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Online Broadcasting of MSNBC. Watch MSNBC online Free Streaming, MSNBC is an American news channel mostly Seen in South African and Europe. MSNBC first two words are taken from Microsoft and remaining three from NBC. MSNBC Live Streaming was stated due to Mutual Corporation of Microsoft and National broadcasting Corporation. MSNBC live is famous within political audience with a slogan of place for politics.
MSNBC Live online Streaming brings all the latest American top Agenda news to its viewers with his expert’s panels. From 1996 MSNBC has telecasted exclusive documentary and line up news and opinion on America public problems. MSNBC has been seen biased toward liberal party in USA. Some of MSNBC exciting programs are as follow
Martin Bashir
Hard talk
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  1. HURC

    It’s hard to respect McCain when he plays video poker during committee. He graduated last in his class at the naval academy. His dad pulled strings to get him in after he was rejected (no wonder he got captured.

    • Chilli

      No matter how he got there….he served his country. Please remember that not only was he there, but his time serving for you or someone close to you was brutal.

      • Epiphany

        Being enlisted really isn’t any more than being a hired gun. Like any job there are benefits and a retirement plan. It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows either, if he didn’t like the prospect of getting captured, he should had chosen a safer profession. I don’t understand why we put people who served in the military on a pedestal. Especially since most aren’t really protecting the US going out there fighting wars for rich assholes in the middle east. That may not be a popular opinion, but it is mine.

  2. brad

    To: Bruce Rauner
    You need to get back on your prozac, or whatever drug you’re on , you nightmare. Give me your address hero, I’ll meet you at the front door, and bury you out back…trash!

  3. gail lilly

    It boggles the mind how execs at MSNBC have chosen to tolerate the non-news caster behavior of Joe S. His sharing of his personal opinions, personal life stories while castigating anyone who disagrees with his opinions does not constitute a news program. MSNBC has given an often rude, bullying person a bully pulpit. His behavior this AM, April 1st, play crying to make fun of Comedy Central situation was so very unprofessional and inappropriate. Ugh. Until recently I could at least watch the news from 5-6AM- now your decision to put that person on Way too Early has cut my AM news to a half an hour.
    Please, please revisit your choice to put a self-absorbed individual in the driver’s seat of an alleged news program.

    • John McCain

      THANKS to Joe Scarborough, The Bill Press Show has huge ratings, on at exactly the same time.
      That’s 4 a.m. Arizona time, perfect.

    • jaden

      Morning Joe is an opinion show with news reports. If it was a news show, I’d agree with you. But it is called Morning Joe because it is Joe Scarborough’s opinion show. He can do anything he wants. I don’t agree with his politics but I enjoy him and his show immensely. He has strong opinions and has been shown to sometimes be wrong in jumping to conclusions. But he is honest in speaking his mind.

    • Sawadee

      gail…I’ve noticed Joe’s rants also. But, I also watch Faux Noise and speak of ranting and raving. Have you listened to O’Reilly or Hannity? Even the shrillness of Megan Kelly! These programs now are a combination of news, assessments, commentators, and opinions all rolled into one causing confusion with plain news. O’Reilly has the highest ratings within the cable community, which is reality is not saying much. It is like mixing water with wine. Still tastes abit like wine but it is far from it.

  4. ProudAmerican

    The commenter using the name “Bruce Rauner” sounds like just another right-wing puppet parroting the propaganda Fox Noise has told him to spew. It’s NOT Ms. Maddow’s fault that weak conservative men like Ruiner are afraid of strong, liberal women like her. Ruiner needs to shut his mouth before he makes himself look a complete dumb@$$.

    • NativeAmerican1975

      I’m sorry to say that I believe it is the ranting of another left wing fool who is not able to listen to what other’s may have to say dem’s I’m afraid are slowing losing there mind by watching msnbc they cannot tolerate anyone with a difference of opinion open your mind watch another new show not FOX just anyone with a brain..PEACE OUT A**

      • ProudAmerican

        The ONLY fool is a right-winger (which it’s sounding like that is what NativeAmerican1975 is). It’s NOT that we on the left cannot tolerate anyone with a difference of opinion, it’s that we will NOT tolerate someone who holds onto sexist, racist, old, & outdated beliefs.

