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Online Broadcasting of MSNBC. Watch MSNBC online Free Streaming, MSNBC is an American news channel mostly Seen in South African and Europe. MSNBC first two words are taken from Microsoft and remaining three from NBC. MSNBC Live Streaming was stated due to Mutual Corporation of Microsoft and National broadcasting Corporation. MSNBC live is famous within political audience with a slogan of place for politics.
MSNBC Live online Streaming brings all the latest American top Agenda news to its viewers with his expert’s panels. From 1996 MSNBC has telecasted exclusive documentary and line up news and opinion on America public problems. MSNBC has been seen biased toward liberal party in USA. Some of MSNBC exciting programs are as follow
Martin Bashir
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  1. Bruce Rauner says:

    This vile creature Rachel Maddow spits on and on about the “cost of the wars” but IGNORES the bloodbath of a Taliban takeover or of ISIS seizing Baghdad, and then total chaos – MILLIONS of refugees.

    Note these sociopath not once has ever shown ANY of the sad refugees from Syria, MILLIONS of them to choose from!

  2. Buzzbork says:

    Every once in a while (more often than not); the “mainstream” media goes insane….taking it one step closer to nonsence to avoid. Hillary’s Email account is an example of said.

    Gleeful wall to wall coverage of something of minor import when juxtaposed against far more important news that is buried by yellow, junk journalism; hoping for even a scrap of salacious gossip instead of the far more relevant news that may take us to a war that will require vast amounts of borrowed treasure and thousand of lives; as in the Republican treason of sending a malevalent underhanded missle to Iran in the hopes of forcing us one step closer to all out war with Iran at the behest of Israel.

    Indeed handling this underhanded treason with kid gloves and covering it up with the nitpicking of Hilary’s minor mistakes ending in nothing but dumb show and noise; ignorant fury and bombast that in the end, signifying nothing; which like all politicians are constant if anyone cares to pry.

    Covering this idiocy of a mistake by Clinton add infinitum: It is not hard to see that “mainstream” is owned and operated by folks who will profit astronomically by another war which this country cannot afford.

    Making something that will, in the end, amount to nothing but talking points for Republicans; using it to completely sweep under the rug far more deadly and actual treason: Sweeping under the rug the ruinous lack of coverage of congresses’ cavalier non action on infrastructure; coverage that would bring this real news that the fourth estate is meant to bring to the fore.

    Wake up “mainstream” media, or become an irrelavent laughing stock.

  3. md444444444 says:

    Republican senators who wrote to Iran violated the Logan Act and must be fined or put in prison for up to three years, as NO ONE is above the law. § 953. Private correspondence with foreign governments. Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.This section shall not abridge the right of a citizen to apply himself, or his agent, to any foreign government, or the agents thereof, for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects.
    1 Stat. 613, January 30, 1799, codified at 18 U.S.C. § 953 (2004).
    Officer, arrest those men!

    • Bruce Rauner says:

      So sad – believing the trash on TV/radio – Thom is just LYING, Chris Matthews is a spitting idiot.
      At no time do they ask Iran NOT to enter into an agreement.

    • marty9957 says:

      That was just a statement of fact. How can that be against any law or regulation. The congress is a co-equal branch of government and absolutely authorized to say what they said. If they don’t put the Executive notice, they will proceed with impunity.

  4. HL710 says:

    I think it’s a travesty that as MSNBC covers the 50th Anniversary of the march across the Selma Edmund Pettus Bridge, they have not interviewed any WHITE people who are marching. During the civil rights movement, many WHITES like Viola Liuzzo and Tony Bennett supported the efforts of Black people for equal rights. It’s a SHAME that their perspectives are not solicited.

    • Stoney Huff says:

      Those I saw in blue shirts looked to be actually marching from one PIZZA HUT to the next.

    • KatMan2010 says:

      I agree with you! As an African-American I realize that none of the advances we have made would have been accomplished if African-Americans had tired to do it on our own. We did initiate the initial call for action, but without a voice in high places who would have listened? I know personally two people who, as children, participated in the original march. Thier parents didn’t go, but stayed home in case of trouble.

  5. HECTOR CROSS says:

    congress is a bigger treat to the USA. more than isis

  6. RIP GOP 2016 says:

    My God. Parsons is the BIGGEST right-wing sheep/corporate suck-up/apologist this website has seen so far. If people like him want the government they used to have under Bush & Co., they can go to Somalia or some other country like that, where it’s religion that determines the law. I would think that he would rather want NO health insurance than insurance that would abandon him in his greatest time of need, place unnecessary monetary caps on his coverage, prevent him from getting care in the case of pre-existing conditions, etc. (which IS the insurance America had until the ACA was put into effect). Now, the ACA might not be the greatest that this country has right now, but it’s better than what we had before & it WILL eventually lead to the US adopting what Canada was smart enough to adopt years ago: National/Universal Healthcare a.k.a. single-payer a.k.a. Medicare For All.

    For Parsons to call out Obama on his lie & not do the same to past Republican Presidents shows he has his head FIMRLY up the right-wing & the Republican Propaganda Channel (a.k.a. Fox Noise)’s ass.

