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Online Broadcasting of MSNBC. Watch MSNBC online Free Streaming, MSNBC is an American news channel mostly Seen in South African and Europe. MSNBC first two words are taken from Microsoft and remaining three from NBC. MSNBC Live Streaming was stated due to Mutual Corporation of Microsoft and National broadcasting Corporation. MSNBC live is famous within political audience with a slogan of place for politics.

MSNBC Live online Streaming brings all the latest American top Agenda news to its viewers with his expert’s panels. From 1996 MSNBC has telecasted exclusive documentary and line up news and opinion on America public problems. MSNBC has been seen biased toward liberal party in USA. Some of MSNBC exciting programs are as follow
Martin Bashir
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  1. someone

    Chris Christie’s playing Presidential candidate. He should be keeping his fat ass in New Jersey governing, not trying to make a name for himself in the Republican Walk of Shame.

    Also, Bobby Jindal just killed his Presidential dream.

  2. Personette

    Dear C.O. And others,
    I am an old expat Baltimorean who was young, and a nursing student in the late 60’s when the race riots occurred in Baltimore City, and the city was on fire. Our hospital had to be surrounded by the National Gurad to protect the sick, and our employees, many of whom were black and could not return to their homes after working their shifts. What is true about everyone’s comments is that there is and has always been a human tendency to see differences between skin color and rank and privilege, as an indication of human worth. Unless we are ALL willing to leave our assumptions behind, to teach our youth and our cops that violence does not give them the respect or control they seek, to teach whites and blacks that color is not a predictor of character, and to understand that the circumstances of birth or wealth are not a guarantee of one’s ultimate worth to the planet, we will not change the tragic course we are on together. I would pray that each of you make a single small effort to reach out to someone you see as an adversary, someone you believe is not like you, and truly understand their soul. The barriers will fall, and you will be changed, and that will be where a new future begins for us all.


      How about stupidity of human or man as the case maybe, no wonder God regretted after creating man. if man is not stupid then, l don’t think we should worry about race. come to think of it, we have different kind and types of plants, trees, birds, animals, flowers, shrubs, fishes with different shapes, sizes and colors but when it comes to man we fight over what color God created a man. skin color that we have no control over.. if God were to ask each and everyone of us before He create man of course everyone would choose where he or she will be born, who his father and mother will be, choose what shape of nose we will like. many of us will choose to be born into a rich family but these are not mans decision to make.. How come man is so obsessed over what we have no control over if not that man is stupid, foolish and dumb when it comes to race its still beat my imagination.

  3. bradley

    Gee, it’s funny that the NTSB isn’t responsible for their job! I would sue your agency after a train crash like this latest one, you’re lucky you still have a job you you know why I stopped paying taxes….idiots…which city in Florida is your vacation home in , or is it in another Country???..Who do you think your kidding? The poor, the Walmart workers?!?

  4. Lisa

    Could you please educate your reporter that “Paddy Wagon” is not the proper name of the vehicle the BPD is using to transport people. “Paddy wagon” is actually a racial slur. Do your homework. Let’s be professional folks!

    • DougG

      Lisa, Paddy wagon is not a racial slur. The Irish are NOT a race. How ’bout YOU be professional, and do YOUR homework??

      • marko

        Hey Dougie

        We’re ALL the same ‘RACE’ … Paddy Wagon is an ETHNIC SLUR WHICH HAS BECOME known AS A RACIAL SLUR! Do YOUR homework!

        • DougG


          There IS a difference between an ethnic slur and a racial or racist slur. I simply pointed out that ‘paddy wagon’ is NOT a racial slur.

          An ethnic group or ethnicity is a population group whose members identify with each other on the basis of COMMON NATIONALITY (my caps) or shared cultural traditions.

          The term race refers to the concept of dividing people into populations or groups on the basis of various sets of PHYSICAL (my caps) characteristics (which usually result from genetic ancestry).