  5. MarineRob

    no, ikihi… where MSNBC may run stories that lean in a liberal narrative the difference between them and the FOX hate channel is FACTS. MSNBC uses facts and data backed up by detail and reason. Fox just LIES, PURE LIES.

  6. Bruce Rauner

    This vile creature Rachel Maddow spits on and on about the “cost of the wars” but IGNORES the bloodbath of a Taliban takeover or of ISIS seizing Baghdad, and then total chaos – MILLIONS of refugees.

    Note these sociopath not once has ever shown ANY of the sad refugees from Syria, MILLIONS of them to choose from!

    • Leo Dale

      This vile creature Rachel Maddow….spits on weak men.

    • Mechelle

      Bruce, you are an excellent example of what is wrong with our politics today. You do not agree with Rachel Maddow’s views so she is a “vile” person. No Bruce, she is someone you do not agree with politically. This will NEVER make her a “vile creature”. Bruce, ask yourself if anyone is allowed to disagree with your political view without you getting mean in return. I ask that of all people who react in a grossly negative way when someone does not agree with them politically. Until we FIX OURSELVES, politicians and the media will continue to TAKE ADVANTAGE of us to steer us to how they want us thinking instead of allowing us to debate rationally and come to OUR OWN conclusions and solutions – that we can then push or politicians to act upon.

      • leelew1

        I am in agreement withMechelle. I enjoy watching the Rachel Maddow show on msnbc. Every story can be checked for its accuracy. My family and friends, both male and female, all agree that she hasa great show. Maybe it is to sharp for those who do not want to think about what they are hearing.HMMM

    • donald

      you got som e kids of YOU own you want to send to Syera? If not shut the fuck up.I served in military.We do not like fighting BS wars. Let the Middle east fix itself

      • Bruce Rauner

        NO – I have every right to ask the Commander in Chief take action using the men and women who AGREED to do whatever he so orders.
        I actually never said anything about using the U.S. military in my comment on refugees, so thank you for bringing it up.. Assad of Syria should be given an ultimatum – “Cut out the War Crimes or else, our hero pilots are flying missions taking it to ISIS while you bomb families.”

        • donald

          Is this Dick chenny? You were talking about rachel meadow spitting on weak men. Why don’t you show us what brave is, go on your own. stud

      • Bruce Rauner

        They enlisted – too damn bad. A Superpower allowing a maniac like Assad to terror bomb his own people – disgraceful.
        Loudmouth Maddow was pounding on her desk: “Congressman, You care about children being gassed to death by the thousands, you go do something about it because us Liberals just stunk up our pants.”

        • donald

          You are no LIBBERAL. you arer WAR monger.

      • Postimpressionist

        Thank you Donald.

    • Alan

      ISIS seized Baghdad? Really? Or, perhaps you meant Al-Baghdadi, a small town ISIS took then lost shortly after.

      Baghdad is a city of 3.5 million, fyi. ISIS has not captured Baghdad and there are not millions of refugees.

      • Bruce Rauner

        Learn to read please. “the bloodbath of a Taliban takeover or of ISIS seizing Baghdad” is read as future possible events.

        “MILLIONS of refugees”, coincidentally about 3.5 Million are straining Syria’s neighbors, as refugees flee Bashar Assad’s sicko attempts to starve or kill them.

    • donald

      Any chance YOU will put your SKIN in the game. Are you going to volunteer? You sound committed…

  7. Buzzbork

    Anyone who has watched Sharpton with any depth, understands he is one of the brightest minds on MSNBC. That he is the product of the ghetto makes his mind all the more incredible. For the shallow minds who cannot get this …better stick to your ignorant gods; Rush and Hannity who are oblivious to any truths and treat said as a malignant disease.

