what the American Public thinks they know, and especially our Congress…PEACE Brother..xo

    • Barris Harms

      So if every word of the second amendment is mandatory, I don't understand why the militia doesn't have to drill every weekend? You would think that all gun owners would want to practice protecting their townships from foreign armies that might invade.

    • Bigshotprof

      The part where it seems to be the only amendment that you all think is sacrosanct. The first amendment is regulated. You have freedom of speech but not anywhere and about anything. You have freedom of assembly, but have to get permits. The obsession with the second amendment has nothing to do with the constitution and everything to do with people not giving up their shiny fetshistic toys.

    • Matthew Tanner

      It needs to be.

    • SanMarcosTexMan

      Just like with any right, there are certain limitations and responsibilities that go along with them. You can't legislate common sense but you can limit one's right to yell fire in a crowded theater, own a machine gun or buy a gun if you fall into certain categories. These gun nuts are letting their children kill their little brothers and sisters, all in the name of gun rights. How about the right not to be shot?

    • Richard

      Guns are dangerous; they kill people. I went deer hunting when I was young and killed a deer; never again. I love golf so I understand passions people have for their avocations. But the worst thing that ever happened to me in golf was a broken windshield (why did it have to be a Mercedes?) so a very bad mistake with a golf ball is a $600 windshield. I don't need to tell you what a bad mistake can do with a gun. Passions make people a little crazy – golf certainly does for me, but if the passion is guns, we're setting up a condition that can have a horrible end. Some will say that guns in the hands of responsible people is an OK thing – while not a fan of Dick Cheney, I'd none-the-less put him in the so-called 'responsible' category – and he managed to shoot his friend in the face. So, maybe 'responsible' doesn't make the cut. Guns are dangerous. If we eliminate guns, we eliminate: What? Yes, we eliminate danger. But those who have to have their guns offer their arguments about why they are, what? Necessary! It's like chocolate cake, or the second martini, or a big bag of potato chips to go with the beer (one of my problems), those things are not necessities, they're desires. I desire a second martini, you desire to own an assault rifle. I do my best to avoid that second martini because I know it's not good for me and I would argue with any fellow martini lover who would suggest otherwise. In that department I put prudence ahead of my desire, and, reluctantly, I'm better off because of it.

    • gmax

      Anyone's, Everyone's right to life supersedes your right to bear arms. You're just going to have to live with this fact as the rest of us will live with your preternatural fears.

    • Deadskin

      Actually… the second amendment isn't up for debate. What's up for debate is what in means in modern society, because we don't have state militias anymore and the specific issues the second amendment was meant to address are no longer relevant.

      • Bill

        Three things allow the Second Amendment to be up for debate: (1) Article Three, Section Two, (2) Article Five, and (3) the First Amendment, all of the U.S. Constitution.

    • Mark

      Nothing is ineligible for debate and your interpretation does pass the smell test.

    • Leif Johnson

      Any part of the Constitution can be amended. There was a amendment that enacted prohibition and another amendment that cancelled that amendment. The Constitution is a LIVING document which the Founders knew would have to be adjuested over time. There is no Constitutional barrier to the repeal of the Second Amendment.

    • Jen

      Ever heard about shouting fire in a crowded theater? There are all kinds of limits on the first amendment. and the 4th. I am sure you have heard of the Patriot Act? We limit the rights in the constitution all the time. Try again.

    • Keith from Chicago

      The 2nd amendment does its limits. Obviously, it's ambiguous, which explains why there are so many different interpretations. And over the years, the courts have ruled in different ways over what it actually means. It does not provide a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose. Limits can be placed on our rights to bear arms. We cannot, for instance, own surface to air missiles.

      Even our freedom of speech (1st amendment) has limits. Defamation and slander are not allowed. Additionally, certain verbal threats will land you in jail. Finally, you're not allowed to use speech to incite riots or cause unsafe conditions for others- such as yelling "fire" in a crowded theater.

    • Enlighten Patriot

      It is interpreted differently by different people. The 2nd Amendment is related to a well regulated militia.

    • Dave

      you're right. the amendment is not up for debate or polls. that means that, as the non-debatable amendment reads, a well-regulated, being NECESSARY, the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. so, which well-regulated militia are you a part of to necessitate your weapons? oh, you think that amendment means you get to bear arms without being in a militia? cause in 1875 the supreme court ruled in 1875 that "the right to bear arms was not granted by the constitution." learn your history before you go gun crazy.

    • bradley riedel

      This Immigration Nightmare is Stupid! They're saying now that it is a money issue going back to a law #2 Bush passed, but what happened to President Reagan's law passed in 1986?? That was 28 years ago!!

    • Jake J. Portland

      This is an appeal to tradition. "IT'S LAW" doesn't make something right or wrong. If murder was legal, it wouldn't be any more right than it is. America is the only developed country with this horrifying standard of "guns for everyone" and its terrible consequences manifest almost daily.