          Regarding the term ‘paddy wagon':
          The most prevalent theory is based on the term “Paddy” a common Irish shortening of Padraig, (Patrick in English), which was most often used as an ethnic slur to refer to Irish people. Irishmen made up a large percentage of the officers of early police forces in many American cities. Thus, this theory suggests that the concentration of Irish in the police forces led to the term “paddy wagon” being used to describe the vehicles driven by police.

          Yet another theory holds that “paddy wagon” was originally “patty wagon,” a nickname for “patrol wagon.” In the same manner that police cars are called patrol cars today, there were no cars when the term “patrol wagon” was first used, explaining why people don’t say “paddy car” for patrol car.

          It ain’t rocket science, Marko. I did my homework. And, YES, I did ‘copy and paste’ most of this post.
          Try not to get your shorts is such a knot.

        • Tony

          Go to Dublin Ireland and walk down Lower Gardiner Street, you’ll see a business called ‘Paddywagon Tours”. walk in and tell the lovely people there that their business name is an Ethnic slur.

          Americans of Irish descent and a peculiarly sensitive disposition might find the word offensive.. but the Irish themselves clearly don’t and neither do I.. Born in Ireland myself. Though I now live in England.

        • Irish Traveller

          The Irish themselves aren’t so sensitive. Im irish and Im not even remotely sensitive. an “ethnic slur”? you’re joking right? heres a tip.. pop over to Ireland, Dublin and have a stroll down Lower Gardiner Street and pop into Paddywagon Tours and complain about the name of their business.. try to convince them this is an Ethnic slur.

        • DougG

          Go to a dictionary, either online or printed version, and look up the definitions of ‘ethnicity’ and ‘race’. There is a distinct difference between the two.
          Also, if you look up the origins of the term ‘paddy wagon’, one of theories is that it may have originated from the term ‘patrol car’, but as a reference as a ‘patrol wagon’.
          In any case, Paddy Wagon is NOT a racial slur. If it’s a slur, it is an Ethnic Slur.
          It ain’t rocket science.

    • Culkin

      Lisa, you’re thinking of Mickey Wagon, that IS racist. Paddy Wagon is not.

    • ric berry

      Lisa,are leprechauns being slurred in this term,or does it infer 4 Irish and 1 bottle of Scotch? ddric

  5. someone

    I remember seeing what happened to Rodney King and the LA Riots. This incident in Baltimore is this all over again.

    I’m a white guy myself, and I’m disgusted with what may be modern day lynching that’s happening. These riots are appalling.

    • Everyone

      The only reason the riots are appalling is the fact it is NOT ENOUGH to teach the racist coward white cops (not all of the cops) the lesson they need to learn NOW! Baltimore police just paid a 5 million settlement for planting drugs on people who were innocent. Someone, you make me sick!

      • someone

        I’m not defending police brutality, and what Baltimore Police did. I don’t like racists people anymore than the next person, but destroying property is not the way to make your voice heard. These peaceful protests happening now are the best way to be heard.

        Baltimore citizens have every right to be angry and upset, and they’re expressing themselves peacefully. Condoning violence is wrong.

        • grateful908

          How much coverage are they getting with the peaceful protests??? How much coverage did they get when they were really pissed??? And how can Baltimore PD vow to get the guys that injured one of their own and at the same time not give a damn about who killed Freddy ??? This whole country is itching for a civil war. Let the Police keep killing people with no repercussions and they’re going to see what a big mistake they’re making.

        • Steve

          If they hadn’t destroyed property you wouldn’t be commenting on this. No one was paying attention to this until property was destroyed. No one cared that another young black man was killed by the police until property was destroyed. Blame yourself that it came to this.

        • BJ Sampson

          I don’t like riots but I hate to see people being killed by the people who are supposed to protect them more.