  8. Buzzbork

    Every once in a while (more often than not); the “mainstream” media goes insane….taking it one step closer to nonsence to avoid. Hillary’s Email account is an example of said.

    Gleeful wall to wall coverage of something of minor import when juxtaposed against far more important news that is buried by yellow, junk journalism; hoping for even a scrap of salacious gossip instead of the far more relevant news that may take us to a war that will require vast amounts of borrowed treasure and thousand of lives; as in the Republican treason of sending a malevalent underhanded missle to Iran in the hopes of forcing us one step closer to all out war with Iran at the behest of Israel.

    Indeed handling this underhanded treason with kid gloves and covering it up with the nitpicking of Hilary’s minor mistakes ending in nothing but dumb show and noise; ignorant fury and bombast that in the end, signifying nothing; which like all politicians are constant if anyone cares to pry.

    Covering this idiocy of a mistake by Clinton add infinitum: It is not hard to see that “mainstream” is owned and operated by folks who will profit astronomically by another war which this country cannot afford.

    Making something that will, in the end, amount to nothing but talking points for Republicans; using it to completely sweep under the rug far more deadly and actual treason: Sweeping under the rug the ruinous lack of coverage of congresses’ cavalier non action on infrastructure; coverage that would bring this real news that the fourth estate is meant to bring to the fore.

    Wake up “mainstream” media, or become an irrelavent laughing stock.

    • donald

      you start by trying to sound moderate. 4 words, then you ramble…blah blah blah…

  9. md444444444

    Republican senators who wrote to Iran violated the Logan Act and must be fined or put in prison for up to three years, as NO ONE is above the law. § 953. Private correspondence with foreign governments. Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.This section shall not abridge the right of a citizen to apply himself, or his agent, to any foreign government, or the agents thereof, for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects.
    1 Stat. 613, January 30, 1799, codified at 18 U.S.C. § 953 (2004).
    Officer, arrest those men!

    • Bruce Rauner

      So sad – believing the trash on TV/radio – Thom is just LYING, Chris Matthews is a spitting idiot.
      At no time do they ask Iran NOT to enter into an agreement.

      • donald

        The congress has led Iran to believe that if a Republican President happens, War will be EMMINET.

      • RaunerIsARuiner

        Actually, it’s known that the liars & idiots are on Fox Noise.

      • bradley riedel

        I agree Gail. I don’t get the appeal?!? Wow! You’re the idiot “Bruce”. Send me your address, punk, I’m a honorably discharged Veteran with a TS/SCI/SBI security clearance, and a black belt! Put you but where your mouth is, wanna cry now??

    • marty9957

      That was just a statement of fact. How can that be against any law or regulation. The congress is a co-equal branch of government and absolutely authorized to say what they said. If they don’t put the Executive notice, they will proceed with impunity.

      • donald

        never in the history of the U.S. has the congress needled the people that a sitting president is trying to cut a deal with. Not until we got a BLACK president. Keep acting as if you do not understand this. OR many you do not know…Yet you bump your gums…try listening to something other than Faux “news?”

  10. HL710

    I think it’s a travesty that as MSNBC covers the 50th Anniversary of the march across the Selma Edmund Pettus Bridge, they have not interviewed any WHITE people who are marching. During the civil rights movement, many WHITES like Viola Liuzzo and Tony Bennett supported the efforts of Black people for equal rights. It’s a SHAME that their perspectives are not solicited.

    • Stoney Huff

      Those I saw in blue shirts looked to be actually marching from one PIZZA HUT to the next.

    • KatMan2010

      I agree with you! As an African-American I realize that none of the advances we have made would have been accomplished if African-Americans had tired to do it on our own. We did initiate the initial call for action, but without a voice in high places who would have listened? I know personally two people who, as children, participated in the original march. Thier parents didn’t go, but stayed home in case of trouble.

    • donald

      Yes make this about white people. Would be a great way to MUDDY the water, of the day.

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