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Online Broadcasting of MSNBC. Watch MSNBC online Free Streaming, MSNBC is an American news channel mostly Seen in South African and Europe. MSNBC first two words are taken from Microsoft and remaining three from NBC. MSNBC Live Streaming was stated due to Mutual Corporation of Microsoft and National broadcasting Corporation. MSNBC live is famous within political audience with a slogan of place for politics.
MSNBC Live online Streaming brings all the latest American top Agenda news to its viewers with his expert’s panels. From 1996 MSNBC has telecasted exclusive documentary and line up news and opinion on America public problems. MSNBC has been seen biased toward liberal party in USA. Some of MSNBC exciting programs are as follow
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  1. RIP GOP 2016 says:

    My God. Parsons is the BIGGEST right-wing sheep/corporate suck-up/apologist this website has seen so far. If people like him want the government they used to have under Bush & Co., they can go to Somalia or some other country like that, where it’s religion that determines the law. I would think that he would rather want NO health insurance than insurance that would abandon him in his greatest time of need, place unnecessary monetary caps on his coverage, prevent him from getting care in the case of pre-existing conditions, etc. (which IS the insurance America had until the ACA was put into effect). Now, the ACA might not be the greatest that this country has right now, but it’s better than what we had before & it WILL eventually lead to the US adopting what Canada was smart enough to adopt years ago: National/Universal Healthcare a.k.a. single-payer a.k.a. Medicare For All.

    For Parsons to call out Obama on his lie & not do the same to past Republican Presidents shows he has his head FIMRLY up the right-wing & the Republican Propaganda Channel (a.k.a. Fox Noise)’s ass.

    In the end, it’s re-assuring to people like me to know that, in the coming years, the kind/type of people like Parsons will be few & far between; eventually, there won’t be enough of his kind around anymore to make life shitty for the rest of us. By 2020, white’s won’t be the majority anymore & something tells me it’s gonna be the beginning of the nightmare of a lifetime for those like Parsons.

  2. john micheal says:

    pls could somebody say to Crackhead Rush and nasty Hannity to swim into river .this two men are worst than isis.

  3. therealamerican says:

    republicans are too stupid for humanity to survive

  4. Johnny Deathrasher says:

    I don’t watch news. Obamamama is killing us. He is the worse nazi in history. Check that Nazi spell checkers. Are you a teacher? Now go help the thugs like the left does best. They create jobs for you that way.

  5. Jason Parsons says:

    Talking point much? lol

  6. Jason Parsons says:

    Nope, no relation. Not even a conversation between us. I just know the difference between right and wrong.

    And absolutely NOT!!! Do not believe what I or anyone else says. Go find out for yourself.

    I am a realist and have no ties to any party AT ALL. I believe sides are BS and as long as we draw lines it will stay messed up. I am also open to almost any notion. I have changed my mind before and I am sure it will happen again. I do not allow my personal opinions and emotions to govern my rational thought.

    Example: I am emotionally FIRMLY against abortions but I believe with rational thought that a person should have the sole right to determine anything and everything to do with their own body. When they proved scientifically that an embryo at certain early stages does not constitute a human life with rights and choices I had no choice but to correct my thoughts and support the woman’s right to choose.

    I hope this clears it up for you Mr. Black.

  7. Jason Parsons says:

    “Oh, but you only watch FOX.”

    Actually, if you would pay attention, He isn’t posting to the Fox News page. This means he was watching MSNBC when he posted.

    I do the same thing. I don’t rely on any one source to always get it right. People that do are idiots.

  8. Jason Parsons says:

    Why ask if you will not give me the opportunity to answer before you jump to conclusions? Which article? I have posted several. I’m simply going to need more information if you wish for me to comply. I will gladly follow up as soon as I know what you wish me to follow up on.

  9. Jason Parsons says:

    lol Do I look like a princess? I’d probably just be the goofy kid out catching frogs. Either that or the one gigging it for some scrumptious frog legs.

  10. Xine13 says:

    I have Obamacare and it’s the BEST insurance I’ve ever had in my life and I can afford it! CLEARLY, Robert, you can’t spell or even put a coherent sentence together…so whatever crap you spew means nothing…You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  11. Brent says:

    The World Health organization research on health care outcomes demonstrates that the European’s universal healthcare leads to a much healthier society. Your desire to have health be a privilege causes you to ignore what health care experts actually want.