    In the end, it’s re-assuring to people like me to know that, in the coming years, the kind/type of people like Parsons will be few & far between; eventually, there won’t be enough of his kind around anymore to make life shitty for the rest of us. By 2020, white’s won’t be the majority anymore & something tells me it’s gonna be the beginning of the nightmare of a lifetime for those like Parsons.

  7. john micheal says:

    pls could somebody say to Crackhead Rush and nasty Hannity to swim into river .this two men are worst than isis.

    • Jay says:

      Please add Al Sharpton to the list. What a Bozo, Ruins MSNBC

      • NVF says:

        Reid and Farrow got dropped and according to reports Hayes and Sharpton will lose their spots as well. In fact, there’s talk that MSNBC may move away there leftish format.

        • John McCain says:

          MSNBC hosts sticking up for ISIS – just another political movement, fed by unemployed Muslims. Right. ANY excuse to appease psycho-terrorists.
          Appeasing madman Assad 1.5 years ago – another million refugees to feed.

      • Buzzbork says:

        Anyone who has watched Sharpton with any depth, understands he is one of the brightest minds on MSNBC. That he is the product of the ghetto makes his mind all the more incredible. For the shallow minds who cannot get this …better stick to your ignorant gods; Rush and Hannity who are oblivious to any truths and treat said as a malignant disease.

  8. therealamerican says:

    republicans are too stupid for humanity to survive

  9. Johnny Deathrasher says:

    I don’t watch news. Obamamama is killing us. He is the worse nazi in history. Check that Nazi spell checkers. Are you a teacher? Now go help the thugs like the left does best. They create jobs for you that way.

  10. Jason Parsons says:

    Talking point much? lol

  11. Jason Parsons says:

    Nope, no relation. Not even a conversation between us. I just know the difference between right and wrong.

    And absolutely NOT!!! Do not believe what I or anyone else says. Go find out for yourself.

    I am a realist and have no ties to any party AT ALL. I believe sides are BS and as long as we draw lines it will stay messed up. I am also open to almost any notion. I have changed my mind before and I am sure it will happen again. I do not allow my personal opinions and emotions to govern my rational thought.

    Example: I am emotionally FIRMLY against abortions but I believe with rational thought that a person should have the sole right to determine anything and everything to do with their own body. When they proved scientifically that an embryo at certain early stages does not constitute a human life with rights and choices I had no choice but to correct my thoughts and support the woman’s right to choose.

    I hope this clears it up for you Mr. Black.

  12. Jason Parsons says:

    “Oh, but you only watch FOX.”

    Actually, if you would pay attention, He isn’t posting to the Fox News page. This means he was watching MSNBC when he posted.

    I do the same thing. I don’t rely on any one source to always get it right. People that do are idiots.

  13. Jason Parsons says:

    Why ask if you will not give me the opportunity to answer before you jump to conclusions? Which article? I have posted several. I’m simply going to need more information if you wish for me to comply. I will gladly follow up as soon as I know what you wish me to follow up on.

  14. Jason Parsons says:

    lol Do I look like a princess? I’d probably just be the goofy kid out catching frogs. Either that or the one gigging it for some scrumptious frog legs.

  15. Xine13 says:

    I have Obamacare and it’s the BEST insurance I’ve ever had in my life and I can afford it! CLEARLY, Robert, you can’t spell or even put a coherent sentence together…so whatever crap you spew means nothing…You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  16. Brent says:

    The World Health organization research on health care outcomes demonstrates that the European’s universal healthcare leads to a much healthier society. Your desire to have health be a privilege causes you to ignore what health care experts actually want.

    • Jason Parsons says:

      I have seen socialized medicine first hand. You are reading statistics produced by people that tell you what you want to hear. Enough said.

  17. ANOTHER FOX NEWS MORON REPEATING NONE SEQUITUR BS! Nobody is dying from ACA, you gullible idiot! In fact, 12 million more people now have insurance! Try watching actual new stations and looking up the facts for yourself you lazy, uninformed douche bag! Fox noise is nothing more then a right wing propaganda channel for brain dead republican morons like you!

  18. phill says:

    Translation: He’s black.

  19. Mark Duwe says:

    Obama is the best President since FDR. Nixon, Reagan and Bush 43 should die in prison. All of them crooks and liars that cost Americans Trillions of dollars in treasure and hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. Add, Rice, Powell & Cheney to that list. A long, slow death in a cold grey prison.

  20. Jaybird248 says:

    Robert, quit getting your “facts” from Limbaugh and Fox News and you’ll see Obamacare is working quite well these days. Millions have affordable coverage and nobody is turned down or kicked off due to a pre-existing condition. That’s a big thing to guys like me with asthma who could never get health insurance before. Start getting your information from more objective news sources and you’ll look less like a moron.

    • Jason Parsons says:

      How about EVERYONE use multiple sources so you aren’t thrown so far to one side that you see nothing but what the people in front of you want you to see? The truth and I, and everything in the middle, is obscured by partial truth and A SHITLOAD of… get this one… ***OPINION*** when you sit on the sidelines like a cheerleader chanting network news talking points like an evil cheer.