      • Sirmuzz

        When you result to violence, your message is lost. End story. Violence from one side does not beget violence from the other. Take the higher ground. This issue has the light of day shinning on it loud and clear, and you may thank the non-violent disobedient protesters for that. Learn from them. The road to change that we as a nation are traveling is paved with the lessons and blood of those before us preaching non-violence. Honor their memory by taking the higher road, staying civil and watch the country back you play. Watch the sea of change occur before you. It already is. Keep your heads up and your fists down and all of our goals will be realized. Your message will be respected and you will no go unheard. Violence will only create cause to discredit the work of so may before us.

      • John

        You do realize that three of the six officers were black. The one with most sever charges is black. I find this odd, how about you

    • Conscientious Objector

      Cause and effect. There is an opportunity here to address what is plaguing the nation as a whole. Disenfranchised youth with little hope. Most of the good blue collar jobs being shipped overseas over the last forty years. A war on drugs that is a war against our own people. Which is a complete failure at all levels. The largest prison population in recorded history being mostly made up of black Americans. And a double standard regarding the use of lethal force, and the lack of transparency and due process for the deaths of unarmed civilians across this nation. There is no quick fix in this, and if anyone thinks that arresting handfuls of people, and regaining control of the situation for the moment is going to change anything. Think again. If the police continue to kill unarmed civilians we are going to have a civil war. They barely got it stopped this time. The problems that have been festering for decades better start being addressed or all we are witnessing is the opening round in a much broader conflict.

      • Brian

        I concur with your summary 100%. People feel the need to vilify the people protesting. That is ridiculous. The issue is not related to obedience or disobedience. it’s related to the way that law enforcement have chosen to demonstrate their authority to black man, women and children. There is a double standard. If they sit by and let these things happen to them, it doesn’t get any better. they don’t have lot of choices. Local politicians listen to big business, not their constituents. Poor people have no voice. all they can do is make people pay attention and this is the only way they can get people to do that. Good or bad, it is necessary. No one is enjoying this! If someone in the BPD isn’t prosecuted for this crime, well, I’d hate to be in Baltimore (or a few other big US cities).

        You have my support people of Baltimore!!

      • jac

        you are so on point america open your eyes, ears and hearts. we have declared war on our own people with the false war on drugs and mass incarceration, etc.

    • Chele

      The riots are the results of systematic injustices that have been ongoing with no relief. People know when they are oppressed, even if no one feels their pain…the pains of unemployment, poverty and being subjected to police brutality. What do you think of Freddie Gray’s life being taken while in police custody? This happens far to often in the black community. There is a reason for the riots. Social Injustice is not a figment of the imagination of of those afflicted.

    • albert

      look at these protesters across the country as we speak the number of them have there own issues this hole situation i s appalling they remind me of the hippies back in the day r ight now today at 9:36 pm in n.y thereout of control and top it off there.s been a number of white s over blacks being arrested i thought this was a black issue as they been saying BLACK LIVES MATTER why are these white modern hippies getting involved do they think the black folk s in this fck up world we live in give a dame .

    • albert

      look at these protesters across the country as we speak the number of them have there own issues this hole situation i s appalling they remind me of the hippies back in the day r ight now today at 9:36 pm in n.y thereout of control and top it off there.s been a number of white s over blacks being arrested i thought this was a black issue as they been saying BLACK LIVES MATTER why are these white modern hippies getting involved do they think the black folk s in this fck up world we live in give a dame . for the police in this country not saying there perfict but who is these people are criminals the police do not arrest the innocent these people are thugs

      • Robert

        Were you drunk when you wrote this. Did you really go back to that old trope,.. hippies. ” aw geez wally are the hippies back?”… BOO! I have long hair. . You sound like a very scared old man. Grab your shotgun, head to the root cellar and mumble. Ward Cleaver is not coming back to comfort you. Oy

  6. Mickey

    Sharpton is a lying poverty pimp who preys on situations that need calm…not race baiting

  7. rhoda

    Notic e the last 2 letters in Kelly and Oreilly? LY. was disappointed to hear Mikka call one of her guests condescending week of may 4; Attorney Murphy. Had he been a she or Caucasian would she have? I saw a guest kiss on a segment once and she did not say a thing! Has she taken notice of her cohost at times? WHEW!

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