    • Jason Parsons says:

      I have seen socialized medicine first hand. You are reading statistics produced by people that tell you what you want to hear. Enough said.

  12. ANOTHER FOX NEWS MORON REPEATING NONE SEQUITUR BS! Nobody is dying from ACA, you gullible idiot! In fact, 12 million more people now have insurance! Try watching actual new stations and looking up the facts for yourself you lazy, uninformed douche bag! Fox noise is nothing more then a right wing propaganda channel for brain dead republican morons like you!

  13. phill says:

    Translation: He’s black.

  14. Mark Duwe says:

    Obama is the best President since FDR. Nixon, Reagan and Bush 43 should die in prison. All of them crooks and liars that cost Americans Trillions of dollars in treasure and hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. Add, Rice, Powell & Cheney to that list. A long, slow death in a cold grey prison.

  15. Jaybird248 says:

    Robert, quit getting your “facts” from Limbaugh and Fox News and you’ll see Obamacare is working quite well these days. Millions have affordable coverage and nobody is turned down or kicked off due to a pre-existing condition. That’s a big thing to guys like me with asthma who could never get health insurance before. Start getting your information from more objective news sources and you’ll look less like a moron.

    • Jason Parsons says:

      How about EVERYONE use multiple sources so you aren’t thrown so far to one side that you see nothing but what the people in front of you want you to see? The truth and I, and everything in the middle, is obscured by partial truth and A SHITLOAD of… get this one… ***OPINION*** when you sit on the sidelines like a cheerleader chanting network news talking points like an evil cheer.

      Fox News, just as MSNBC, both abuse ACTUAL fact to mislead us into believing their omission style reporting to further the political goals of their networks. Consequently, Fox reports stories that please the republican leaning population where as NBC the socialist party under the guise of democracy (Please!!! don’t make me explain this one… yet again.)

      My gal has been in journalism since high school and today is our 16th anniversary. She has worked for newspapers in different places for different political sides for over 20 years (also political publications and advertising though never on a campaign). I know what I’m talking about here. I have known these people on a personal level. lol, I have even met the actor Clancy Brown when she worked for his families paper under Brown Publishing (he’s a dick by the way) in Troy, Ohio some 8 or so years back.

      If you don’t have the whole truth you operate under a lie. A lie isn’t necessarily an outright falsehood but can be a lie through omission. Pay attention, listen with an open mind BUT!!! don’t be a lemming and follow just one source because you like what they say.

      Sometimes it really sucks ass to see everyone from all sides ALMOST right but just can’t put their emotions (mainly greed and envy [depending on which side you are on]) aside to see the truth because, let’s face it, the truth isn’t always as pleasant as a person’s feel good story made to bullshit you into helping to further their one sided cause.

      “Start getting your information from more objective news sources and you’ll look less like a moron.”

      I like that you say that but can you live it?

  16. Jason Parsons says:

    I had a really long comment here but when I reread it I realized that all it said was this:

    I’m living it, you are watching the lies on T.V.. I was really happy with what I had. I had worked hard to get it and now it is gone because the A.C.A. regulations. Now the only way I can get insured again is on the backs of the U.S. citizens… no, U.S. taxpayers (there IS a difference) through subsidies.

    I don’t care if you understand it or not though. That’s why I just rewrote this little note. I would like to help people see the truths but people have to have their eyes open to do that and yours are closed tighter than… use your imagination.

    So you can spout some bullshit about me not having a brain. I don’t care about insults from idiots. But I do hope you people wake up soon. There is NOT a right side. If you are on any “side” its a wrong one.

  17. mistydhudson says:

    Any idea why PBS is showing up on the MSNBC feed?

  18. Richard Black says:

    If we could get cheap labor out of Cuba ,like Viet Nam,we would be jumping up and down.This country is one big hypocracy-not democracy

  19. Stoney Huff says:


  20. Stoney Huff says:


  21. Shlomo von Glickstein says:

    The ACA saved MY company $95,000 this past year — or enough to hire two additional staff… The only liar here is YOU, honey… well, or perhaps you’re just dumb… typical of right wing bigots…


    the only thing about medicare is it sucks it is not as good as a lot of people thinks it , i have had since 1995 and i think i know just how much it sucks you will not know until you get on it to find out

  23. john Oluoch says:

    racially biased?