      Fox News, just as MSNBC, both abuse ACTUAL fact to mislead us into believing their omission style reporting to further the political goals of their networks. Consequently, Fox reports stories that please the republican leaning population where as NBC the socialist party under the guise of democracy (Please!!! don’t make me explain this one… yet again.)

      My gal has been in journalism since high school and today is our 16th anniversary. She has worked for newspapers in different places for different political sides for over 20 years (also political publications and advertising though never on a campaign). I know what I’m talking about here. I have known these people on a personal level. lol, I have even met the actor Clancy Brown when she worked for his families paper under Brown Publishing (he’s a dick by the way) in Troy, Ohio some 8 or so years back.

      If you don’t have the whole truth you operate under a lie. A lie isn’t necessarily an outright falsehood but can be a lie through omission. Pay attention, listen with an open mind BUT!!! don’t be a lemming and follow just one source because you like what they say.

      Sometimes it really sucks ass to see everyone from all sides ALMOST right but just can’t put their emotions (mainly greed and envy [depending on which side you are on]) aside to see the truth because, let’s face it, the truth isn’t always as pleasant as a person’s feel good story made to bullshit you into helping to further their one sided cause.

      “Start getting your information from more objective news sources and you’ll look less like a moron.”

      I like that you say that but can you live it?

  21. Jason Parsons says:

    I had a really long comment here but when I reread it I realized that all it said was this:

    I’m living it, you are watching the lies on T.V.. I was really happy with what I had. I had worked hard to get it and now it is gone because the A.C.A. regulations. Now the only way I can get insured again is on the backs of the U.S. citizens… no, U.S. taxpayers (there IS a difference) through subsidies.

    I don’t care if you understand it or not though. That’s why I just rewrote this little note. I would like to help people see the truths but people have to have their eyes open to do that and yours are closed tighter than… use your imagination.

    So you can spout some bullshit about me not having a brain. I don’t care about insults from idiots. But I do hope you people wake up soon. There is NOT a right side. If you are on any “side” its a wrong one.

  22. mistydhudson says:

    Any idea why PBS is showing up on the MSNBC feed?

  23. Richard Black says:

    If we could get cheap labor out of Cuba ,like Viet Nam,we would be jumping up and down.This country is one big hypocracy-not democracy

  24. Stoney Huff says:


  25. Stoney Huff says:


  26. SRVES339 says:

    @ sharpss

    Right you are (sir or madame), but the real issue is the corporate takeover of America (and much of the western world for that matter)!

    The takeover is the reason non critical thinking Americans (hey Robert) are so vehemently against anything that isn’t 100% Laissez-faire capitalism. The corporate elite and their minions in Journalism, TV, and Film, have spent billions “conditioning” the public to reject even the thought of any financial transaction that interupts the corporation’s income stream (SOCIALISM, be very afraid), labelling whatever it may be as woefully inefficient.

    Which of course is a lie, and in our example we have those that will seemingly “fight to the death” to defend the profits of a corporate healthcare monopoly (Wall Street)providing an inferior product for twice the cost as the typical single pay system… and bankrupting most who have the misfortune of having a loved one suffer catastrophic illness.
    In our country, not a single family will suffer bankruptcy because of illness this year… and, as insane as it seems, Mr Robert would surely defend a US model with > 500,000 bankruptcies a year as collateral damage.

  27. Jason Parsons says:

    In short I used to be sort of rowdy and went to the doctor a lot. I never had any problems with that “junk policy”. None at all and it was used like a cheap hooker. I paid a lot but I got what I paid for. Now I don’t have crap and the dumb shit I did when I was young is catching up with me. I could sell out and steal from people like me to get insured again but that would be wrong. They worked for their stuff, I didn’t. Just like I worked for my stuff, you didn’t.

    You people just wanted to insure bad investments cause you felt sorry for them. So you bitched and whined and complained until the cards fell down just right and you finally snuck what you wanted past everyone. Insurance companies are a business for making money, not giving handouts to lazy asses or cover people that they will never get their money back from. So now you look at these numbers but not those and listen to these lies but not the other… As long as it reads the way you want it to you don’t give a F!@# about right or wrong.

    I lost everything medical. And I worked for what I had. I had what I wanted and was happy. Now I don’t so that people who didn’t earn it could have it like I DID. Those are the REAL facts!!! So go ahead and spew some more crap. It won’t changed how I and 11,000,000 other people got screwed so 7,000,000 could have something of ours they didn’t earn.

  28. I wouldn’t be bragging about your age, old man, considering your blatant ignorance and how little you seemed to have learned in your lifetime. How republican can you get?

  29. Joy says:

    I have insurance and it went up this year, but my income didn’t. To save money, the company I work for stopped offering insurance to spouses, if their employer offer it, no matter the cost. One co-worker pays 80.00 bi-weekly for his insurance, up 20.00 from last year. His wife pays 400.00 a month for medical alone, so for a family of 2 they pay 560 a month. Who can afford co-pays with that payout every month.

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