      It take a very big ass hole to believe this is racially based i would not care if he was pink when something sucks it sucks i do not care what color they are ,when you come up against me you will not win i have learned just how to come back at everybody when i think they are wrong in my 71 years and i have a lot of ass holes comeing back at me right now because they are in love with obama next thing you will be in his bed

  24. phill says:

    There’s only one thing to say to Bob McDonald:

    Don’t drop the soap.

  25. PhilHarford says:

    RobertBlanscet – The only reason I have healthcare is because of ObamaCare as I am self-employed. Health care is less expensive and better because of Obamacare so stop accusing others of lying when your attacks are based on lies.

  26. Jason Parsons says:

    I do need insurance. I HAD insurance. I lost my insurance. Figure it out yet? Everything was fine and one day I get dropped because WHAT I WANTED wasn’t good enough for everyone else. It was good enough for me and WAYYY better than what I have now. WHO’s F’n INSURANCE WAS IT? MINE OR OBAMAs? Mine or yours? Mine or the countries? See the hypocrisy or is your bullshit still to thick to see through?

    • Joy says:

      I have insurance and it went up this year, but my income didn’t. To save money, the company I work for stopped offering insurance to spouses, if their employer offer it, no matter the cost. One co-worker pays 80.00 bi-weekly for his insurance, up 20.00 from last year. His wife pays 400.00 a month for medical alone, so for a family of 2 they pay 560 a month. Who can afford co-pays with that payout every month.

  27. Stoney Huff says:

    The EVIL BITCX Maddow is gloating at the Incarceration of Republican Bob McDonald, showing NO CLASS at all.

  28. Dick Cheney says:

    MSNBC is my propaganda channel.

  29. Ed Snowed Us says:

    Glenn Greenwald = TRAITOR!
    Snowden could not greatly aid Terrorists without him.

  30. Stewbert says:

    George, the only things that Obama did that was divisive is being born black and becoming President because that is what caused all of you racist pigs to come out of your sty because you could not stomach the idea of a black President. The records are there to show that ever since the abolition of slavery, whenever blacks have been able to make progress in this country, they have been burnt out and forced to flee leaving their homes that they built up and the land that they owned. The race riots of Rosewood in Florida, Atlanta, Chicago, Tulsa and even New York are just some of the examples of jealous whites who could not bring themselves to accept the progress being made by blacks. So now comes the biggest sign of all of the progress being made by blacks and out of the woodwork comes the racists as usual. So if you want to call Obama divisive, then go ahead but he could not prevent himself from being born black and it is not his fault that he was so impressive that he was elected twice as President of the United States.

  31. Stewbert says:

    Jason, why did you leave out yourself who I am going to assume is white? Is it because you believe like most white persons, that they were never the recipients of government favors? Maybe you should read up on the earliest housing developments that allowed only whites to buy into (like Levittown) and which gave whites the jump start to start building wealth through building up equity in their home. Blacks were excluded and this was not just the doing of the developer but aided and abetted by the Federal Govt who laid down those conditions as a prerequisite for funding and providing the mortgage finance which was subsidized thus handing white people another hand out. When Corporations benefit from a loophole in the tax law that is a handout to the Corporations so don’t you believe that you white people never got anything and it is the blacks and hispanics and all these other minorities who are the moochers.

  32. Stewbert says:

    dbc105, the President can and does influence what goes into a bill if he wants to. He can indicate what would make him veto the bill as well as he or his surrogates can indicate what he wants in the bill. When compromises are to be made, it is important for Congress to know what compromises the President would not accept. Then again the ACA was passed when the Democrats held both houses so to say that President Obama only signed the bill is ridiculous. When the Clintons tried to practically write their health care bill and send it to Congress that was rejected so Obama did not want to go that route, plus you get more support if persons are a part of the process than if they are not so all of these things are taken into consideration when a President decides how involved he will be with the passing of any bill but he does influence the process if he wants to.

  33. Sunburysam says:

    I’s has been established already before Sep. 11th,2001. that the new Powers that , be, Jan 2001, be confrontational despite of all the Data available to them to delay the catastrophe.
    Well the powers that be were determined to go after their goal and all Hell broke loose

    The whole situation is the Bullies partially achieved their goal and plunged the World in Economic Turmoil and they are masquerading around this Mass Land boasting that they would repeat .it ;
    They Legally should be tried before the The International Court
    If # 1 didn’t know what # 2 was doing,he should be tried to

    This leads me back to the Earlier Bullies who came and found the Real Americans- Indigenous Americans- that such Bullies masquerading the airwaves that they would do it all over again. Get to Hell out here once power is lost.
    I don’t give a damn . America should not be dictating to the world until they can solve their domestic problems morally.

    I am very worried about what we propagate to the world as a Global Manifesto but cannot our Domestic Problems because of the Elitest Ideologies..

  34. We have a government of flaws, not of men.

  35. Ed Snowed Us says:

    TREASON right before our eyes – by sitting U.S. Senator Feinstein releasing the unclassified CIA report summary.

  36. Richard Black says:

    Mght as well be watching Fox !!!!

  37. Paul K. says:

    The FBI has an Inspection Division. They are like Internal Affairs of local Police Departments.

  38. phill says:

    Jason, If you had half the insight that Rachel had, you’d be a better person.

    • Jason Parsons says:

      pfft, Anyone leaning that far to any side is a complete idiot. And her so called insight is nothing more than a bunch of paid haters hired by MSNBC to spin up trouble for anyone that doesn’t feel exactly as they do. Catch a f’n clue man. Watching MSNBC and anyone on it is the exact same thing (only opposite from) as watching FoxNews. The only reason I watch either (FoxNews/RepubliCANTs or MSNBC/DemoCORRUPTs) is to find out what the idiot masses are falling for this week but neither are even close to being a reliable NEWS outlets. From the headlines, if I see there is a story, I go find out the WHOLE truth from multiple sources. But then I’m not looking for a feel good story told by someone that always says what I want to hear either. I’m looking for the real story, the whole truth, no matter how displeasing it may be to my personal opinions.

      Phill, extremists are always wrong even though their weapons are usually the truth. What does that mean? It means when you are watching FoxNews or MSNBC you are only getting the parts of the truth that further their cause. It is the truth, on both sides (generally), just not the whole truth.

      Lastly, If she, or anyone else for that matter, had so much insight they would be here in the middle with the whole truth and I, not slinging shit from one side to the other like neglected monkeys in a zoo cage.

  39. Sunburysam says:

    Hahaha. The more you write, the dumber you appear. There’s an old adage, which you never heard of. It is the more the monkey climbs the more it shows its ass. It’s a pity the likes of you have America so divisive and polarized. Stop and think for yourself. If you can’t, keep a watchful eye, a listening ear and a silent tongue. That’ll be a good way to start comprehension and analysis. Merry Xmas because the Economy under the first Black Man is thriving. Check the Stock Market, Unemployment Rate, Unemployment Claims. These are things you should look at for the last 8 years while the Country try to control the Terrorists from attacking our soil again. Remember the WTC should never have happened if your Greedy, Warmongering Bullies had adhered to the info given by the outgoing President plus other International Allies and Haters. Your Bullies, who like the gun as a Saviour caused the Global recession and the escalation of the Hatemongers of this great land.. Check your info carefully before vomiting your filth because of racism.

  40. sharpss says:

    I’m applauding. It is amazing how the term “Obama Care” has caught on with the ignorant and stupid bible thumping gun toting conservative wackos who have come out of the woodwork and want to drag this country back to the stone age.

  41. Jason Parsons says:

    I think Rachel Maddow is the coolest little boy on T.V.. It’s so cool MSNBC gave that spunky little guy a break on air like that. When does it end :(.

  42. Sunburysam says:

    Who is dividing the America more than you Racist, Bad minded, Bullies in the GOP. Only the rich is catered to by a GOP administration. Go check yourself illiterate GOP supporter

  43. Jason Parsons says:

    Oh, okay. Like anyone believes that Obama, Reid, and Pelosy aren’t three bodies sharing the same teleprompter (I mean mind. Same thing in politics.). They were all in on lying the A.C.A. into existence as per Gruber’s recipe and they had The Hill on lock down when that was passed. You cannot blame that tragedy in American history on any one governing entity, only one party.

  44. Stoney Huff says:

    Lawrence O’Donnell commits libel and slander against Officer Pantaleo, falsely stating the chokehold on Eric Garner killed him. That is just false. It caused Eric to lose consciousness, true, but then the chokehold was released.

    Lawsuit time on this liberal twit. An overweight man with high blood pressure and asthma has his chest compressed due to the savage binding of his wrists behind his back, utterly pointless for an unconscious man on the sidewalk with 8 cops surrounding him. The four cops all kneeled on him during the arrest, and the STUN GUN applied directly to his chest all contributed to a massive shock to his cardiovascular system, and then he was totally ignored until the EMT checked his pulse, taking all of 1.6 seconds to do so. All of that besides the chokehold and this MSNBC ponce dares to heap all the blame on just Officer Dan.

    • Jason Parsons says:

      What is going to happen is they will spin and omit facts then inject the race card and discredit any legitimate claim society has against that officer. For some reason people like to cling to this failed and fatally flawed tactic. If people would just relax and use their heads (Such as yourself has done.) we could actually do something to change things. We have that officer dead to rights with ACTUAL proof, DON’T BLOW IT!!! But if people go throwing falsehoods around (Like the one you so prominently exposed. Thank you btw.) and injecting racism into this it will just get old fast as accusers are discredited one by one until there is no cause left.

  45. Dallas Cajun says:

    You, sir, need to get your facts straight. No one is dying because of “his” healthcare. And it’s not HIS healthcare…it’s called the Affordable Healthcare Act, and with it’s implementation, many “junk” healthcare policies were forced to be withdrawn from purchase. Look, you just make yourself look stupid. I hope you don’t get to vote, because people with your mindset, and inaccurate information are a burden to those of us who do our due diligence before posting inane blurbs.

    • Jason Parsons says:

      “… and with it’s implementation, many “junk” healthcare policies were forced to be withdrawn from purchase.”

      We were told… NO, we were GUARANTEED we could keep it if we wanted. Maybe we didn’t think they were “junk”. We should be allowed to determine what we want for ourselves. Most people like the right to choose their own stuff and get upset when someone starts infringing upon our rights, even when whomever think they are doing it for the right reasons (Even though nobody is buying that “for the right reason” crap since Gruber videos were exposed.). You would get pissed if I came and took your car because it didn’t meet my standards. Even more so if I were to promise you could keep it. Then to find out I sold it so I could buy everyone else a bicycle… You get the point.

      Do you not have any desire for free will?

      • Dallas Cajun says:

        I “get the point”. Apparently, you don’t. Your comparisons when trying to defend your opinions, are inaccurate. If you want to go find private insurance, do it. If you find something more cost-effective and has more coverage, both at the same time, then by all means, do it. If you were happy with a ‘junk policy” offered by your insurance company, and were happy with it, perhaps someone making a decision for you wasn’t such a bad idea, after all.

        • Jason Parsons says:

          In short I used to be sort of rowdy and went to the doctor a lot. I never had any problems with that “junk policy”. None at all and it was used like a cheap hooker. I paid a lot but I got what I paid for. Now I don’t have crap and the dumb shit I did when I was young is catching up with me. I could sell out and steal from people like me to get insured again but that would be wrong. They worked for their stuff, I didn’t. Just like I worked for my stuff, you didn’t.

          You people just wanted to insure bad investments cause you felt sorry for them. So you bitched and whined and complained until the cards fell down just right and you finally snuck what you wanted past everyone. Insurance companies are a business for making money, not giving handouts to lazy asses or cover people that they will never get their money back from. So now you look at these numbers but not those and listen to these lies but not the other… As long as it reads the way you want it to you don’t give a F!@# about right or wrong.

          I lost everything medical. And I worked for what I had. I had what I wanted and was happy. Now I don’t so that people who didn’t earn it could have it like I DID. Those are the REAL facts!!! So go ahead and spew some more crap. It won’t changed how I and 11,000,000 other people got screwed so 7,000,000 could have something of ours they didn’t earn.

    • sharpss says:

      Right on. The post you replied to is evidently 4 months old, so the idiot probably will not see the replies. Having said this, it seems to me that the real solution to health care is the single payer approach or at least the public option. Unfortunately, the populace is so ignorant and stupid that this cannot happen. We live in an ocean of aholes.

      • Dallas Cajun says:


      • ROBERTBLANSCET says:

        You are so right there are an ocean aholes out there and they all think this obamacare is the best thing ,the only thing is they are under obamas thumb and that makes them as ignorant as obama is ,obama and his obamacare is the worst thing that has ever happened to America just another way for obama to destroy America and he is doing an real good job ,just like is treaty with the un so they can take our guns away from the people ,the best thing that could happen to this country is for obama to fall and break his neck

      • SRVES339 says:

        @ sharpss

        Right you are (sir or madame), but the real issue is the corporate takeover of America (and much of the western world for that matter)!

        The takeover is the reason non critical thinking Americans (hey Robert) are so vehemently against anything that isn’t 100% Laissez-faire capitalism. The corporate elite and their minions in Journalism, TV, and Film, have spent billions “conditioning” the public to reject even the thought of any financial transaction that interupts the corporation’s income stream (SOCIALISM, be very afraid), labelling whatever it may be as woefully inefficient.

        Which of course is a lie, and in our example we have those that will seemingly “fight to the death” to defend the profits of a corporate healthcare monopoly (Wall Street)providing an inferior product for twice the cost as the typical single pay system… and bankrupting most who have the misfortune of having a loved one suffer catastrophic illness.
        In our country, not a single family will suffer bankruptcy because of illness this year… and, as insane as it seems, Mr Robert would surely defend a US model with > 500,000 bankruptcies a year as collateral damage.

  46. dbc105 says:

    George, he has done nothing to dismantle the Country. Have you forgotten that Terrorist attacked the last Republican President, the economy crashed under the last Republican President with the DOW down to 6000, job lose was 700,000 a month under the last Republican President, 2 wars started under the last Republican President, gasoline at record high in 2008 at $4.10 national average under the last Republican President. If you can’t see that all these things are better something is bad wrong with you or either you want the
    Country to crash along with the Fox News idiots that want Putin in charge. Also, if you knew anything about Socialism you would know that the ACA is a market place for Insurance Companies and 26 mre companies have applied and been approved to be added to the exchanges across the Country. The hospital industry has saved 4.5 billion dollars this past year. All the Health Insurance companies that participate in the ACA have had a 30-40% stock price increase over the last year. All this info is found in Forbes and Stephen Forbes is no Democrat but they do report facts. Keeping minimum wage low so that people have to get Gov. assistance to survive is the Republicans forcing Socialism by keeping the employees under a livable wage so the rest of us are making up the difference in what it takes for them to get by. Stop Socialism, put the cost of their living where it belongs, on their pay check. I remember Bullwinkle and his real name was George W Bush.

  47. Jason Parsons says:

    Only 1 problem (Okay, there’s a lot more than 1 thing wrong with the A.C.A. but…) I lost my insurance so you can get it. WTF is so American about that? All details aside YOU STOLE MY INSURANCE (Well, Obama stole it from me and gave it to you anyway.) and I can’t afford to get more now cause I’m not just paying for me but people like you also. I have C.O.P.D., I broke my neck in a car wreck 4 years ago, I’m an arthritic, and I suffer from P.T.S.D. But unlike you I busted my ass and bought my insurance despite my P.E.C.’s. It cost me a lot more but the insurance companies are a business and I am in the high risk category so I had no problem with them charging me more than everyone else. It’s only fair cause it cost them more to treat me than most ordinary people. Now it cost to much cause of people like you. So, now I can’t go to the doctor so you can??? You are messed up in the head you fool. In what world is it okay to take something from a hard working REAL American patriot to give it to some whiny little bitch that is to lazy and unambitious to take care of themselves instead of expecting everyone else to take care of them. I hear Canada has what you want and real Americans don’t want sponges like you sucking our system dry. Please do EVERYONE a favor and move there. Your comments indicate you would fit right in.

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